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Name of Project


Proposal overview

Scaleswap is a one-of-a-kind launchpad platform, backing IDO projects of the highest quality with a truly supportive community.

Scaleswap has developed the unique ScaleSCORE loyalty system which tracks the on-chain activity of community members and rewards them with guaranteed allocations according to 6 dimensions, such as if the community member is selling the project’s tokens launched on Scaleswap or for how long tokens are held. The loyalty scoring has low entry barriers and is very democratic for the common IDO participants, non-whale type.

Focusing on quality versus quantity, Scaleswap does an in-depth analysis of the projects for IDO and selects the best ones that have reasonable chances to succeed in the mid-to-long term, not only on a bullish hype market. We also support selected startups with incubation activities, helping them with tokenomics, VC fundraising, partnerships, KOLs, etc.

Today we have over 30’000 active users in our community, and around 10’000 whitelisting applications for each IDO launching on Scaleswap. The whitelisting for each IDO is filled in within a couple of days, and the public IDO pools are filled in with a couple of seconds!

Scaleswap launched in July 2021 as a Polygon launchpad, but with the aim of becoming a real multi-chain. Fantom and BSC are already integrated with our launchpad and we will start to add other EVM protocols now. This will make Scaleswap the launchpad with the highest number of integrated protocols.

We aim to integrate Harmony and become one of the first launchpads, allowing startups to launch IDOs with HRC20 Tokens and so enrich the Harmony ecosystem with top-notch projects. We already have several startups in the pipeline that are eager to explore integration with Harmony: Capscoin, Go Fungibles, Hamsters, etc.

We believe that Scaleswap integration with Harmony will create momentum and bring additional value for both communities.

Proposal ask


The funding we receive will be spent on:

  • Tech developers’ efforts for smooth integration of Harmony protocol
  • Incentivizing users to participate in IDOs using HRC20 tokens (For example, we can airdrop ONE tokens to KYCed IDO backers to cover the gas fee for the first IDOs on Harmony. This will lower the entry barrier to Harmony)
  • Drive marketing attempts by working closely with the community, spreading awareness about Harmony within crypto startups and IDO backers and encouraging integration with the Harmony ecosystem
  • Incentivisation of KOLs to promote this integration]

Metrics for success

In 1-year horizon:

  • New startups, launching IDO on Scaleswap via Harmony every month (gaming, defi, NFT, etc)
  • 18’000 transactions / month (assuming 3 IDOs / month)
  • Fast track (priority) for Harmony based IDOs
  • 100’000 + new Harmony token holders
  • Popularization of Harmony within Scaleswap and its partner projects communities

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Dear Harmony community!
We from Scaleswap are really keen to bring many fresh and high-quality projects to Harmony. Let’s make it happen altogether - please support us!
Co-Founder and CTO


Hey guys Garlam here from Momentum 6.

I’m an advisor at Scaleswap and feel like quality launchpads like this can bring more projects into the Harmony ecosystem as well as increase liquidity for ONE.


Thank you, @GarlamWON for your warm reference and support, fully agree with you on this! Advanced infrastructure is the core of any blockchain ecosystem, and obviously, IDO launchpads are a needed part of this infrastructure for now and foreseen future. As per my knowledge, Harmony doesn’t have it yet and we’re happy to cover that gap! :slight_smile:


Scaleswap is my absolute favorite launchpad. I would LOVE to see ONE integration!!


Scaleswap is my best experience with launchpads. I tried Dao Maker, polka starter but scaleswap offers the most fair experience. Thumb up for them!


Scaleswap is definitely the best among the launchpads, idos run very smoothly, and their unique scalescore system makes it very attractive to users and there are no big dumps!


You made my day! Thanks! :hugs:


Scaleswap is one of the best launchpads due to being very community oriented and planning to become a full scale DAO! Plus its unique SCA score system is dedicated to rewarding loyal users who support the platform and launching projects! This would be great partnership and both Scaleswap and Harmony would benefit from it


What makes Scaleswap unique… here are my points as a one of investor on Scaleswap IDO’s

  • Project Selection (only GEM projects that can outperform in long term)
  • Genuine ScaleScore System (Best in class private allocation) which makes mutual benefit for both projects as well as for investors + public sale with FCFS
  • Stronger user base
  • Multi chain support
  • Transparency with community which plays vital role
  • Scaleswap DAO enables voting power for community to pick and choose the project for IDO
  • Best team with vast experience in this space

Hi guys, Shan here.

I’m a BLUE diamond NFT holder in scaleswap project. Scaleswap has definately brought some of the top notch IDOs through it’s platform which has inturn brought huge traffic on respective blockchains.

Harmony will truly be an amazing addition to the scaleswap products. And Scaleswap will definately play a major role in bringing a large group of user base on the chain.

Looking forward to this amazing partnership!


Probably this is the fairest system of a launchpad in the whole crypto in my knowledge.


:heart_eyes: Scaleswap is my best experience with launchpads. scaleswap offer the most fair experience.I am really happy that i have participated to this project :heart:


An interesting and fair system for recording the contributions of all community members.


70 / 5000

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It’s a very interesting topic, I’m behind full support, I trust scaleswap


Hey Harmony community,

I would like to highlight the uniqueness in the crypto launchpad space that Scaleswap is doing. This is like kind of a revolution and definitely be the best for small to medium investors. As the motto defines LOYAL IS THE NEW BRAVE. Loyal user base is highly rewarded with the Scalescore concept. Yes they do have their little flaws sometimes but who doesn’t? Scaleswap team is continuously working hard, accepting criticisms and improving and coming up more stronger each time. 100000000% worth funding and be a part of greater revolution on how launchpads operate ;)Note: I am a loyal member too.


ScaleSwap is the most innovative IDO platform in the crypto space - and that’s saying a lot already in such a dynamic industry (if not the most innovative of of our contemporary times)! It can quickly become one the most amazing platforms on Harmony and a veritable reference point for the ecosystem, bootstrapping it’s development as a whole!


Scaleswap is one of my beloved launchpad. Many successful projects launched here. And participating on them were not too difficult and cost expensive.


Hello, a french scaleswap holder here :smiley:

I will be happy to discover One blockchain with scaleswap launchpad.

I am with scaleswap since the beginning and scaleswap is the most FAIR launchpad, i have seen :D.

With scaleswap, you have to hold some token to get IDO, and it has been quite beneficit to people who did that.

Torum, a project launched by SCA was not performing very well for months (X1.2) and a lot of people was wondering why we launched this project, i was sceptic too, to be honest.

But with time, it grow litlle by little to make a 30X now.

That why, choosing SCA, will benefit ONE in the long run.

A happy sca holder