One Plus One X Harmony Portugal DAO

Did you know that Portugal is one of the few countries that still has no legal framework regarding the supervision and taxing of investments in cryptocurrencies?

We can say that, when it comes to blockchain and cryptocurrencies, it is, like Switzerland, considered a “tax paradise”.

The question that arises is the following:

Why don’t most Portuguese people invest in this type of projects?

These are probably the 3 main reasons:

  1. They don’t know what blockchain or cryptocurrencies are. They don’t understand the concept.

  2. They know a little about it, but because of some scandals in the last few years, they associate it with pyramid schemes and scams

  3. They know what it is, they want to invest, but they have some fear or are afraid because it’s something new to them…

And this is why it is URGENT to educate this community, making it more accessible to the Portuguese people.

It’s important that Harmony Portugal DAO takes this pioneering step towards educating this community, because this would benefit not only Harmony, but the whole community.

And that’s where we come in—by helping Harmony Portugal DAO with their online strategy and all the creative and visual resources to put this in motion.

But first, let us introduce ourselves properly.

One Plus One is a creative agency formed by two creative beings:

Maria, designer and born communicator, has experience in the areas of communication, graphic design, web design, copywriting, and social media management.

Tiago, obsessed with IT projects since an early age, has experience in photography and video.

We believe that today, marketing is no longer about selling. It’s about co-creating, bonding and creating communities.

Our goal is to start working more directly with decentralized blockchain connected projects and start-ups, because we believe in and foresee the future.

So we aim to create the most effective method of digital communication for tech projects, DAO’S, cryptocurrency, blockchain, etc.

But how?

By using Harmony Portugal DAO as our case study:

  • With the right digital strategy, the production of content, introducing the population living in Portugal about the financial and technological market, how to invest in blockchain and the reasons to invest in it
  • Creating, nourishing and promoting Harmony online community (in specific Portugal but with the ability to extend it to the entire globe)

After we research and implement the strategy in Harmony Portugal DAO, our goal is to help other DAO’S and decentralized projects (especially the ones partnering with Harmony), in their digital strategy, creative and visual content, ads, etc.

Therefore, this project is divided into 3 phases:

PHASE 1 | Research and creation of the method:

Case study: Harmony Portugal DAO

  1. Creation of digital strategy

Some ideas for the strategy:

  • Video and image capture of Harmony events in Portugal

  • Nourishment of the Online Harmony Community through:

  • Creation and management of social network: Instagram

  • Management of social network: Twitter

  • Groups: telegram and discord

  • Creation of educational content and creative/visual supports through the social networks

  • Creation and launch of free info products to educate the Portuguese community, such us free e-books, free masterclass or free online event that will work as a lead magnet, allowing us to capture leads and increase the community

  • After the lead magnet launch, we aim to launch paid info products to educate the community in depth, such as, courses on cryptocurrencies, bank investments vs decentralized investments, etc.), transforming the leads into buyers.

PHASE 2 | Solidification/application of the method

  • Increased investment of One Plus One time into DAO’S, blockchain based projects and startups.
  • Application of the methodology to new clients of Cryptocurrencies/NFT/Blockchain projects.

PHASE 3 | Launches and teaching of the method

  • Fomentation of the One Plus One community— a community of DAO’S, start-ups and blockchain/technology projects.
  • Release of free content with tips on how to communicate and give more visibility to their projects
  • Launch of info products in which we teach the most successful communication, strategical, and creative methods for these types of projects, and where we mentor them on their projects

How would our project benefit Harmony?

We will give Harmony visibility, as our biggest and only sponsor, both in our networks and in all the info-products we launch.

We will also begin accepting payments for services in One currency.

Harmony Portugal DAO will benefit from our communication services, graphic design, video, photography, etc. Which will benefit Harmony’s market authority and visibility, making more people aware of the project.

By educating people about blockchain and investments, we will make investing more accessible to more people. In this way, everyone who is involved benefits.

Through educating startups and projects based on Blockchain, technology, NFT, cryptocurrencies, we foster the market, giving more visibility to this topic and providing more opportunities to market growth.

3- Partners:

  1. Harmony Portugal DAO
  2. Daniel Godinho
  3. Chilibangs

4- Team:

As previously mentioned, our team is formed by Maria and Tiago, the creative agency founders.

Maria is in charge of all the social media management, content creation, design, web design, branding strategy, etc.

Tiago is in charge of the audiovisual side of the project, such as, video, photography, art and photography directing…

We both work together in the strategy and executive side of the project, building the vision, and working together in ways to execute that vision.

Both, Maria and Tiago, have been working in their specific fields as freelancers since 2017.

In order to provide the best service possible, we also work with Daniel Godinho, our long term partner and specialized professional in the field of paid traffic, management of online ads campaigns and info products co-creation.

