NXF Bodyboard: Big wave surfing, NFTs and web3 education (Project Y)

Name of Project

NXF Bodyboard: Big wave surfing, NFTs and web3 education

Proposal overview

NXF is a group of big wave riders that surf many slabs in Espirito Santo, Brazil. We’re the pioneers of surfing the Avalanche slab - the place where Brazil’s biggest wave was surfed in 2019, a 30+ ft wave (more than 10 meters).

The group started in 2005 and have been riding great waves so far. But we’ve been facing a challenge throughout the years: the lack of sponsorship for bodyboarding and big wave surfing at our home state, Espirito Santo. It’s already challenging to be a pro-athlete in Brazil, and living away from the main media and brands makes it even harder.

Even so, Espirito Santo is a state with great waves, known as “Slabs” - chunks of water that break into shallow reefs, creating big, fast, hollow, powerful, and dangerous waves to ride.

The courage from this bodyboarding collective gained attention from the Media, with Nxfbodyboard becoming part of the local TV news, when Bernardo Nassar surfed a 7m (around 20+ feet) in Avalanche (the wave that the NXF crew are the pioneers, and keep charging harder every season.

Many great waves were surfed at Avalanche during 2021, and three NXF members are in the finals of the Brazilian Big Wave Awards, with Breno Kuster, Carlos Bellumat and Paulo Roberto “Paulada” representing NXF Bodyboard.

Because of this scenario - not having resources and sponsors to fulfill our dreams but awesome waves in our backyard, we thought about creating our NFT collection to gather our community and engage them to support us.

We have our instagram page with 20k followers and just recently started a youtube channel NXF TV and our podcast “Café com onda” (Coffee with waves). These will be our means to reach our audience, educate them about blockchain, NFTs and other relevant topics.

Our goal with this project is to raise funds for our 2022 season and create content about big wave surfers chasing their dreams and helping educate people into the crypto world and share with them the possibilities of web3.

For the 2022 season we need to reform our boat and our jetski, and be able to pay our costs for the expedition, including gas and content creators (videomaker and photographer), to create awesome videos and share our story with the world.

We created our NFT collection on MADnfts, naming it NXF Crypto. We minted 300 NFTs on the first drop, and will sell them for $10 each, as an experiment.

Along with the NFT collection, we will have our own NXF Crypto social token, created in partnership with Cambiatus, to incentivize community members to engage with environmental projects that are our partners, and educational efforts that we will promote regarding blockchain, NFTs and big wave surfing.

Every NFT owner from our collection will have access to:

  • Exclusive content on social media about big wave surfing
  • Discount on NXF Brand brand products clothing (we already have a brand with lots of cool stuff)
  • Access to exclusive NXF Brand products
  • Pre-registration access to every educational meetup/event that will be hosted about blockchain, NFTs and big wave surfing.

We will use the madnfts platform to sell the NFT collection as a way to raise funds and support the NXF Crew.

We will host meetups about NFTs and web3. We will also promote workshops to help artists create NFTs about NXF and purchase them for $50 as a way to incentivize their talent.

The meetups, youtube channel (NXF TV) and podcast will also take time to explain the purpose of the NFT collection and engage the community into the social token and our NFT collection.

Every person that purchases our NFTS will be able to claim NXF Crypto tokens. Also anyone that participates in our meetups, workshops or even watches our online content, will be able to claim NXF Crypto social tokens, providing a POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol).

Also people that participate in beach cleanups from our partner organizations Route Brasil, Surfguru and others will be able to claim NXF Crypto, providing their POAP.

Inside the Cambiatus platform, we will have products and experiences available in exchange for NXF Crypto.

