Invest in CurioDAO: Real world assets

Name of Project


Proposal overview

CurioDAO provides a DeFi Hub for tokenized real-world assets, via 4 primitives: an NFT marketplace, an AMM, a stablecoin, and a hardware-based ledger.

Harmony CTO expressed interest in prioritizing real-world assets in Harmony via a grant for our NFT Marketplace. To scale trust and create bridges that can connect any Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake chains the CurioDAO team plans to integrate Harmony interoperability-focus blockchain.

The first grant focuses on the NFT marketplace (targeted $50k); the following grants (pending application) explore bringing liquidity to AMM and participating in Venture Round.

RollApp is a permissionless marketplace for NFTs backed by physical assets––where users can mint NFTs that represent ownership of their physical assets. It leverages state-of-the-art authentication, storage, and technology, and users can transact on-chain with significantly less fees in comparison to centralized platforms. It also empowers users to use their NFT as collateral to stake and earn yield as well as to access fair loan to values.

Users simply send their items, and we authenticate, insure, store, and issue NFTs for their items. In comparison to other marketplaces, users who hold NFT can leverage CurioDAO ecosystem to stake, earn yield, use them as collateral and get instant liquidity via a fair loan to value.

The goal of this proposal is to integrate Harmony blockchain into the Rollapp marketplace.

Proposal ask


Build integration on Rollapp for Harmony community.
Hiring more developers.
Community and marketing outreach.
Initial grant $50k (Rollapp integration)

upon Rollapp integration
Follow up grant $50k ( CapitalDEX AMM)
Follow up Investment up to $1M
Follow up Liquidity provision up to $500k for setting up pair on AMM

Metrics for success

• Integrate wallet feature to existing Rollapp marketplace.
• Attract at least 500 users to participate in the CurioDAO network and DAO.

External links

Project webside:
Project Github Curio · GitHub
Founders LinkedIn: rverboonen/,vladimir-kislinskii/, valeriefhalter/


$50k Approved. CurioDAO will help tokenization real-world asset and bring them on Harmony blockchain.


@rongjian and @ganesha will fund this via their multisig as part of project x.


Funded: Harmony Multisig Wallet

On behalf of the CurioDAO team, we would like to thank the Harmony community and cofounders for their contribution.

We are proud to share our team is planning to have a product delivery available for quality check by end of April. Provided the depository is approved, we are excited to announce the integration by Mar 24-26.

Likewise would like to extend a cordial invitation to the Harmony cofounders to join us at an exclusive venue reserved for our partners next to the world economic forum in Davos Switzerland. More details about the venue and logistics are available via PM on Telegram.

Best regards,

Dear Harmony community, @lij and @rongjian hope this news find you well:

The tokenization of real assets continues to move forward as even institutions such as Goldman Sachs begin looking into this.

Today I’m delighted to announce Harmony based integration is now ready for, the first web3 platform that lets users mint physical NFTs, integrating both DeFI and gasless feature into a single experience.

Here is what we need from you:
A) please provide coordinated marketing plan for supporting launch i.e. AMA, retweets, some sort of timeline; deliverable date by May 20th.
B) let me know if community or any of the founders has any special/ collectible physical asset you want to offer to the Harmony community i.e. watch, sneakers, cars, etc; deliverable date:+1 week
C) pls provide us with an intro to a copywriter who can help to calibrate a landing page for harmony users. by May 30th.

It’s minted on Eth? I don’t see any Harmony mints