MyPrecious.One Validator [Unelected]

Validator Name


Staking Profile

Self Delegation: 10,000 (me)
Delegated: 341,504
Total Delegation: 351,504

Commission %

Fix at 1%

Infrastructure Setup

AWS Cloud
Instance: m5a.xlarge
vCPU: 4
Memory: 16

About Me

I joined the IT industry in 2015. I used to work as an ERP developer, but now I’m more in an analyst role in a Canadian company. I started using Harmony One to buy NFTs at Davinci gallery and since then I’ve been using Harmony One. I truly believe that Harmony can be a real contender to be the top DeFi project, hence my contribution in setting up of a node to make the network more decentralized.

Next steps:

I am currently looking at the different options I can run a backup node.