GAT3WAYDAO: minimizing the web3 learning curve

Name of DAO: :rocket: GAT3WAYDAO :rocket:

Proposal overview

Onboarding more people of multiple skillsets to web3 through the means of high-quality education, support, and engagement is of great importance. How often have you heard or read quotes similar to the following?

  • “I don’t know anything about web3.”
  • “I’m not a dev and I don’t want to be, can I still be in web3?”
  • “I have 10+ years of experience as an ML dev, I want to learn NFT pixel art.”
  • “I just want to do community management.”
  • “What is Harmony?”
  • “How do I create a wallet?”
  • “I don’t understand the terminology, what is WAGMI or DeFi?”
  • “I’m scared wallets will steal my money, how can I be sure this is a safe investment?”

There is a clear lack of a starting point of teaching material that is actively hosted to support a wide variety of talents from all across the globe to enable more web3 journeys and teach them the best practice knowledge and skills that will encourage engagement in the space. It has also been shown that without a strong and passionate peer community alongside a learning platform, the majority of online learners struggle to fully complete their studies and will lack crucial collaboration and networking skills and opportunities.

GAT3WAYDAO is aiming to be THE best web3 onboarding experience for anyone, everywhere, especially students.

GAT3WAYDAO will establish a peer community alongside a transparent learning platform that bridges together web3 experts and novices across all skillsets by certifying proof of learning and incentivizing community engagement with the creation of learning materials. The DAO will also be providing access to partner events (i.e hackathons, conferences) and internship placement opportunities. There will be a particular focus on building on Harmony mainnet due to our admiration of and alignment with the philosophy and vision.

The DAO will certify learn-to-earn through the awarding of course completion NFTs on Harmony. These certification badges could also be awarded for validated previous proof-of-work and be used by members to stand out on web3-oriented job boards and professional networking platforms. Such partnerships, alongside those established for our direct internship and job placement candidate application provision, will enable GAT3WAYDAO to become self-sustaining through the received revenue.

Additional methods of incentivization will include helping each other out in the community, submitting course material, etc. GAT3WAYDAO members will be able to mint a membership NFT on Harmony. Learner progression will be rewarded with reputation points that can be spent on upgrading and evolving the appearance of the NFT. Members with upgraded NFTs will be able to receive additional benefits such as prioritized GAT3WAYDAO funding applications to attend crypto events, the redemption of GAT3WAYDAO merchandise, and more easily stand out in internship applications. The creation and curation of high-quality course material will be rewarded by GAT3WAYDAO with a choice of $ONE or the other benefits. This will also apply to the evolution and updating of existing course materials to keep pace with the rapidly developing and advancing industry.

A huge part of GAT3WAYDAO is supporting the student community. There are seldom DAOs out there focused on providing students an open platform in which they would be able to learn at their own pace and also participate in the industry. As aforementioned, the guides will be open and accessible to anyone who wants to participate but GAT3WAYDAO specifically will provide a place for students to converse amongst themselves and engage in University-related events. Eventual partnership with University hackathons will result in GAT3WAYDAO assisting students in crypto-related project building as well as exclusive classes they will be able to take part in and DAO-specific competitions and rewards.


:blush: Community → maintain and grow a supportive peer community, enable collaboration and networking opportunities
:dizzy: Creativity → curate inspirational courses, incentivize innovative course production
:tada: Celebration → recognize progression, reward engagement and content creation



  1. Website
  • Launch (COMPLETED)
  • Waitlist Creation (COMPLETED)
  • Discord Integration (IN PROGRESS)
  • MetaMask Integration (IN PROGRESS)
  1. Social token


  1. Merch announcement
  2. Intro “freshman guides” launch
  • Intro to blockchain and web3, to include interactive topics such as:
    a) Blockchain basics
    b) Ethereum and dApps
    c) L2s and Harmony
    d) Web3 breakdown
    e) Wallet essentials like safety and security
  • DAO’s and the DAO ecosystem, including topics such as:
    a) Decentralization
    b) Governance tokens
    c) Signatory model and process
    d) Multisig wallets
    e) Community interaction


  1. Website integration of the guides
    a) Working buttons
    b) Clean and aesthetic UI
    c) Interactivity
  2. Proof of concept of intro courses
    a) A small private cohort testing guides
    b) AMA for feedback