Daniel owns his digital marketing agency, and has 5 years experience in digital marketing, more than 100 happy customers and managed more than 150.000€ invested in ad campaigns over these 5 years.

Tiago Oliveira (linkedin) : Tiago Oliveira | LinkedIn

Maria Godinho (linkedin) : Maria Godinho | LinkedIn

Video Portfólio: Tiago Oliveira - Film Director, Video Editor & Cameraman

Design Portfólio: Behance

5- Proposal Ask:

Phase 1 and 2: 47,000€ ($52,000)
Deposit address: 0x20d1f714b94EF884dCcb576E8E0D12def132acc8
One address: one1yrglw99efmugfhxt2ahgurgjmmcn9txg57uxf9

6- Justification

Since we have recently taken the step towards evolving from our freelancer careers towards becoming a creative agency, the material we have is still the one we worked with as freelancers.

This is good material, however it is adjusted to our previous needs as freelancers, and not sufficient to serve us as a creative agency.

Now that we are becoming an agency and have a vision to escalate our project, we require new material that can best serve the needs of our customers and partners.

Since we want to make the best work possible towards Harmony Portugal DAO, we will invest almost half of the budget (around 20.000€/$22.042) in video and photography material, design tools, hardware and software products.

The remaining fund (around 27.000€ / $29.756,70) will be allocated towards the payment of services needed to accomplish our goals such us payment for the team/partners, landing pages domain and hosting, Harmony Portugal campaign ads budget…

7- Metrics of Success

  • Free content running

  • Creation of Harmony Portugal info-products

  • Testing and Consolidation of the method

  • Harmony Online Community

  • Capture of Leads and conversion of leads into buyers of info-products

  • New clients for projects related to blockchain for the agency One Plus One

External Links
OnePlusOne X Harmony Portugal DAO Video Presentation
OnePlusOne X Harmony PORTUGAL DAO Presentation Document


YEEEAAH!! :fire:
I’m proud and excited to be part of a project that will revolutionize the crypto and blockchain market in Portugal and worldwide.


YES! @danielgodinho

We are glad you accepted to be part of this amazing project!


Great project, we’d be glad to work with you!


Thank you! @Tr4ck3r enter in contact with us!
Send me a message on telegram: @tiagodoliveira



Glad to see all this names in this Project, will always be great to work with all of you and expand our community even more.
It shows that Harmony is doing great effect in our community either trough regional DAOs or inspiration.

2nd Portuguese Project showing and with collaboration of the first is just great <3
@frwrdslosh @gabby


@Biosensei Thank you for your message and your trust! We look forward to work with @Harmony_Portugal_DAO closely and co-create together for the growth of this community!


Glad to see a so potencial project to benefit all DAOS in the future !!


Thank you @LuisBritoCrypto for your trust and help in building this project!
This project will clearly be a benefit for all DAOS in the future!


Very cool proposal @OneplusOne_Creative

I enjoy reading your goals and business plan as it also gives me insight and ideas for myself and hype tv. Having media to bring people into the space is very powerful. We have to put a human face on crypro. It looks like you have a good plan to do so. Creating content that tells stories and connects with people has been is will always be the best way to bridge to gap of understanding.


@DougHype Hey! Thank you for your message. It is so good to inspire you the same way others inspire us! Humanizing brands and telling stories is not only the way to the future, it’s already here. It’s up to us to take the pioneer steps.

Perhaps we can meet up and exchange a few ideas, or partner up in the future. Cool to hear from you!


Love to se projects trying to help the community and DAOs. Want to see them moving forward and great names behind he project🙌


@MarcMorales94 Our goal is indeed to help all the communities and other DAO’s so we can all grow together! Thank you for you comment! We feel honored of all the positivity we’ve been getting.


Good Morning, Congratulations to One plus One, Tiago and his entire team. we are super happy to be your partners and to be able to contribute to the ecosystem on both sides, Harmony once again in a big way, with your support, contribution, in believing in new projects, in the Portuguese community as well. together we have a bigger and better .mink. :tada::rocket::heart::hot_pepper:


@Chili_Bangs Thank you very much for accepting from the start and seeing the potential of this project and becoming our partner.
This is just the beginning. :rocket:


Wow this is a great idea! I’m rooting for you guys. The more places we can educate others on Harmonies ecosystem the better. Harmony to the moon!


@Harmony2theMoon Thank you very much for your comment!
We truly believe that more than never the importance of educating people about blockchain.
Harmony couldn’t be a better ecosystem for that! :zap:


Lets gooooo , cant wait to see what yall do


Good project. Portuguese language needs it


I am thinking about a new DAO to Brazil… We can be partners in the future