Launches: Planet League :: P2E Competitive eSports For The Casual Gamer

Name of Project

Planet League

Application Type

Product Launch

Key Highlights


Proposal overview

Planet League is an innovative global eSports league and competition that targets casual gamers playing games of skill on consoles, PC’s and mobile devices and accessible via the Planet League mobile application.

The Planet League gameplay is driven by the ‘Play and Earn’ concept as integrated within a competitive league structure. A gamer needs a certain amount of Planet League Star (PLS) tokens for playing in every league game. Based on a winning or losing outcome, a player will have PLS credited or debited from their smart wallet and the platform collects a tax for adjudicating the game.

In addition to “earning” PLS through games being played, gamers also get rewarded based on their level of engagement with the platform. Along the journey, players can qualify for tournaments & cups, have quests they need to compete in, earn NFT’s as rewards that they can use (such as avatars, badges), trade (on the open market or using the in-app marketplace) or keep (unique NFT’s), in addition to shopping for digital or physical merchandise, all using PLS to transact or collect as rewards.

The Basics

At its core, the mobile application currently acts as a gateway to enter the league and enables:

  • Matchmaking between users based on the league/game that they are in;
  • Gameplay workflow allowing opponents to matchup based on pre-defined rules on a timer-based approach after which they play their game on the platform/console of choice;
  • Reporting scores using a state-of-the art tech that has not been seen elsewhere;
  • Interacting with the Planet League Refereeing system, one that is backed by Live support;
  • Rewarding users based on the outcome of the game, engagement with the application and progression through the season;
  • Retrieval of season history and leaderboard data, and,
  • Access to the user “wallet”, amongst other features.

The league itself is game, publisher and platform agnostic.

All transactions are governed by smart contracts, and thereby immutable, and written into the blockchain. All score and games outcomes are similarly maintained in a tamper-evident distributed ledger, with some being created as NFT’s for the players to own.

A player earns up to 80% return on every game won, and collects additional PLS rewards based on their leaderboard position at the end of the season. A season is the duration of time during which a player needs to compete in that league and can range from 7 - 21 days.

As the underlying motivation is to continue progressing through the league to qualify for greater rewards (a competitive gamer wants to keep competing!), the model creates a continuous demand for PLS, thus helping a thriving economic ecosystem from emerging; supply is controlled and unlocked in a planned manner in order to create a less volatile token.

League Structure

The league starts with ‘qualifiers’ and users make their way to either the higher or lower tier league of the City where they are based. They are matched up with users from their own City to start with and need to get promoted to make it to the next League.

The league standings are based on a predefined point system for a win, loss or draw. Promotion, relegation and hold thresholds are defined for each league which are decided upon at the end of every season.

As a user progresses through the leagues, they eventually play international games, first in their country cluster (e.g. Northern Europe) before they progress to playing gamers across their continent (e.g. North America).

Successful gamers will represent their country in the Planet League.

The entire platform is built with strong backend controls for managing live ops & referee, as well as administrative controls to add games, geographies, seasons and so on.

TAM & Economy

The Planet League micro-economy is designed around traditional league franchises. After a significant amount of user traction, revenue will primarily be driven via:

  • Sponsorship;
  • Advertising, and,
  • Media rights.

As the franchise grows, user generated content and streams of live games covering the league, tournaments & cups will attract media rights opportunities.

All these revenue streams will increase rewards being shared with gamers, further increasing their motivation to participate and compete on Planet League.

As the micro-economy is designed around transacting in PLS, sponsorship, advertising and media rights deals will be encouraged to use PLS once the token achieves price stability: creating long-term demand and delivering sustainable value and returns to all PLS holders.

Planet League wants to be the building blocks for creating an extremely valuable and successful global eSports franchise, developed in a manner that utilises cutting edge user experiences, blockchain technology and structured to operate as a decentralised autonomous organisation with its own micro-economy and currency.

Using a successful template developed in Denmark for user acquisition, that utilised a combination of influencers and streamers, along with social media, Planet League will be gradually rolled out across Northern Europe in Q2 2022 and the rest of Europe by Q4 of 2022. Northern America is the goal by Q1 of 2023, while a complete global rollout by the end of Q2, 2023.

