OpenSwap's DAO Tooling

Name of Project / DAO / Company
OpenSwap’s OpenDAO tooling

Application type
Product Launch, DAO Tooling

Proposal overview
Decentralized Autonomous Organizations are gaining extreme popularity but most operate in an archaic manner. OpenDAO tooling will utilize blockchain technology to manage the decentralized organizations driving the future of blockchain.

OpenSwap’s OpenDAO tooling will allow an organization to manage every aspect of a DAO through a single platform. It is essentially a DAO launchpad, DAO management system, and community platform with the functionality of multi-sig wallet treasury and snapshot voting. Starting with creating a DAO, treasury management, creating a governance token, voting on topics and everything in between.

Through various autonomous smart contracts, you can control every aspect of your DAO. Once actions are approved, OpenDAO tooling will execute the actions automatically through customized smart contracts. With the ability to add additional functions to the DAO, the possibilities are truly limitless. All of this comes with a new level of security to the DAO that requires the elected quorum to approve and execute an action immediately.

Featured Functionality:
DAO Creation
Create a new DAO in the blink of an eye.
◈Minimal knowledge creation of a DAO
◈Customized settings for a DAO that fits your needs
◈Customized quorum and total votes need settings
◈Create and declare new function calls

DAO Management
Customized settings allowing you to operate your DAO in your own way.
◈NFT Angel authorization to operate like a governor
◈Governance token creation and distribution
◈Manage minting of existing tokens
◈DEX Management (Add LP Pools, change emission rates on LP pools, etc)
◈Trusted address book stored on-chain

Treasury Management
Angels manage the DAO treasury with a multitude of tools readily available
◈Multi-sig wallet capability
◈Send funds to a wallet
◈Add or remove liquidity
◈Farm rewards
◈Execute Trades

Community Platform:
A community platform allowing discussions, voting, and management.
◈Voting utilizing integrated governance token
◈Community led proposals and discussions
◈Project led proposals and discussions

OpenSwap (

Proposal ask
Phase #1 = $75,000
Phase #2 = $75,000

Additional proposal ask is due to the complexity of this project. OpenSwap’s DAO tooling will be a combining several separate dapps into one concise protocol. Combining a DAO launchpad, DAO management system, token creator, multi-sig style treasury management, community platform, and snapshot voting system into an elegant and secure single solution. In addition to the effort needed to complete these tasks, there are sizable amounts of smart contracts that will require an substantial audit. With the funds individual DAOs will be entrusting an safety and security is imperative.

Metrics for success
Phase 1 - Rollout and Release:
Testnet = $10,000
Mainnet = $25,000
Training Webinar and documentation = $15,000
Adopted by 10 DAOs = $15,000
DAO w/ multi-sig wallet = $10,000

Phase 2 - Mass adoption:
Adopted by 25 Harmony DAOs = $25,000
Adopted by 50 Harmony DAOs = $50,000

External links
DAO Tooling Info Sheet:
Project team official document:

Create a DAO

Create a proposal

Community discussions and proposals

Vote and comment on a topic


Hey everyone, looking foward to have your feedback :blue_heart::pray:
@frwrdslosh @dpagan-harmony
@ElixirofLife @DevinMarty @Sam


Amazing how our dao tooling seems more exciting over time great work everyone


well in this case, great work Alex* :roll_eyes:


Will go well this time


Functionality will bring so many use cases to Harmony



I’m very excited for Openswap’d DAO tooling, it is going to be a game changer! Openswap is a very secure Dex and one of the first on Harmony!
I hope you guys get the grant you are asking for, the team deserves it


Just checked the OpenSwap - wow, your UI is unique!
Dao tools sounds really good, wish you good luck guys!


As always love OpenSwap. This is a cool idea and think it could be really helpful for managing DAOs.


Thanks for your proposal, it has been assigned to @frwrdslosh, who will review and respond shortly :blue_heart:


And maybe some feedback from the actual H1 DAO governors… :confused:

@HarmonyCommunityDAO @HarmonyCreativeDAO @ben2k_Stakeridoo


A complete DAO tooling package. Looking great OpenSwap team!


this is a great idea. love the creativity involved! new stuff exciting for harmony and openswap


Quick update from Harmony:

The Harmony DAO Ops team will resume approvals and funding on May, 1st. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we learn best practices and navigate the proposal process.

note: this comment is not an approval of the proposal


Is a really interesting idea… Brining more eyes and participants through Openswap and into harmony


A DAO coming from one of the first DEX’s on harmony.
I fell in love with the platform and still am astonished by the constant developments implemented.
This, IMO, is yet another one of those. An unique proposal to help the development and ccommunity engagement of other community projects.
Hoping to hear news soon and to see this get the attention it deserves.


Happy to see our users and supporters come here to voice their support, thank you, we appreciate your gestures very much guys

your support means a LOT to every single one of our team members :love_letter:


Hey Openswap, glad to see your proposal. I believe this will add meaningful growth to the ecosystem in terms of user growth and TVL. All the best.


Appreciate you sending this proposal my way.
The community would have no issue getting behind this proposal.
That being said I would have no idea if the cost of $75,000 would be reasonable.
Would leave that part up to the Harmony team.

Good work @Lance


The cost is something that is almost always a subject to change in these proposals and it’s completely fine. Nonetheless, from what Alex has been going through ever since this idea went through his mind, programming this beast for months on end, and what it will bring (not only for us but for the entire Harmony ecosystem), I believe it is a pretty reasonable proposal, especially given the necessary steps to be fulfilled for it to be paid out fully. At the same time this is a native project to the Harmony blockchain and I really am a believer in the fact that native projects should have at least some kind of a priority and take the spotlight from time to time, a belief of mine that is aligned with some of our fellow Harmonauts’ beliefs, which were pointed out in the latest concerns of Harmony’s community.

Loyalty to, belief in and development on the blockchain, regardless of the state of the market, regardless of how rocky the outlook looked in the beginning when Alex decided to build here, and looks now, should indeed be rewarded. $75k ask obviously isn’t a small sum of money one would easily and happily lose with a sway of one’s hand, but I believe the amount is pretty reasonable, considering all the conditions above.

I am actually very happy you brought up a concern instead of continuing this sea of endless support haha, we all certainly need critical thinking in our lives. So thank you for that.