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Name of DAO


Proposal overview

DAOlators is a DAO, currently on the Polygon chain, run by experienced ‘DAOists’. We are a truly diverse team of 9 governors from 9 different cultural and language backgrounds, with experience in web3, DAOs and translations. Our aim is:

  1. to onboard professional translators and translate the web3 space with high quality
  2. to train translation enthusiasts to be web3 translators thus create jobs for people
  3. to help language and web3 newbies learn new languages and how to be onboarded to web3 in their native language
  4. to help people who do not speak English to have equal access to the content in web3

With this application, we would like to move this DAO to the Harmony chain and continue to impact the web3 space with passion. On the journey to onboarding the next billion people into web3, we play a critical role which is making web3 content available to the masses. Less than 5% of the world population uses English as their native language, hence we want to reduce the language barrier for as many languages in the world as possible and enable a truly diverse and culturally rich world on web3.

We know that simply producing translated content is not sufficient to onboard new users; in most cases, new users need to be taught how to use web3 tools in their native language. Web3 can be overwhelming for beginners, so we want to ease people into web3 by offering language roundtables where they can learn a new language from native speakers or learn how to use web3 tools in native languages. By translating #ONEquest – Daily Race for 1M users we will guide applicants trough the journey in the language roundtables.

From our experience in working with web3 translations over the past months, we have realized that web3 translations are not easy for folks who are not crypto-native. Additionally, many people are interested in contributing to crypto, and find translations as an easy path to contributor roles, but they are not professional translations. In DAOlators, we will educate the crypto enthusiasts on how to make professional translations via translation workshops and will help existing professional translators navigate the world of web3.

Our governors

  1. Raybankless

Engineer from the meatspace. Started contributing DAOs in 2021.

BanklessDAO - Translators Guild Project Manager.

Turkish Media Node Coordinator.

JuiceBox DAO - Turkish translator

CitaDAO - Turkish translator

Sobol - DAO Cartographer

Frabric DAO - DAO Cartographer

DAOlators - Genesis Squad

  1. Gpe is a philologist and a professional translator with experience as a project and account manager in the meatspace.

Joined Bankless DAO in Sept 2021 and has ever since been working in DAOs full time. Currently active in bDAO as a Roleholder in the Translators Guild and language champion in the International Media Nodes project, Juice box DAO and on the genesis team of DAOlators. Has extensive experience translating web3 content and has already created some tools that future web3 translators could use - glossaries, tips & insights to improve translation work, etc.

  1. Jengajojo
    Jenga has been working in DAOs since summer 2021 and has experience leading DAO projects, creating content, managing communities and translatingWeb3 content to Hindi.

  2. VallentinaC

Valentina is an Italian professional translator and graphic designer/digital illustrator - she joined BanklesDAO in Summer 2021 and has slowly transitioned into working in DAOs full time. Currently active in various roles, including onboarding and accounting for the Translator Guild and the IMN project in bDAO, as well as a designer/illustrator for both the Design Guild and the Marketing Guild. Starting in January 2022 she also took on the role of Translations Coordinator for bDAO ITA.

  1. JohnChan

JohnChan has been working as a software lead in Web2 internet firms for more than 10 years IRL. Started researching and contributing in banklessDAO from 2021.

  1. Lalocripto

Lalo founded “Espacio Cripto”, the most listened crypto-related podcast in Latin America interviewing some of the top players in the DAO ecosystem. He’s been a contributor at BanklessDAO since 2021, he also contributed to Yearn Finance and he’s an active member of FWB.

  1. Romko

A man who is open to new adventures.

Started contributing DAOs in 2021.

BanklessDAO - Translators Guild.

Ukrainian Media Node Coordinator.

JuiceBox DAO - Russian translator

SnapShot- Russian translator

DAOlators - Ukrainian and Russian translator + reviewer

  1. Johnotherbright

Jon has been working for over two years on the translations of BanklessFR which now has over 2500 readers. The systematic proofreading of content and the selection of translators allows us to offer a quality of translation worthy of the systemic change that web3 offers.

  1. ilk

Ilk is a professional translator who started contributing to the Bankless DAO in 2021 with an ever-growing enthusiasm and experience.

Gnosis safe multisig wallet
Currently DAOlators use the following multisig wallet on Polygon: 0x1eb59f6abb4a80c781b3e86fb42590a9b5914e87

The DAO will exchange the members who are eligible for the multi-sig every three months. This means that at the end of the three months, all DAO members who have participated in admin, marketing or translations in the DAOlators project will be eligible to stand for Governor elections.

