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This project promised as something that could be a good idea as a project launcher. Nothing is further from reality. A few hundred dollars converted into cents and sometime later there is a Rugpull that causes the token to become ONEP. Currently, in the telegram of the token, they continue to try to sell the project as something that is going to come out and as something that promises … Again, nothing is further from the truth. They continue to attract investors and a lot of mystery …
My experience? Most unprofessional in Crypto I’ve seen in a long time.
This is the opposite of what Harmony Network should have.
And the worst part is that they are using such a great name as Harmony.
Really bad experience I will not have again.
Hope this message can help someone.


As I was saying yesterday…
Today they post this

Yeah just also want to add that they are not in any way associated with Harmony; they are built on the BSC network. More BSCrelated than anything else. But yeah agree complete scam they were/are!

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Not at all. Thank goodness

I think we should form InspectionDAO team,
To inspecting new projects.
Like new project which apply for grant has to give permission to InspectionDAO to investigate all actions thy do in first 3-4 Mounts and give them a tag on discord and TG, that everyone see there is someone who is following and investigating the project. and the new project team has to openly respond to any questions Inspectors ask. And If InspectionDAO team and milestone has achieved then Project can get next funds from Harmony team.
Will not be easy for not granted projects but will find something like Harmonauts reporting to Official InspectionDAO TG group thy sow new project started and need checking.
Don’t know is it good idea but it my work ? @Jacksteroo @lij ?


That’s the shame…

Did HarmonyPad receive a grant from the Harmony Foundation?

HarmonyPad was not a harmony granted project, it was built in the BSC network has no relation to Harmony what so ever.

They used the word Harmony (no worries at all of course as it’s a word everyone could use). The ugly part is, using it with a distorted logo from Harmony and steel people’s money.