Metaverse War

This is quite frightening if true! I’m looking over the project and it clearly does not meet the new requirements that have been set forth. Harmony has requested that grant applicants grow their community and release a POC on testnet prior to asking for funding, among many other requirements.

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The metric you stated is .5K (500) community members on telegram, but you state that the CoinEasy telegram has 5300 organic users. Can you create a new milestone that is more meaningful and ambitious?

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This proposal had been approved in April, and now our role is to help ensure the milestones are more meaningful. I agree with you, that the standard milestones are not up to par. Our gaming team is now taking a different approach - working with each project to draft milestones that are tailored to the project and more impactful. I want to say that I appreciate how active you are on our forums; the feedback shared by you and the community pushes us to raise the bar.


Good to hear. Go get emmmm!!!

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Hi, We decided 0.5 k community as users really play the game that’s why we decided this number.

Guys - The world is bigger than the Western Hemisphere. Korea uses channels other than discord, such as Kakao and others. Most of China doesn’t use discord or twitter. So think bigger. We want to penetrate geographies that have talent but not enough attention. So expect more of this, not less.

Note - FTX just started a $100M fund solely for Korea and Vietnam - so again, the world is not twitter or discord.


Papi. I live in the area. I’m from the area. Plenty of Vietnamese or Koreans use Twitter and discord. You what just attempted to do was to imply we’re ignorant. How long have you been in this area? Want me to link you to Thai, Vietnamese, or Korean Twitter influencers and their millions of followers? Or the big Thai or Vietnamese or Korean discords? Kakao and Line are used for chatting but not for the broadcast system on a game level that is Web3 games. So get off your high horse.

You do realise that most of us are not from either the US or from Europe right? Like @sick_of_this and many others.

Honestly, your answer has tones of overt elitism. I’ve been involved in the game space in Southeast Asia for years – and have spent a lot of time in Korea. Know Nakamoto Games and VNG and many other publishers here in the region. Have worked with True Ventures and actually have worked with Kakao Ventures (because of a real estate tokenisation blockchain company I was the COO of… which was the first real estate token listed in South Korea).

It’s what annoys me about members of the core team. Why do you think you’re so much smarter than everyone else? Do you think we just spew false things and you’re here to somehow clean it up? How long have you been in this region? Do you speak any of the languages in this region? How many Twitter spaces in Thai, Vietnamese, or Korean have you been in? Oh right, you don’t speak those languages. You just like to come in and tell people that you know more because of your blue badge.

The sheer arrogance of someone like you telling people who are actually from the region what to think will get you nowhere in the boardroom of the big companies here. You think that we’re small fry right? Because we try to help out the community by responding to your ignorant trite.


Ok, I apologize. I thought I was responding to what sounded to me like elitism, thinking that the world revolves around twitter and discord only. My bad.

And yes I’d love introductions to the publishers you mention.

I definitely don’t know everything and have never processed to. Sorry if I came off like that.


Eh. Now you want introductions… read this and learn: What Is ‘Face’ In Asian Culture and Why Should We Care? - Doug Casey's International Man once you understand the culture we come from, maybe I wouldn’t feel like something bad would happen during a meeting any of us would ever arrange for Harmony.


Ok. I understand I need to continue to earn and build trust. Understood. Thank you for your candid feedback. We need it and the criticisms are welcomed and most of it we deserve.

BTW, I was born and raised in Cebu City Philippines and have lived all over SE Asia.


I have to admit. While I admire and love the Philippines, strangely, the culture of China/South Korea/Vietnam/Thailand is quite different. I think it might be because of the Philippines was more heavily influenced by US culture.

So, in these countries, China, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand… essentially… conglomerates and families control the country. This means, as a white guy coming in and talking to someone… they aren’t necessarily suspicious… but more like… closed minded if that makes sense.

It’s probably the reason so many Western companies have set up shop in Manila and Singapore. For example, Brankas, which does a lot of stuff that Plaid does in the US, has only had success in the Philippines. It has never been able to get into major meetings in Thailand/Vietnam/South Korea.

Game publishers in Thailand, for example, are partially controlled by a company called True which is owned by CP (Chearavanont family - Wikipedia) and CP also owns a lot of the LP of SCB10x which is the largest venture capital fund in Thailand. SCB also owns the largest crypto exchange. And CP also owns another exchange (Thai franchise) called Upbit (which is a Korean exchange).

So, you… Papi… will go to Thailand… meet with some people… they will nod their heads and smile at you while you talk about Harmony. And then? What will happen after?

I see a lot non-native people coming to Thailand/South Korea/Vietnam and think they’re in Manila… while in Manila people are super super super open-minded and are willing to work with foreigners… in Thailand/South Korea/Vietnam things are a bit different.

True Digital, SCB10X and Rise are the bigger VC firms in Thailand. They would be the first people go to go if you’re trying to broker a partnership. They also invested in Sandbox, Nakamoto Games, and Chillchat etc.

In Vietnam, VNG is where you would start.

In South Korea… the vc arms of the big banks and Kakao is where you would start. Because they invested in all the publishers.

In the end, a small startup in Thailand like Chillchat was able to get 6.5 mil from FTX… and I think it’s because it took years of relationship building. I’m not sure if starting with a game publisher for a partnership is the right way to go… they are pretty much fixed on using Solana. Once a game publisher gets VC funding… they are pretty much head deep and can’t really switch networks. So, I would suggest going to the big VCs/Bank VCs/Family VCs/and telecommunication company VC arms first.


I like you. And I’m grateful you’re in the Harmony community. I hope we do right by you and the rest of the community going forward.


Yeah tell me when you’re in the region I can try to help. But umm… it’s not easy to come in… swoop down into a city… sign some partnerships… and then “implement” them. Not sure how to explain it exactly. But, the local VC leaders are more open-minded, especially since Harmony is an established blockchain. However, what you would need from them is an introduction followed by them doing the work to convince the publisher (the company they invested in) to actually build on your chain. It’s complicated.

I should also mention that the Singapore VC scene is quite different. Maybe it would be safer to start there?

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I’m living in the US now, but am speaking to a few guilds, funds, and publishers in the region. Appreciate your willingness to have a dialogue. I’m learning a lot from you. Thank you.

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I love to see this- actual communication occuring constructively between the core team and individuals on the grant forum. This is a great step in the right direction imo, and cheer to both @papi and @GeorgeofEmmaInterest for being able to set ego aside and to speak about partnerships, introductions, and geographical differences that we may need to consider for each project and the deliverables!


You said you would do a twitter spaces with us at the Dev DAO. Are we still doing one in June?

Hey George!

Please DM me on this, I spoke with another person about it last night and I needed some clarification! I can be reached here, on Discord Pioneer Emory#9504, or Twitter @HarmonyVillains

Second this. Thank you all for doing great things for Harmony One chain.

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I tried dming you on discord. Aint working. Ill message on Twitter.

Im trying to add you but you need to open your Twitter dms