DAO Tooling - Community Discussion

To Our DAO Community

The DAO Operations team would like to open a discussion and get community feedback to assist us in identifying tools that will help your DAO succeed. We are targeting specific tools, have begun evaluating their utility, and are working to provide everyone with our recommendations. However, we would love your input as ground-level experience can provide valuable perspective to the DAO Ops team.

Request for Discussion

We want to help your DAO scale and work more efficiently. If you are on a DAO in our community, and have any feedback or suggestions, we would love to hear your voice. We encourage you to start a dialogue and participate in the conversation here. Some points to help start the discussion:

  • What is at the top of your priorities when it comes to DAO tooling?

  • Do you have any pain points you wish for us to address where a tool or application will help you along the way?

  • Have you used tools, or currently using tools, that you wish for us to specifically evaluate or avoid altogether? (See resources below).


Please Note: We will be opening up our DAO operation calls Tuesdays to allow for community DAO governors to chime in and be more actively involved in our DAO tooling selection process. Please DM me your email for invite.

Please get involved in the conversation, we want to hear your voice and ensure our DAO community thrives!

- Rachel | Harmony DAO Ops



So just wanted to chime in quickly. Obviously there is much to consider here and my opinion is ‘humble’ at best given my limited time as a governor on the Harmony NFT DAO. Overall I would say it’s very tough for new DAOs to sort this right now.

Just wanted to say I had a good call with Commonwealth.im a few days ago and we are looking to use them for our DAO tooling suite moving forward.

The main thing we want from DAO tooling is an all in one governance and community hosting platform, with webhooks for 3rd party apps, and NFT support… :sweat_smile:

Our main pain point is getting the board to be able to work smoothly in a coordinated manner across the many sites/apps/portals currently required to run the DAO.


P.S. nice to see you on here Rachel! Hope things are going great and to catch you at an event soon!


This will help set a standard and also help people maybe not so relative to this experience understand and follow others in their lead a cross all Dao’s


Saving this in my favorites!

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My personal opinion. A proper DAO tool hasnt been built yet. This is my vision of what I think is needed:

Having said that the largest friction point is using a mutisig to generate yield and lengthen treasury runways or make them outright perpetual depending on the initial funding or sources of revenue. I can see a few options for the intial warchest seeding.


Thank you for starting the conversation regarding tooling Rachel.

I think one of the main priorities with DAO tooling on Harmony is ensuring that the tooling, when compatible with Gnosis multisig, is actually compatible with the Harmony Gnosis Multisig fork.

If projects can build that into their tools when approaching Harmony it would be awesome.

@ben2k_Stakeridoo can you actually confirm if we have this issue currently? I think we had an issue using DeWork the other day for the Community DAObut we sincerely love this tool and want to roll it out.


Looks like a pretty comprehensive list. Never a dull moment.

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I have developed tooling for DAOs that allows creating participation agreements. Similar to OpenLaw but decentralized…

Useful, for DAOs that are also registered companies, you can add a legal contract to a smart contract, it allows compliance with local laws like OFEC compliance, you can block sanctioned countries like North Korea or Russia from joining your DAO while also coming to consensus with members about any fundamental rules/ standards you would expect DAO members to adhere to. All this in a fully decentralized way.

It’s also a tool for DAO governors, they can to create their own constitution and laws for the DAO without knowing how to code.

It’s also a modular, self sustaining app that pays developers with tokens for developing smart contract DAO tooling that can be used together with legal contracts.

The project is on Harmony testnet, https://www.ricardianfabric.com

This is an unstoppable application with smart contracts hosted on harmony and documents hosted on IPFS/Arweave.
The app itself can never be deleted, so it will be always there.


Hey there!

Thanks for chiming in, @Ru-MADNFT :blue_heart:

We also had some great conversations with the Commonwealth team, and we are eager to onboard them as one of our DAO Tools for the month of March to help you guys operate more efficiently :+1:

“The main thing we want from DAO tooling is an all in one governance and community hosting platform, with webhooks for 3rd party apps, and NFT support…”

I think this is excellent insight, regardless of how long you have been a governor or in the space, this is thoughtful feedback and we value your input as a member of the community!

I strongly feel that some of the DAO tools we are already onboarding align with these suggestions. Below is a list of our March tools, I recommend checking these out and giving some of these a try (I’m thinking that DeWork may align with your needs.) We can test a number of tools with your DAO to see if it helps you guys over at the NFT DAO!

DAO Tools Month of March:

  1. Commonwealth

  2. DeWork

  3. Top.GG

  4. Charmverse

  5. Bulla Network

I recommend looking into these tools and seeing if any of these make sense for your team!

