Launches: Birleşik Alan - Social Community - News - Content Sharing and Meeting Platform

Name of Project / DAO / Company

Birlesik Alan

Application type

Product Launch & Investment

Proposal overview

We are trying to upgrade and improve our continent and we know we would do that. In my opinion, people always could help others. Because the human mind and whole are important. When anyone tries to improve the whole, one idea could do it.

Why do we want to create it?

  • Because that will raise people’s awareness and makes them qualified. We are sure about it I would change the general area.

As you know, these days the Corona Virus takes a lot of life. Money is not very important. Actually life and quality are much more important than that. I am trying to improve people’s awareness and make new things. We would create a special idea to make people positive.

Our main goals are to improve human consciousness, help them to find their dream. We want them to feel the glory and positivity.

In general, people always read the sad news, bad tweets, and depressing things about the world.

Fortunately, we know if people read and learn good things, their point of view will change.
So Birleşik Alan is exactly that. To briefly explain, It is a platform that makes articles, positive news also we are trying to improve people’s awareness with experts. Also, they send their pictures, news, and moods.

Furthermore, users would sell their unique items on the platform. They will win rosette with what they made.

We will make IOS & Android apps for use perfectly.
Also, we want to create a blockchain token for this platform for writers and qualified people would take the token for use it perfectly.

We are targeting much more than 100.000 people for this platform for the beginning. Our milestone is starting in the Website (, after that, we will start to create IOS & Android app and the last thing is the one token in the platform.

The last part of the milestone is advertisement and for that, we have a good plan about very common way. Also, we will reinforce this with unique methods.

We need just 20.000$ for the 1st milestone. After that 15.000$ for the 2nd milestone.
The token part is very important so we are not sure how much we need to make it perfect.
We guess the advertisement part would need more than 10.000$ less than 25.000$.

We will draw a direction according to how many resources we can find.

We hope we will work with Harmony (ONE).

Proposal ask

20k - 100k

Metrics for success

Web Platform
Token & System

100.000 users for beginning and a lot of articles, social posts, and good news.

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Social platform with One would be great!

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This site looks wonderful, I am sure it will be very successful!


@Rino thank you for submitting this funding proposal! We’re reviewing your application at this time.


  • We usually want to see some traction before applying for funding, is this a concept that you’ve tried out with some sample users (strangers give the best opinions)?
  • Can you explain further about why someone would adopt the token, or what they will use the Rosette that they win?
  • What are you ways of adopting users via advertising? Is there a model that you can describe here – example: use Google Ads, spend $10K on adwords, gain CTR of X%, impressions, etc.?
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Hey Jacksteroo, thanks for the good questions.

First of all, we analyzed the platform and user review. In general, people always want to communicate with each other. You would see a sample of the platform in a message if you want. Our developers going to improve it but we have some photos and a demo for now. In next days we would open an alpha version about it. Also, we want to open this platform for samples.
Our concept is different than general social platforms. The users would be open their portfolios, connect twitch/dlive streams, sell their unique real/digital items.
As you ask they will earn rosettes depending on usage and activity and they will be able to use it as NFT in the future. Furthermore, the users would win real money (with tokens) with articles, videos, streams, and items.
Our marketing team would use SEM, SEO, Adwords, and influencer marketing. Our main starting goals are e-mail campaigns, social marketing, and loyalty.
We would make videos, ads, blog posts, and vectorial social comic posts to make interest.
Our main Google Ads strategies will focus on quality score, impression is our first priority. Because it is a new social platform and we will support it with influencer marketing, people will have a sense of the site and will be interested.
As we think we need to funding make it bigger. We will plan to budget and detail according to the amount of resources we create, and we will take it to the highest level with our expert and qualified team.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. we believe that we will do this job in a quality and efficient way and we will be happy to work with you.


Amazing idea. I want to use this platform.

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We recommend applying via the hackathon. This project is out of scope for “launches” category as we are looking for a feature complete project ready to launch on testnet.

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