MISSED OPPORTUNITY - Harmony Team Ignores Users' Need for a Tax Solution/Partnership

Time like this when Harmony needs to focus on the users even more…Harmony has made Defi easy and now users are facing a nightmare on how to handle taxes. It’s an easy thing for Harmony to do to partner with Koinly or any reputable tax applications…but Harmony seems to careless about it. WHAT A MISSED OPPORTUNITY!!! Not only it’s good for existing users but a great incentive for new users to come and participate in Harmony Defi ecosystem. Get With It!!!

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I sincerely like your idea. would be an amazing addition to the harmonious ecosystem to have such a partner.

would love the idea, even more, when you would have framed it a little bit more nuanced and thought out. <3

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How exactly does it benefit?

I guess you don’t do much DeFi on DFK, Tranquil, ViperSwap, etc. There are many of us who do thousands of transactions a year. I am already at 8K+ transactions. Impossible to do tax manually. If you want existing users to keep doing DeFi on Harmony or new users to come in…you better make it easy for them to do tax at end of year…or else they will move to another chain that has plenty of tax app support for their ecosystem. I am already thinking about an alternate to Harmony if there is no tax solution. How exactly does it benefit? Really?

I use tranq but just started this year…