Our milestones are:

  1. Launch our first drop into MADnfts
  2. Promote the NFT collection within our community
  3. Codesign and implement our social token - NXF Crypto
  4. Launch partnership with major exchanges for the NFT auction
  5. Implement a PR strategy to spread the word about this project
  6. Reform the boat and jetski for the 2022 season (starts in May)
  7. Create content around big wave surfing, web3 and NFTs
  8. Organize meetups about big wave surfing, web3 and NFTs
  9. Launch exclusive products for NFT owners
  10. Organize an NFT workshop for local artists to incentivize them to enter the NFT world and create a collection for the next year

Proposal ask

As part of project Y, we ask $10k to do the following activities:

2 k to reform the boat and jetski (we will have harmony / MADnfts stickers plotted into them)

2.2k to host 5 educational events about big wave surfing, web3 and NFTs in 2022

2k to create content about the 2022 season and engage our community around the NXF Crypto social token

2k to invest into the next NFT collection

1.8k to pay cambiatus platform and enable the social token for 18 months

Metrics for success

Number of NFTs minted

Amount raised with NFT sales

Number of people attending educational events

Number of views from NXF TV videos

Number of users in the NXF Crypto social token

Number of media outlets sharing our story with their audience


Luiz Hadad - Architect. Community builder at Cambiatus, Surfguru, Muda and Play4Change. Lead blockchain researcher at Sherlock Communications, free surfer and passionate about big wave surfing. Luiz is responsible for the project architecture, the social token design and will help on community building, education and partnerships.

Lucas Rocha - Communicator. Crypto investor and big wave bodyboarder. Produces educational content about crypto in his youtube channel lrochaprofits. Responsible for the NFTs operation, communications and creating educational content around big wave surfing, web3 and NFTs.

Breno Kuster - The pilot. Big wave bodyboarder, great jet ski and boat pilot, works as a helicopter pilot. Breno will take care of reforming and maintaining the Boat and Jetski, getting the biggest possible waves to the next NFT collection and driving our friends to the best waves of the season. In the project, he’ll be responsible for NFT operations, reforming and maintaining our equipment, and helping on content production.

Carlos Bellumat - Our influencer. Calos loves big waves and has a great charisma. He’s the one who will help us spread the word about what we’re doing and engage our community around our cause. Carlos currently plays Play2Earn games on Play4Change, works with Real Estate and is very keen to organize meetups and talk about the potential of web3 to fulfill our dreams.

Bernardo Nassar - Leadership and operations. Bernardo likes to get things done. From pushing limits on bodyboarding tow-in to becoming a great jetski pilot. Bernardo is full time on NXF and will be the person leading our crew to organize the expeditions, produce products for NXF Brand, content for NXF TV/podcast and educational events.

Paulo Roberto - The waterman. Paulo has decades of experience surfing those waves. He’s the one with the most knowledge about the surfing spots and always raising the bar on what can be done. Paulo will produce content and help our physical and mental preparation.

André Majevski - The oracle. André knows where and when to go and get the best possible waves. He’s also a great big wave bodyboarder and has the grit to push boundaries to the next level.

Diego Silva - The magician. Diego is a photographer that is always with us at the right time and the right spot. The first NFT collection is mostly made of his photos. His positioning and readiness are incredible. He is also an oceanographer and will help produce content.

Jair Ferreira - Our videomaker. Jair works at Straya Filmes, one of the best movie producers from Espirito Santo and also from Brazil. With their help we will produce world class content.

External links:

MADnft creator page: NXF Bodyboard - MAD | NFT (the drop wasn’t approved yet)

NXF TV Video about Avalanche 2021 season: Avalanche Season 2021 - YouTube

Local media talking about Bernardo’s wave VÍDEO | Atleta capixaba de bodyboard surfa maior onda do ano, com 7 metros de altura


Amazing footage! Eager to watch your progress on this project!


Great team! Awesome project! As a part of Harmony Y, I approve this project!

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I am excited to see this project come to live! Please send us pictures of your milestones and keep us updated.

I approve this project as part of project Y

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Thank you @Boris_Polania and @Novee for the approval! We’re very excited to move things forward and send pictures of the NFT collection, meetups and awesome surf sessions during 2022!!! (and of course all the other milestones)

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glad you liked it! we hope to be producing even more footage this year with this support! thanks for the interest and follow us at @nxfbodyboard on instagram :slight_smile:

thanks for the approval brother!

Sure we will! thanks heaps @Novee !

