MtopSwap Funding Proposal for $75,000

Thank you!! Check out our Whitepaper linked below for tons of details on our project and future planned products.


Just an update for everyone and @Jacksteroo @jbeltran regarding our Proof of Concept. Here is a video with an audio walkthrough highlighting the current state of our Swap Aggregator, and this is only one of MANY products planned as described in our Whitepaper.

Transaction hashes from video:
COSMIC: 0x93d93e1112246d20bffdf64431accf1ca134ffa43bbe965492e7353865b6a824

EVO: 0x9fec6c819acfa0bf9c88336b3de6e1ffce5ca1853b8a5c2e458baad15b91ecd5

CLNY: 0x291d23d630badf2b1f76ad8c308bffd949ae4dd0006a9b424c60ea6d5f029a47

FIRA: 0xfade38c0679215e47a778ddedac89f52acd414d617c86d4d2009464d449658e9


Finally had time to go through most of the Whitepaper and I have to say, I’m very impressed by what I see here. Looks like you guys have really thoroughly thought about not only the base features but also gone the extra mile and put effort into some really unique stuff.

For example- I was reading about the Mecha NFTs and was thinking if there’s an opportunity here to add some additional features to the NFTs like a lore background and to my surprise “Mecha NFT upgrade lore integration” is actually mentioned later in the “Crosschain Implementation” section!

This proposal is ticking a lot of right boxes in my book-

  • Transparent communication by the Team regarding any questions/doubts

  • A real, active community (been lurking around their Discord and it’s plain to see)

  • Highly detailed, well thought out whitepaper with believable goals

  • A useful feature-rich product that is unique in the space. Already visible development

  • Solid success metrics and long-term sustainability plans

The whitepaper was pretty detailed and well explained so I don’t have too many questions but some quick thoughts on issues that I feel could arise-
The “Blacklisted Wallet Database” currently seems to be worked on by the Discord mods and your team. Since the customer would use your product as a source of truth when it comes to safe wallets to interact with, there can be 2 points of failure here-

  1. Since the database is manually maintained, the team simply isn’t able to keep up with every single malicious address
  2. Some team members themselves might be malicious and intentionally do not list addresses

Since trust in the product is an important part when it comes to the advertised safety features, I think there needs to be contingencies for such situations.

LPs/Tokenomics aren’t really an area of expertise for me so I don’t have any comments on that but the focus on sustainability does seem reassuring.

All-in-all, one of the most exhaustive, well-written proposals I’ve seen here and I’ve gone through tons of proposals on this forum so that is saying something. I’d be very surprised if this isn’t approved and even more surprised if the Mtop Team somehow screws up the product haha


Hi, and thank you for your support both in the Discord and on the forum!

Regarding the Wallet Blacklist, you are correct, we have always maintained this manually. We do use this tool as a means to warn our users, not to absolutely prevent them from trading, nor to encourage them to trade other tokens. That being said, I feel comfortable dropping minor alpha here in the forum, as I know that many will never read this…

We are currently working on an early prototype that automatically scrapes data from various sources to determine the likelihood of a scam contract/ token. Some of the areas that we use to determine the legitimacy are the blockchain explorer, our curated blacklist (creator and funding wallets of previous, confirmed scams), social media account activity, liquidity, trade volume, google search results…

I can’t say too much, as we are testing the earliest deployment of this tool, which will be a MtopSwap paid feature. But to address your point, the team is working to automate this process and to only manually check on really hot topics that require more due diligence.

Really thankful for your time and kind words here, and I am glad to see that our WP is being read :smiley:


Perfect! That sounds like the most apt way of tackling this. I’m not much of a degen myself but really tempted to try out the service if/when it is available haha. Regardless, really amazing job you guys are doing!


Hello there.
After the meeting we had in Discord to know each other and answer my questions, I’ll proceed and pass the Poll to the team.
I wish you good luck.
:mechanical_arm: :blue_heart:


Thank you so much for this opportunity to prove ourselves as a team and to show the worth of our project to the Harmony team! You took the additional time to hear the community out and we respect that immensely.


Community is the best value that Harmony has. Other protocols envy that value. :blue_heart:


Thank you @jbeltran for meeting with us several times and more importantly your understanding given the circumstances. Hope you enjoyed the Proof of Concept!

