My first day at Harmony One

Hi everyone
My name is Isaac Zara, A Brand/Graphics Designer, Web3 lover and fan of the $ONE ecosystem.
I ‘m happy to be here :blue_heart:

Let’s connect


Hey friend!

What brings you to Harmony? How did you hear about the ecosystem and what do you hope to bring to the community :smiley:

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Hi Givp! can you please stop giving jobs to your friends? Dont you think its enought?-
What are you doing with your life man?

I ‘m a brand/graphics designer. I look forward to join the Harmony design team in the future.
Do you know anyone I should speak to ?

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You know Giv is gone, right? is one option. They do keep a number of freelancers on call I believe in case they’re not directly hiring designers at the moment, but they may be. Probably worth inquiring.

Are you sure? he can lie all of you with his multiple accounts but im not so stupid sory.

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Yes, I am sure. RJ is a completely different person.