The Team

Key Highlights:

  • Go-getters that love challenges and can get the work done;
  • Implemented software technology projects of varying sizes, including in gaming;
  • Strong work ethos and professionalism;
  • Built businesses from scratch, and have all had at least one, if not multiple, experiences building startups;
  • Backed by some phenomenal individuals and teams on this project;
  • Embrace diversity and excited to be building something global;
  • Love sports & tech, and,
  • Extremely passionate about Planet League!

Current Status

  • Work on the Planet League mobile application commenced in early 2020 and has been tested & trialled in Denmark through 2021 and is set for wider commercial launch in 2022.
  • The Planet League mobile application is a fully working product and currently supports 2 games: FIFA & NBA. More games are being added and a detailed product roadmap has been defined.
  • Integration on Web3 has commenced and it is likely to take us around 6-8 weeks to deploy on testnet and a further 4 weeks from then to have it deployed on mainnet, after contracts are audited.
  • The initial markets being targeted is the Northern Europe cluster with a global rollout planned through 2023.
  • A DEX listing is planned for Q2 of 2022, after deployment on testnet.

Benefits to the Blockchain Ecosystem

  • While Play-To-Earn games have been around for a while, eSports has not yet made much of an impact on the cryptoverse so far and Planet League as a competitive gaming platform could just fill this void.
  • Projected transactions on chain can be very significant as adoption grows.
  • This league structure is designed around being in all global markets and can be a trigger for new user adoption.

Why Harmony

  • The community!
  • The gameplay model relies on both of Harmony’s strengths for it to be viable for gamers: low gas fees and extremely fast transactions!

Current Gaps

  • Stronger community engagement channels: currently this was developed primarily around our trials and over the next month we will strengthen our engagement and communication with the community.
  • Accelerating game onboarding - the console market and sports genres is our initial target audience and our roadmap does involve getting mobile and PC games on the platform.
  • Tokenomics - currently engaging with an economist to aid with our tokenomics design and should have that completed over the next month.

Proposal ask

$50K equity-free contribution

Metrics for success

$10K after launching a feature-complete product on Harmony testnet
$10K after forming a DAO with 5-out-of-9 multisig with Harmony DAOs
$10K after launching on Harmony mainnet with audit
$10K after 1K daily active users (with launch video, full PR promotion)
$10K after 10k daily active users (with a detailed roadmap, governance process)

Usage of funds

• Integrating web3 with React Native to launch the product on testnet.
• Smart contract audits.
• Community development.

External links

Discord: Planet League Discord

Please feel free to post any questions you may have here or contact me directly on Discord @stoicgang#8901 and on Telegram @stoicity7.


Hello and welcome. Thank you for applying to Harmony’s 300m Ecosystem Fund.

Your Launch grant proposal is pre-approved on the condition that your KYC is submitted and confirmed.
Please email identification documents to

Team members must submit a photo displaying full face and photo ID to the address above.
Reply to this comment once submitted so that we may proceed.

Once complete, please respond on this post for further discussion.


Thank you team Harmony for the approval! We are excited to join the Harmony Network and this community and look forward to making Planet League a success here! We have emailed the KYC documents as instructed.


Super excited to be welcoming this initiative to Harmony! In the spirit of a true Play-to-Earn ownership economy to the hands of the people :pray:


Planet League on Harmony Week 2 Status
PLS Game Play smart contract developed - contains information about setting up games, and rewarding winners of the games.
PLS Bonus smart contracts developed - contains the needed tools to award PLS to users.
Testing underway for both contracts.

  • Will be pushed to GitHub for review!

PL App / Backend:
Web3 implementation into App currently underway.
Wallet integration with React Native.

Updated Discord Server, finally!
Continuing to slowly build our community - please feel free to let me know if you have any recommendations!

Beta II -
We are looking to release the Beta II version of the Planet League app by the end of the month in 5 Northern European markets. Players will be able to test the current app excluding Web3. Running this to stabilise the platform prior to mainnet.


Planet League on Harmony Week 3 Status

  • Deployed smart contracts to testnet.

PL App / Backend:

  • Executed admin calls to smart contracts from W2 backend.
  • Started integration of W2 to interact with smart contract.
  • Simulated app wallet and getting data from testnet.
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Planet League on Harmony Week 4 Status

  • Continued testing of Smart Contracts on testnet using admin functionality from PL App/Backend

PL App / Backend:

  • Continued integration of W3 admin functionality into backend application for games smart contract.
  • Added wallet integration UI to react application.