That being said, we would like to invite you to join our DAO Ops call tomorrow which is open to DAO Governors within the Harmony ecosystem. There, you can share your voice and be on a live call with our DAO Operations team (@Sam , @frwrdslosh @DevinMarty, and myself.)

Message me directly with your email if you would like to join.



Hey @JonPaull, thanks for joining in on the discussion!

In such a new space, we are here setting the standards that will help DAOs to grow and scale, as pioneers embarking into uncharted waters. That is why it is so important to get community feedback and hear it directly from the people working on DAOs:

  • What do we need to flourish?

  • What are potential pain points that could hold us back?

@DevinMarty & I are focused on DAO Tooling and we aim to help DAOs succeed through onboarding the appropriate DAO tooling. It is admirable that you are showing up and participating, and if you are a governor on a DAO within our ecosystem, please join us tomorrow on our DAO Ops stand-up call at 9:15AM PST!

If you are a governor and would like to join, I will simply need you to directly send me your email via:
Telegram: @RachelBHarmony
Twitter: @RachelBHarmony

Thank you!


reached out today ! thanks


Good to see this is a priority

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Thank you for your support, @alecorbella !
Always appreciated :blue_heart:

Keep showing up :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for sharing this thread @Jimbo_JCR.one !

I think you hit the nail on the head! This addresses both DAO tooling and self-sustainability which are both essential elements to the success of a DAO.

I shared this thread on Twitter and would like to hear some feedback from the community on how these concepts can be implemented (and built) into a usable tool for DAOs: https://twitter.com/RachelBHarmony/status/1510788269428027393?s=20&t=zf5WZXshVg8kdDqc_WGZmA

Utilizing DeFi in DAOs is an interesting concept, and I think this could be a potential path for DAOs to achieve self-sustainability.


Thanks for chiming in and for your continuous community involvement @Bricktop_One!:blue_heart::pray:

I agree with your comment: It is important that we find tools that are compatible with Gnosis Multisig (particularly with the Harmony Multisig fork.)

While we can keep this at the forefront of our focus, it is also important to consider each tool on an individual case-by-case basis.

For instance, we could come across a valuable tool that is not yet compatible. Rather than ruling it out all together, perhaps we encourage our teams to work jointly to find a solution and implement a compatibility solution (this is where the integration stage of our DAO Tooling Pipeline comes in.)

The DeWork tooling issue last time I checked was resolved thankfully.
If anything else regarding tooling comes up in the future, just let me know and we will work jointly between our DAO ops team and their team to work towards a solution!

Essentially, I think these are important elements to keep in mind while simultaneously also not ruling out other tools that could be beneficially to DAOs within our ecosystem (we can encourage them to build this into their tools if they haven’t already as we integrate.)

Would love to hear your thoughts! Thanks again for getting involved in the conversation.



Completely agree. I can see a day when we have a whole team of DAO ops devs rolling out tool like pancakes :smile:

Gonna be interesting what we’re going to be able to achieved now and going forward. Even with just Dework in helps up take some large leaps.

Need to do more testing and see what we have available currently. It’s like Christmas for DAOs :pray:

Thanks Rachel

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I wonder why we not ask Gnosis to make their Multi-Sig available for Harmony?

By this the DAO could be x-chain, Harmony don’t need to maintain the Gnosis and it would save a lot of time and those compability is more ensured. In the last 6 month on DAO’s I probably spent around 4 hours for nothing with Gnosis due to signing problems, transaction not going through, set up transaction is not visible, owner changes dind’t go through and now we are even complete stuck and Gnosis don’t move anymore. So we are even unable to try to connect DeWork :confused:


This is actually a really huge concern. If governors can’t even operate the multisig because of the wallet having issues. We won’t be able to pay our contributors of the DAOs. It will set a bad precedence to the community and people will not want to get involved. We are already struggling to have DAO Governors submit their candidacy, This issue an make it worse for our contributors.

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I see this tool discussion happening across all of the DAOs I’m involved in. It’s a big problem. When I look at Sam’s list I cringe. There are too many tools spread across too many categories. All this represents DAO tooling 1st gen. We need to get to the next generation of DAO tooling.

I spoke briefly with Sam at ETHDenver about a new, all-in-one approach that prioritized coordination. I will be submitting a grant proposal when the new program details are published. I hope to build support from the Harmony DAO Ops team and the DAO governors. That will be critical as we want to build this in partnership with a limited number of DAOs who are piloting the dapp and providing feedback as we refine functionality and add new features.

Please reach out if you are interested or have feedback.