Liquidity DAO Q2 2022 (Term 2) Begins

Hello to all the kind hearted humanoids around the world. We are excited to have started our second session.

Some of the objectives that will be pivotal for the second term would be significant progress to be made in expanding our community. More voices, more minds, more ideas and most important more execution.
We also want to focus on self sustainability and will take tasks to start making this a reality.

Along with building out the community, we would also like to expand our playing field and build out a better incentive structure for the DAO members and active participants from the community. Make it more programmatic and more autonomous in its functioning, i.e. Be the DAO we wanted to be when we started four months ago.

'Tis is the time to ask for more help, bring in more development resources to participate and execute some good research reports socializing the science of Liquidity as a model that can be exercised by exchanges and token listers.

We are also getting ready to do the next traunch of fund raise to continue to nourish the growth of the DAO. Here is a link to the report that was published after the completion of the first term [Liquidity DAO Q1 2022 (Term 1) Progress Report - #4 by sukantag] for everybody’s review. Please read it when you have some time and comment on things that you liked. Also, do let us know if there were things that we did not address which should be taken up as actions items to consider and areas where we can improve.

There will be more announced and community through this channel as well as the DAO’s own notion pages that will be shared with all.

Let’s go!