Make the website/docs editable by the community

Harmony’s landing page and documentation still have some flaws, for example it’s not very clear how to get an One Wallet (especially those first time users), and the list goes on and on. Here’s another example and it hasn’t been fixed yet.

Also the landing page is quite confusing for newcomers as it promotes itself with ’Scaling Cross-Chain Ethereum Applications’ and ’Cross-Chain Interoperability’, which sound like a L2, etc.

However reporting the issue to the Harmony dev team and wait for them to fix the issue is somehow very low efficiency and will put more burden on the team. (It’s also a cumbersome task.)

So instead of the old workflow, I am asking the team to open the website/documentation so we can help improve the website, make the whole thing more efficient.


Wiki Style site accomplishes this easily. Worthy of a consideration in my opinion.

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I assure you that @HarmonyCommunityDAO is listening, in fact we felt this conversation coming ahead of time, its like deja vu we just talked about this yesterday :star_struck:, the Community can have a say over the landing site :smiley:



The docs is editable at GitHub.

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