Labor Guild Games (LGG): the first Metaverse Guild on Harmony and Launchpad of in-game token, bring real players to Gamefi on Harmony

Name of Project / DAO / Company

LGG (Labor Guild Games)

Application type

Product Launch

Proposal overview

Firstly, LGG is a Metaverse guild, onboarding real players for gamefi projects.

Secondly, LGG will deploy a launchpad, called Real Players Offering (RPO), which will spread in-game token and NFT to participants continuously and help gamefi projects obtain a continue in-flow of real players.

Thirdaly, LGG will fully conduct the philosophy of DAO. Not only the goverance will be conducted by DAO, more than 80% profits of DAO will be airdropped to guild members and token holders.

Lastly, LGG will adopt a nft-rental platform to lower players’s risk as well as the threshold of Metaverse.

Officially started from 17th, Jan, LGG has gained a great opening. Until 31st Jan, LGG has established an active Discord server with more than 8k followers, 700 online daily, and more than 400 OG. These figures will increase soon due to our wide community connection.
lgg discord增长

Our first gamefi partner is called Metauce, which has been deployed on Metis. Within one week, as the sole guild partner of Metauce, LGG has help onboard more than 4k players with 59133 NFTs, 71353 NFT transaction and 259 $Metis consumed as gas.

The product LGG focusing on is a launchpad called Real Players Offering (RPO). There would be several fundamental differences between RPO and other launchpads.

see the prototype of RPO, please check: Figma

Unlike most launchpad offering governance token, RPO would offer in-game token, i.e. the utility token and some in-game NFTs, to players. Those tokens would be dynamically vested; more time they played, more token they would receive as a bonus.

In this way, RPO could find out who would be most suitable players of Metaverse and help gamefi projects grow steadily and more important, extend life cycle.

Currently, we have 10 people team, including full-time and part-time.

Founder, Jay Wang, graduting from Peking University and Leiden University. Before, he worked at Bloomberg Businessweek/China, as one of the very first journalist covering fintech. Later Jay joined Chainnews/Winkrypto, serving as the marketing director. He have helped more than100 projects landing in China and exploring international market. Jay has built a worldwide connection with KOLs, communities, gamefi projects and ecosystems.

Current CTO, ZP Lee, graduating from Illinois Institute of Technology, PHD dropout of CS, has a rich experience as AI developer, including Baidu. Other three members used to work for Shengda and Alibaba with more than ten years of game developing.

LGG’s marketing team spread worldwidely. Currently, LGG is focusing on developing local communities from Southeast Asia and Turkey. LGG has employed community manager and ambassador from Philippines and Turkey. In the near future, LGG will expand to East Europe and Africa.

Based on the product (RPO) and our worldwide community, LGG is going to help connect Metavese to the public.

Our milestones are:

  1. Before the end of February: Feature complete and deployed onto testnet; establish cooperation with more than 5 gamefi projects.
  2. Before the end of March: Give beta access to Harmony community to test and give feedback and launch of the RPO platform; deploy to mainnet. Establish cooperation with more than 10 gamefi projects with 2-3 RPO.
  3. Before the end of April: DAO launched, including governance DAO and investment DAO. Conduct 4 RPO monthly.
  4. Before the end of May: acquire 10k new users with 1000 active daily users.Conduct 4 RPO monthly.

Proposal ask

$200k, including:

1/ $100k to purchase NFT assets from LGG’s partner from Harmony.

2/ $50k to recruit talents and develop the RPO platform on Harmony and build a DAO system.

3/ $50k to onboard more than 10k active users and players.

As well as funding, we are looking for Harmony’s help with product development, fundraising, and talent recruit.

Metrics for success

10k users of RPO platform in the first 3 months;

RPO conducted four times every month;

Onboard 1k real players for individual gamefi project

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I am building a gamefi right now. LLG looks like a good partner. looking forward to it.


thanks for your interest. LGG is seeking to establish cooperation with gamefi projects on Harmony and try to help them onboard real players.


Love the idea. Looking forward to the product. wanna try it asap.


When is expected to mature


at the end of February, we could try the RPO platform probably.
right now, you can join LGG’s discord to see where it goes.


why LGG choose Harmony?


Does LGG has any preference with gamefi partner?


Does LGG need help? I would like to help


it is complicated. I have known Harmony for a long time and witness its development.
I personally admire what Harmony’s team have done so far and wanna make my contribution.
Moreover, due to its good performance, I do think it is a choice to develop Metaverse on Harmony. Defi Kingdoms has approved it to some extend.

no specific preference right now. but LGG would always cooperate with the best one and offer real players to reliable partners.

Please join our discord:
and talk to the manager there.

Does LGG has any preference with gamefi partner?

Does LGG has any preference with gamefi partner?

Does LGG need help? I would like to help

Does LGG need help? :grinning:

hello discord i have left a message for you

I wanna join LGG and join the RPO, seems interesting.

Looking forward to lgG粗体文本 :smile:

I’m sorry but this seems very fishy, it seems like all of the comments have been generated as they are quite similar to each other, not only that but every commenter has joined the forum at the same time.

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