Kilopi [LOP] Project on Hamony

We, as Kilopi team, have been following the Harmony Chain and the forum for a long time but this is our first message. Greetings to all.

Since the funding section has been paused, we have decided to share our project information under this section.

Our purpose for sharing the information about our project here, is to show our project to harmony community and get feedback if possible;

Project name: Kilopi

Short Description: A D.A.O structure to build sustainable dApps


The D.A.O

Kilopi D.A.O is a place where the community shapes the Kilopi Project’s dynamics by
involving the development progress with their proposals and votes. Kilopi [LOP]
tokens and Harmony blockchain are the key assets which will record/archive the
necessary data and make the system sustainable.

The dApps

The purpose of the D.A.O is to produce sustainable dApps as many as possible. There are some dApps which are already up and running and there are some new dApps which are being developed in front of the scenes and behind the scenes.

The LOP Tokens

Every new sustainable dApp of the Kilopi project will be integrated with LOP tokens in a fair and logical way.

State of the project


  • Expanding partnerships
  • Expanding community
  • Expanding social media marketing


  • Staking system will be online soon
  • The strategy game ( Masters of Management ) is being developed. 10 Alpha and 10 Beta versions have been planned to be released before the full release. This game will be the top product of the Kilopi project.
  • Engineering analysis, tender management and reputation based ecosystems will be announced with the details soon ( Working together with engineering companies for the algorithms )

Core Team ( More info and links can be found in the website )

Current metrics

  • $LOP token FDV: $450K
  • $LOP token Liquidity: $7K
  • Website unique visitors: 2,000
  • Youtube organic followers : 13,000
  • Unique monthly users: 1,000

Long Term Objectives

  • We have connections with more than a hundred company in Turkey which are interested in involving to the blockchain system with their current businesses. We are planning many dApp algorithms with these companies. Our long term object to produce as many as dApps together with these companies in a sustainable way.

Project Social Links:


Discord: Kilopi


Thank you so much for reading, hoping to grow together and see shining days of Harmony.

Kind Regards.

Shining days will be when all the victims are fully compensated.

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Our project was on Tron Blockchain when the Harmony incident happened.

Although the incident happens, our team has decided to migrate to Harmony amid to its blockchain structure and the vision of the team/community.

We believe all the victims will fully compensated in time and Harmony will recover more than %100 to its previous ATHs.

We are working to bring our 5k-10k Turkish community to Harmony blockchain.