Thank you to @Flu for helping us succeed as a community and advising me personally over the last few months through tough situations. He’s truly an inspirational figure in blockchain who we could all learn from.

Thank you to our AMAZING AND TALENTED team and community moderators who work day in, day out from pure passion.

And finally, thank you to our UNIQUE AND ACTIVE community who have been with us over the last 3 months. We wouldn’t be at this stage without you all, and this is really a win for YOU ALL as much as it is MtopSwap as an organization. WE WON’T LET YOU DOWN!

Looking forward to talking with the Harmony team in the coming days to answer any questions or concerns they have and to discuss how our roadmap, plans, and product will BENEFIT HARMONY and it’s MISSION!


Absolutely baffled that you guys chose to fund mtopswap over for example Openswap, who have been building for far longer on h1 and have been the pioneers for DEFI on h1…

@jbeltran @Jacksteroo @0xD @frwrdslosh , @Flu would love to see this cleared up.

Can one of you guys give me (and probably lot of others would like to know…) an explanation on why this funding gets approved while others are just being pissed upon / disapproved?? Bodes great for the (already amazing) sentiment experienced in various TG and DC groups about your funding style with these grants…

TLDR: reeks like favouritism to me (and many others as experienced in various groups)

BONUS: maybe start working in some of the learned lessons at YC: might help weed out bad actors


I don’t think it’s a case of this or that. Harmony seem to be clamping down and making projects work harder to get funds (which I think was needed and fully support), projects just need to fight their own corner to convince harmony they deserve support. You would hope that If both can put forward compelling cases both could get the funding they seek.
Note. Mtop hasn’t been awarded any grant yet


I stand corrected here. thanks @Niam


Thanks for the comments @4MCrypto. Always trying to be better.

OpenSwap is phenomenal. I can assure you that they (or any other project for that matter) is not being pissed upon.

OpenSwap applied for a DAO tooling and DAO bootstrap grant. That is a separate team from the Launch Grant committee with different qualifications for approval. OpenSwap’s proposal is most certainly still under review and has not been declined.

Feel free to DM me, or head over to the OpenSwap proposal and we can carry on this conversation there and leave this thread for MTOP :slight_smile:


Thanks for your thoughts on this, @frwrdslosh, I agree fully and also support everything Alex is doing at OpenSwap. Great project, great people, and they’ve been around oh-so long!

Looking forward to having conversations in the coming days. What are the next steps once Harmony has a chance to review our Proposal, Whitepaper, Proof of Concept, etc?


I am grateful for your concern and your support, however people should exercise caution before jumping to any premature conclusions about favoritism, abandonment of other projects and whatnot. I’ve seen people in our community and in the grant topic not liking Harmony’s decision about pausing DAO fundings, ignoring the fact that

  1. it was a temporary measure

  2. it was a reaction to the outburst of community against mismanaged DAOs; rest assured the grants were resumed and never within that timeline did we receive a confirmation from Harmony’s side that our grant was not going to pass

Now to be on-topic and to stray away from everything stated above, I congratulate MtopSwap and HarmonyWon in particular on the grant. I hope your project will be long-lasting and successful, for the sake of everyone participating on this bluechip blockchain. Thank you for your service, we ourselves but also other projects have devs like you who keep building practically from their own pockets or on literal fumes of their projects’ tokens, because of the state of the market that destroyed the value of most tokens, coins included. Grants are therefore necessary especially in these hard times to maintain healthy development activity on the blockchain, thus the congratulations:)

Here’s to years of continuous development of your baby :wine_glass:


Looking forward for what is about to come next. Lead us the way Harmony, and we will bring you success.


Sorry not trying to spam, just wanna say I don’t agree with you but I can’t figure out how to unlike your comment
I don’t like it :heart:


Just click the heart icon to unlike the comment. Stay harmonious


I wanted to say how impressed I am with the MTOP team. Without exception they are ultimate professionals. They are incredibly passionate about what they are creating, and I wholeheartedly support their application.


Thank you for your support! I wonder if a committee of project leaders within the Harmony ecosystem would make for a good grant approval decision making body moving forward? Or possibly project leaders, DAO leaders, and validators all working together to brighten the future of our home!

Anyhow, I am thrilled to have so many known community members and leaders supporting our project, and I have high hopes for Harmony and it’s leadership going forward!!