Moonshot Web3 Hackathon 2022

Name of Hackathon

Moonshot Web3 Hackathon 2022

Proposal overview

Moonshot Web3 Hackathon is a month-long hackathon in May, providing 20 - 30 web3 entrepreneurs a platform to build, iterate, and launch new crypto-related products. Selected teams will go through a month-long training (i.e., technical workshops, industry mentorships) that culminates in showcasing their MVPs on our Apollo Demo Day.

Why Us?
Founded by founders and engineers in 2021, Moonshot Factory builds the “South Park Commons” for Gen-Z engineers: empowering them to experiment faster, learn together, and blitz scale into the next big thing. Since inception, Moonshot has been supported by Bytedance, ZhenFund, Shimo Docs; additionally, 16 of its member companies were funded by top investors such as GGV Capital, YC China, etc.

Moonshot also fosters one of the most vibrant Gen-Z communities through weekly close-door events and hackathons. We have more than 5,000 active members, hailing from top universities and companies from US and China. Furthermore, we have established partnerships with ventures clubs in more than 30 schools, i.e., Tsinghua Venture, MIT CEO. Ultimately, we see ourselves as the #1 go-to place for Gen-Z entrepreneurs to envision and build their “next big thing”.

Project Progress & Milestones
Moonshot Web3 Hackathon has already been announced. Here is an overview of our milestones and estimated budget for each stage.

  1. Venture Partner Recruiting Stage (January 1 - February 1)
  • Finalize the hosting partners and investments from funds and the collaboration approach
  • Finalize the mentors and judges and the collaboration approach
  • Finalize the Moonshot organizing team and match our resources
  1. Promoting Stage (February 1 - April 20)
  • Host 4 to 6 “Moonshot Mafia” (panel discussion with accomplished entrepreneurs)
    *Up till now, confirmed Mafia guests include STEPN founder Jerry (March 18), DODO DEX founder Daidai (April 3), EthSign founder Potter (April 10), RSS3 founder Joshua (April 17)
  • Post 8 interviews with founders from previous Moonshot demo days on Moonshot WeChat official account
  • Reach 20,000 traffic on the WeChat official account
  • Find 20 promoting partners
  1. Candidate Selection Stage (April 1 - May 10):
  • Interview with the candidates
  • Send invites to all Venture Capitals and investment teams
  1. Fellowship Stage (May 20 - June 20) :
  • Explain the judging rubrics and detailed procedures to all participants
  • Expand the Apollo Day exploration group to to 500 investors and media reporters
  1. Apollo Day Stage (June 20 and Beyond):
  • Expand the Apollo Day exploration group to 1500
  • Confirm the participation of 10 VC partners

What can we bring to Harmony?
Moonshot has a proven track record of attracting top tier engineers to start meaningful projects. In the past, many of our participants hail from top universities and institutions such as Tsinghua, Google, and Baidu, with academic backgrounds ranging from undergraduate to Doctoral candidates. Moonshot also has extensive partnerships with China’s top tier investors and media, which can help raise awareness of Harmony’s capabilities to Chinese developer communities. For instance, we closely partner with Sunny Gao, the Founder and CEO of China’s #1 venture-backed Developer Community, SegmentFault. Through Moonshot’s network of talented and innovative young builders and various resources to empower their ideas, we believe our Hackathon will bring fresh projects and awareness to the Harmony Ecosystem.

Proposal ask

15,000 USD

Metrics for success

Project Success:

  1. Attract 100+ student startups / developer teams to apply
  2. Host 4-5 workshops during Hackathon and office hours provided by industry experts
  3. Help 15+ teams to complete the hackathon demo and presentation
  4. Attract 2000+ audience and 20+ USD funds on the demo day
  5. Help 5+ teams to get seed round financing and accelerate their projects

External links

About us:

Moonshot X RSS3:

Moonshot X Ethsign:

Moonshot X DODO DEX:

Moonshot X STEPN:

Thank you for submitting a proposal to Harmony’s $300M Ecosystem Fund. We are in the process of reviewing your proposal and will assign a representative on behalf of the Grants Ops team.

We would also love :blue_heart: to have the Harmony community participate to ask questions and provide feedbacks.

If you have more details to add, please do so by replying to this thread.

Hi @Yifan_Wang, thank you for submitting your proposal with us. I understand the event is already in progress, but I want to invite you to connect with me on Telegram when new hackathon events are being hosted.

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Hi, great topic. EnrichedCS also organizes online hackathons . Our hackathon is geared towards all levels whether you are a beginner or experienced. EnrichedCS goal is to encourage innovation and educate computer science skills to middle school students. We kindly welcome new participants to weekend-long competition. Additionally, as part of our hackathons, we are hosting several, interactive workshops available for both beginner and intermediate programmers.