Beta II (excl. W3)

  • On schedule for rollout with test group beginning 28th March.
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Planet League on Harmony Week 5/6 Status
W3 Integration:

  • We have deployed on the Harmony testnet and running internal tests while working on improving user experiences. A big milestone for us.
  • Since we also cater to users that might be using crypto for the first time, we are currently focused on improving user workflows across:
    • Creation of internal wallets (actual wallet, game wallet, bonus wallet)
    • Transfers of funds between wallets (including providing gas fees to getting started)
    • New game (transfers funds from game wallet to escrow)
    • Mutual quit / Cancel game (return of funds from escrow to game wallet)
    • Game Completed (transfer of funds to winner’s wallet, fees)

Beta II (excl. W3)

  • Started 29th March in Denmark with daily seasons, single qualifier game as scheduled.

We are aiming to open testing on testnet in the next 10 days. Anyone willing to test, please DM to get added to our list!

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Hi @plg-vm - following up on current status. We’d love :blue_heart: to see weekly updates to keep the community posted on this proposal’s progress!

@cheualx We are at the final stages of testing prior to our launch on Testnet. Expect an announcement later this week! Thanks for checking in on progress :blue_heart:

We are excited to share today’s update: we have deployed on the Harmony Testnet and are now open for testing :rocket::rocket::rocket:

While it did take us a few more days than the 8-weeks we had set as our target, we are excited to hit this milestone! From the experience so far, finality speeds on Harmony :blue_heart: have been superb, although we are occasionally encountering concurrent transactions being under-priced, and are looking at fixes if this is not a Testnet environment issue.

We request the community to join us in testing! It is an open test for anyone willing to participate and access will be through your mobile device. Since we do need to coordinate time slots (to ensure that testers will find opponents as matchmaking is at the core of Planet League), we do request any of you interested in registering here: Registration - Planet League <> Harmony Testnet

Testing will be done starting Monday, with dates, access to the app for download & detailed instructions shared over email. We will be communicating the schedule directly to all participants and reporting the outcome of the tests on here. We are planning on capping our test group to 125 users, so please register soon.

All participants will be getting rewarded with our $PLS tokens on TGE :slight_smile:
Thank you!

As an update: we launched our testing on Monday and have had users from over 15 countries register! Thank you for the support image

If any of you are still interested in joining, please register here: Registration - Planet League <> Harmony Testnet.

Confirmed testing on Testnet. Please complete the funding form sent to you on Telegram. Thanks @plg-vm.

$10K after launching a feature-complete product on Harmony testnet
$10K after forming a DAO with 5-out-of-9 multisig with Harmony DAOs
$10K after launching on Harmony mainnet with audit
$10K after 1K daily active users (with launch video, full PR promotion)
$10K after 10k daily active users (with a detailed roadmap, governance process)

We are super excited to have completed our first milestone! Thank you @cheualx and everyone else that participated :pray: :pray: :pray:

Our focus now is to get on mainnet, and will keep the community updated with progress :blue_heart:

@cheualx as instructed, the funding form for Milestone 1 has been submitted.

We’ll go through the funding for completing milestone #1.

Our update for this week :tada:

  • Worked our plan for mainnet launch, our target is to be live in under 4-6 weeks;
  • Finalised our smart contract auditor (0xGuard) and expecting them to start next week, and,
  • Reviewed our testnet experience and identified minor fixes that need to get implemented during this phase; additionally reviewing our bonus mechanism and strengthening some admin controls.

Our key priorities this quarter:

  1. Tech effort towards fixes/smart contract audit and mainnet launch;
  2. Community development (identified a community manager who should come onboard soon!) and Partnerships, and,
  3. Marketing and User Acquisition initiatives required towards achieving our near term goal of 1000 DAU’s within 1-2 months of being live on mainnet.

Our next update will be out once our smart contract audit is complete!

milestone #1 funded: 0x17d80fd2e536f9a217456872ba7afa838006d6753de88e9c35c8cd11b994015a

Thank you Harmony :blue_heart: image

We have completed configuring our 5-out-of-9 multisig with Harmony DAOs on

The multisig wallet address is: one1fsc2zlawkh6wfe5w9euhkfwxd3jyq8xrvn0yge

@cheualx request you to please verify this milestone at your convenience, thank you.