Metrics (lowerbound/upperbound)

User growth month over month # of community members completing guides completed (Badges minted) Daily user count Average session time during study # of E-mail newsletter signups
Q3 2022 7 / 12% 10 / 50 5 / 20 5 / 15 min 20 / 140
Q4 2022 8 / 15% 30 / 100 20 / 80 8 / 20 min 100 / 700
Q1 2023 9 / 17% 50 / 200 80 / 160 15 / 30 min 500 / 1400
Q2 2023 10 / 19% 80 / 400 140 / 220 15 / 45 min 1200 / 2800
Q3 2023 11 / 21% 120 / 800 280 / 350 15 / 45 min 2800 / 4900


  1. Priya Ganguly → Original founder of the DAO. Works as a hands-on developer in smart-contract activities and researcher on the best initiatives for the DAO. Also working on head of partner relations and oversees proposals being sought for DAO growth.
  2. Katherine Tang → Original founder of the DAO. Working to provide the best strategies that the DAO should undertake to reach a genz and student-focused starting community and transparency to later relate to anyone.
  3. Ollie Melbourne → Founder of the DAO. Works in the DAO as the head of the developer team, most in charge of front-end tasks and helping out with deploying other initiatives like the eventual social token and NFT ideas.
  4. Tanya Lupinski → Community manager of the DAO. Helping with the creation of content to keep the community engaged and alive within the various DAO Tooling platforms. Also a moderator and will help point community to the right people and direction for information.
  5. Mike Wu → A developer in the DAO. Working primarily on getting our initial social token up and running. He also is looking into NFT initiatives.
  6. Nikita Alimushkin → Focused on creating standard operating procedures, developing and implementing marketing strategy, and incorporating data analytics to foster community growth and engagement.
  7. Max Ault → DAO Signatory. Project Lead, visionary behind the bakery, as well as active Harmony community member, creator of Jewel Juice, and many other things. With 6+ years working in tech startups and companies, Max looks to bring trust and innovation into the web3 side of things. Building transparent projects, with unified vision.
  8. Billy Alkachak → DAO Signatory. Also apart of the bridge builders DAO and bringing in helpful information on DAO tools and engaging in community management initiatives
  9. Taylor Coyne → DAO Signatory. Co-Founder of the LightItUpDAO and providing help with DAO research and community strategies. Helping connect people that GAT3WAY needs and seeking out talent.

Gnosis Safe Multisig Wallet


Next Community Vote Date

July 1st

Proposal ask

We are requesting a Harmony DAO bootstrap grant for 50K.

Title (# people holding) 3 month pay
Team Leads(3) $8100
Signatories(9) $2700
Developers(3) $12150
Artist(1) $1800
Marketing(2) $6300
Community Management(1) $1800
DAO Treasury $9000
NFT NYC $3600
Safety Net $4220 (8.5%)
Other (Emails, Domains, Merch, Events, Coworking Spaces) $330

External links

discord: GAT3WAY DAO


Thank you for submitting a proposal to Harmony’s $300M Ecosystem Fund. We are in the process of reviewing your proposal and will assign a representative on behalf of the Grants Ops team.

We would also love :blue_heart: to have the Harmony community participate to ask questions and provide feedbacks.

This has been assigned to @frwrdslosh.

If you have more details to add, please do so by replying to this thread.


Hey Hey Hey @pr2a and GAT3WAYDAO!

Thanks for bringing this proposal to Harmony. This proposal is under review. I would like to provide a brief update. .

All approvals and proposals for DAO Bootstrap Funding are still paused. This is a temporary measure. Please do not let this dissuade you and your team from building. Stay tuned for another update regarding DAO Bootstrap Funding :soon:

note: this comment is not an approval of this proposal.

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Hello, @pr2a :blue_heart:

The Harmony DAO Ops team has decided to decline this proposal without prejudice. Please visit our Q3 and Q4 Execution Plan for more information.

I apologize that this process has been lengthy and drawn-out and I appreciate yours and the DAOs patience. Harmony and the DAO Ops team wanted to exhaust every option before responding with a declination. Do not let this dissuade you or your DAOs passion to build on Harmony. I’m looking forward to your success.

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