Excited to see this project develop! :partying_face:

Aloha guys! Quick update:

The Cryptoslab drop is open on Cryptoslab Archives - MAD | NFT

Two of the waves on the Cryptoslab drop were considered in the top 3 of the Brazilian Big Wave Awards on the bodyboarding category, and the local media is talking about it:

We purchased 2 NFTs as a test and it worked fine. I used the credit card payment rail to test and all worked well, congrats! Now we’ll do some PR coverage next week to promote the collection and engage the community.

We will also start developing the social token with cambiatus.com over the next week.

Excited to see this project unfolding!

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I also noticed a little bug on madnfts.io - I tried to add 2 NFTs to my inicial basket to purchase - cryptoslab #5 and #8 , but I couldn’t. I had to perform 2 transactions to get them both.

Also, when I redeem the NFT, I can’t see them on my metamask wallet, can anyone help me out with this?

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Glad about all of this, as I am part of the nxf team, I would like to personally thank you for all this credit. So 2022 will be amazing and we will build a beautiful community through web3.

I can answer both those questions!

  1. yes this is a known bug, we intend for buyers to be able to add multiple items and checkout, but we are aware that our system currently requires multiple txns. We rollout updates weekly and our ‘snag list’ includes this as a high priority issue.

  2. The MetaMask question has to do with token standards. So the MAD platform currently works in 1155, we chose this initially as a future proof option. However we have decided to add 721 support as well given it make take longer for 1155 adoption then anticipated, although we believe it to be the superior standard for our long term needs. So soon creators will have the choice of token standards.

Here the the info direct from MetaMask on 1155.

ERC-1155 tokens are supported by MetaMask Mobile and Extension , meaning your wallet can receive and store assets aligned with this token standard.

Images associated with these assets are also visible in-app , and we are working on extending this functionality to the browser extension.

MetaMask does not yet support sending your ERC-1155 tokens, although we’re working to implement this feature soon. In the meantime, we recommend you use a platform that supports ERC-1155 transfers, such as OpenSea.”

The “visible in app” statement isn’t true for HRC tokens yet from our experience.

BUT the good news is we are almost finished with our Harmony NFT visualizer and secondary marketplace. That means transfers, visuals, and more will be easily assessed through the MAD platform, much like Opensea.

Features will roll out as we go, but in the next 6-8 weeks expect an overhaul of the UI/UX, bug fixes, and the features mentioned above.

We appreciate your patience, and are thoroughly enjoying the journey of building this platform alongside our creators!

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Thanks brother! Great to hear these issues are known and that you guys are working on it. Keep up the great work. We will be communicating this responses to our community members, if they look for our support! Have a great weekend and a nice easter :slight_smile:

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I’m so glad for being part of this. Thanks Harmony for helping us with this project. Joining bodyboarding and the ocean with Web3 and NFTs is proving to be one of the best paths we’ve followed since the beginning of NXF. I’m sure there’s a lot to come and much to develop! Cheers.

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Hello guys! As I’m managing the treasury for the project and the first transactions started to happen with our NFTs on the platform, I have a few questions:

  • Where can I manage things such as who bought our NFTS, wallet addresses and check all the details of transactions on the NFTs sold ?
  • We are having a problem with our live drop, which current status is ‘live’ when I’m logged in on the account, but on our page ‘NXF Bodyboard - MAD | NFT’ it doesn’t appear and a ‘No active drops found for NXF Bodyboard’ message shows up.

Thanks a lot for the cooperation, cheers!

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Hey guys, our press release announcing the partnership is being published on several websites:

We’re going to do a Live tomorow on instagram to educate and engage our community :slight_smile:

We’ll keep the Harmony community updated in the forum

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Hey guys, we need the Harmony logo to print some stickers and add to our social media channels. Can anyone help us with this? @Boris_Polania @dcarranza @Novee

we got it! thanks guys!

On this week, we did go to north of Espírito Santo, to produce social media with harmony grant, unfortunatelly a kitesurfer drifted in the open sea and fortunatelly we were there, thanks to Harmony’s grant a life was saved. This is the link on GLOBOPLAY, website of bigger channel in Brasil.