NomadDAO Proposal for Project Y

Name of Project

Nomad DAO

Proposal overview


• Mandates

Gather. Ground. Create.

• Overview

There is a core group of extremely talented and well-connected crypto natives that hops around from conference to conference in search of new friends, co-founders, and opportunities. Nomad DAO is dedicated to filling a fundamental gap for this group of people by providing them with sponsorship and a home.

The group of nomads that is present at nearly every conference interface with more crypto-curious beginners and intermediates globally than probably any other single group of people,

There is a critical problem in the crypto space currently, which is access & availability of knowledge. So much of what is known about crypto exists only in the heads of people who have been actively building or working in the space for a long time, and the traditional problem-solving method (googling) often does not work.

Nomad DAO’s goal is to bring together all the people in web3 who have a unique set of skills and knowledge and provide them with the tools so that they can publish content for others to learn from on a Learn2Earn platform.

• Description

A core group of 15 conference hoppers will begin working to find and sponsor builders who are willing and able to create tutorials in the spaces they are experts in, and in the languages that they are best at.

Upon landing at a conference, Nomad DAO members will have access to a house where they can work, sleep, and hang out at to determine gaps in available knowledge and create tutorials and resources for people to use in perpetuity.

Some of the best solutions in web3 are dreamt up in places where access to standard assets and financial tools are prohibited or hard to access. Nomads will work in different places around the world to share their knowledge and provide the global crypto community with the tools they would need to tackle problems, which might not be evident to everyone.

• Budget

Project Y funding will initially be spend on becoming present as a DAO within the Web3 space. We will attend conferences and rent houses with the goal of bringing together talented builders to create tutorials that are most needed for various protocols and dapps.

Funding for these projects will be secured by working with these protocols and dapps to dream up related starter projects that would interest a wide variety of people. Funding will be paid out as follows:

40% will be paid out in the form of tokens to people who complete these tutorials

30% will be paid out to the creator of the tutorial

30% will go back into the treasury to fund future houses and projects.

Revenue will also be generated by affiliating with tutorial platforms such as and to funnel learners onto those platforms as well.

The budget will also be used to partner closely with other DAO communities such as FWB, Her DAO, Blu3 DAO and others with the goal of establishing Nomad DAO as a tight-knit group of global builders.

  • Milestones

Nomad DAO’s goal will be to create 50 tutorials and 1000 tutorial completions by the end of Q3 2022, relating to protocols that need them the most.

• Governors

Catherine Anderson - Travel agent with Archer Travel Agent. Founder of Darwin’s Natural Collection, providing botanical design and services/maintenance, selling plants, educating the Neptune Beach community about sustainable gardening and bringing awareness and importance of growing your own garden by creating content via instagram and by selling plants at local markets.

Opened a vegan and gluten free coffee shop as the GM, baker and chef.

Worked with a team of 5 other chefs cooking for Shad Kahn and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Merchandising manager, product pricing specialist, and inventory specialist for a small store at the Charleston DHS base.

Traveling and food connoisseur
Nerd for Biology and marketing

Sasha Jerschow - co-Founder of,,, and others. Loves to build projects for fun and turn them into sustainable businesses if possible.

Previously a back-end developer at motion labs, currently working full-stack on projects in the web3 space as a nomad.

Al Cheung - Blu3DAO, Trader by morning, Financial Advisor by afternoon, Buidler by Night, Treasurer of Nonprofit, hodler of cryptos


LOVE this idea! I agree that only by traveling to a local culture, we can learn and understand what they need most. Looking forward to conference hopping with this strong core team around the world. Strong yes from me! Let’s start building out something for Harmony’s content.


Looking forward to see the developments of this idea and how this tutorials will come along.
It’s a yes from me under the project Y

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Thank you! I can’t wait for us to bring this to fruition :slight_smile:

@lij @Mattyontap Nomad DAO is approved from our team. :white_check_mark:

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Loooool they don’t even bother to put KPIs other than travelling and attending conference or even how much money they’re asking

First excited comment from a business partner (; the company doesn’t exist so don’t waste time looking for it) and a random guy that approves 66660 ONE spent straight away

Great job Harmony! And you guys are still planning to keep paying these people working for other DAOs?