Everyone is eligible to vote at these elections. The candidates are given 3 days to declare their candidacy and the elections will be held in discord via sesh poll. The election will last for 72 hours. The top 9 rankings from this poll will be part of the multi-sig for the next 3 months.

Proposal ask

$140,475 for 10 languages. Price is adjustable according to number of languages - minimum of 5, maximum of 13 - to adjust proposal ask per language number, use the DAOlators pricing calculator

Expense Cost
Translate 75000 words @$0.15/word $112,500.00
20 language roundtables and onboarding calls at $250/each $5,000.00
8 web3 translation education workshops $250/each $2,000.00
Translation tool (crowdin), Notion (doc management), Server, server bots, other tool costs $5,000.00
Project Management (7%) $7,875.00
DAO Governance (9 governers at $100/hr, 1 hr per week for 12 weeks long.) $8,100.00

DAOlators have worked out a flexible budget, the metrics to which can be changed as per Harmony’s Funding Guidelines. Receiving only a partial amount of the grant ask at the beginning would not affect reaching the initially set KPIs on time.

Metrics for success

  1. One translation training workshop weekly
  2. Eight language round tables held on a bi-monthly basis in various languages and one onboarding call held by a governor each week
  3. 25 000 words translated monthly per language
  4. Two professional translators onboarded per month
  5. 20 newbies onboarded to using Harmony/Web3 apps for the first time per month. Measured by completing Harmony One quest

External links

Discord Server: DAOLators
DeWork task board: Bankless DAOlators | Dework


Web3 is the future. Lets DAO it together!


DeFi and Web3 can’t get global fast enough without DAOlators! LFG!


An amazing new era is at hand, just spread the voices of web3.


The only way you can make sure Web3 values reach everybody is to first make sure they understand the language!


Nelson Mandela once said, ‘If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.’

This summarizes the DAOlators mission quite well - it’s about making people comfortable when onboarding to web3 and crypto, making them feel safe in an fast-pace environment where everything is cutting-edge, ground-breaking and unknown. What better way to do that than in their own language?


Hello all.We look forward to content in Ukrainian and Russian


I would like to see content in Ukrainian or Russian

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DAOlators currently have a team of translators for 14 different languages (and counting), among which are both Russian and Ukrainian.

Our portfolio also includes German, French, Spanish, Italian, Hindi, Mandarin, Japanese, Greek, Turkish, Bulgarian, Serbo-Croatian, Romanian. The constantly growing team is highly motivated and quite experienced in web3 translations and is looking forward to making crypto knowledge as accessible as possible to the world

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‘translating the future’ is what will enable the people to achieve a clear and meaningful progress towards building the future. and that is what ‘daolators’ are offering! :rocket:

Thank you for submitting a proposal to Harmony’s $300M Ecosystem Fund. We are in the process of reviewing your proposal and will assign a representative on behalf of the Grants Ops team.

We would also love :blue_heart: to have the Harmony community participate to ask questions and provide feedbacks.

If you have more details to add, please do so by replying to this thread.


Such a talented project for the future! WAGMI!

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Thank you for the info @essalacher , our team is quite excited and hoping to hear soon from the Grants Ops team.
We are here and looking forward to answering any questions the Harmony community might have WAGMI!

lmao a lot of newly created account is hyping up the proposal I see

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yes, we are trying to make some noise around it, get the attention of the Harmony community. Hopefully they can comment and give us their feedback and insights on the proposal. Thank you for starting!

We are set out to onboard professional translators in web3. Our aim is to provide financial freedom to our fellow translators and train enthusiasts in web3 translation with our experienced contributors.

Helloooooo @NomadYoga2 :blue_heart:

Your proposal is under review. I would also like to provide a brief update from Harmony

All approvals and proposals for DAO Bootstrap Funding are still paused. This is a temporary measure. Please do not let this dissuade you and your team from building. Stay tuned for another update regarding DAO Bootstrap Funding :soon:

note: this comment is not an approval of this proposal.

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Hello @NomadYoga2

I really enjoyed meeting and talking to some of the team at DAOist Mexico City a few months ago. Unfortunately, the Harmony DAO Ops team has to decline this proposal without prejudice. Please visit our Q3 and Q4 Execution Plan for more information.

I apologize that this process has been lengthy and drawn-out and I appreciate yours and the DAOs patience. Harmony and the DAO Ops team wanted to exhaust every option before responding with a declination.

I’m looking forward to the DAOlators success.

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