Partners: How to propose?

Hi all! I would like to know how to propose a partnership as mentioned here.

During the formation process of Continent DAO, I made initial contact with the largest investment bank in Latin America, to propose a conversation about our token (CONT) and about adding ONE to their clients’ portfolio.

My question: Should I post all the details here? or talk to the Core in a specific channel? How to proceed?


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@Adonis Please refer to Harmony’s $300M+ on Bounties, Grants & DAOs

For Partners the details are linked there in your post

10 Partners ($30M). Owners of each partner drive business and corporate development. Harmony commits to cross-chain adoption with industry-leading projects. We recommend $3-5M for each liquidity or marketing campaign over 6-12 months, $5-10M for each acquisition of small teams, and $1-3M for seeding a regional or thematic subsidiary.

@Jacksteroo Thanks! Would you recommend that I wait for DAO’s approval or disapproval, or is it better to suggest both simultaneously?

I think you can do this in parallel using the guidance above. The DAO formation will probably take 2-4 weeks, depending on how quick it’s executed, and put up on the governance site (currently at

Since the proposal is a major deal, I’d write up a very detailed proposal, presentation deck, and be prepared with the value proposition as well.

EDIT: If you cannot edit your post, I’d urge you to start a new proposal, or wait until the DAO is formed first

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