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I am born and raised on the Gulf Coast of Florida. I have seen what a hurricane can do. I am building a DAO called DumpaterDAO to provide first responder food and water recourses within 48 hrs. I’ve bee in the crypto space for 5+ years and know its the future of everything. I’ve been self employed a majority of my adult life, and now at 46 im physically unable to continue the work i had perused for over 20 years… Construction. It’s through being in that industry I learned how slow the government is to assist after disaster. Long short, i can manage people, I can learn at an unprecedented pace. I’m here to get in where I fit in.
Matthew Williams 46, Tallahassee Florida

Hi @Dumpster_DAO! Happy to have you here. It looks like you have created the proposal for your DAO, which is currently being reviewed by our DAO team. I wish you the best of success with your new venture!

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