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Financial Exclusion

There is a huge social inequality in the world due to the lack of access to the financial system by a large part of the population. There are over 1.7 billion people without access to banks and basic financial services.


The pandemic caused high unemployment rates around the world, mainly affecting the low-income population where working at home is not an option. Over 200 million unemployed people worldwide and over 15 million in Brazil. There are over 10 million people living in Favelas (Slums) in Brazil alone.

Drug trafficking

Drug trafficking is unfortunately considered a real career in the underserved communities in Brazil. Teens start out earning between 10 and 20 dollars a week to deliver drugs, but they participate in a hierarchical structure that allows them to move up and increase their salaries, reaching up to 500 dollars a week if they continue to be “promoted”. The idea of ​​P4C is precisely to reach these teenagers at the beginning of their “career”, where we believe that young people are not completely dazzled by the world of crime and when they see an alternative they can change their path.


Emerging technologies such as AI and Robotics will cause massive replacement of people in manual jobs. Upskilling and reskilling will be needed across multiple industries as over 60% of jobs will be automated.


Play4Change was born with the purpose of generating financial inclusion, educational empowerment and social transformation leveraging blockchain play 2 earn games. We are an organization that focuses on social impact in underrepresented communities in developing nations. Besides giving them opportunities to generate income we also hold educational sessions on a weekly basis covering hard skills such as blockchain, crypto, financial literacy, how to use digital wallets as well as soft skills like leadership, communication and creativity.

People that did not have bank accounts now are leapfrogging the system by using digital wallets and transforming their financial situation. We are seeing these young players find an alternative to improve their lives with crypto and blockchain games. Games offer a door to enter this new web3 world, learn about crypto and our community is changing their realities. We are currently working with 2 games, Axie infinity and Thetan arena, providing scholarships, training and education to vulnerable locations.

We are also educating public and private institutions on the importance of Bitcoin as an alternative to our existing fiat currencies, on the value of web3 to bring power back to the people and reverting the negative image of cryptocurrencies as a whole in Brazil brought by the traditional media.


We use decentralized games to impact people’s lives in a positive, constructive and fun way. The new “Play To Earn” model enabled by Blockchain is transforming the way we play online, allowing players to participate in the distribution of profits generated by games through cryptocurrencies.

We have been operating for the past 6 months in 3 states in Brazil with over 80 people being impacted financially and over 150 people being impacted with our education sessions. We are exploring platforms to build our DAO so we can decentralize the organization and issue our governance token P4C to recognize the value brought by the community. We partner with non-profits located in these regions to support us on onboarding new people into our P4C community, understanding their needs and measuring the SROI (Social Return Over Investment).

More than funding we are looking for human resources and guidance on how to structure the DAO, automate our processes and scale our business. We are expecting to reach over 500 people in the next 6 months and over 1000 people in the next year. We need blockchain developers and support from Harmony to build it. We would also be able to test potential Harmony blockchain games such as Defi Kingdoms within our community and expand the Harmony ecosystem in Brazil, hosting meetups and doing public speaking sessions.

We believe becoming a DAO will be fundamental for the future success of Play4Change, giving ownership to the community participants and to make this movement outlast all of us. Having a decentralized governance system will create trust and resiliency for the community to survive attacks from countries with authoritarian governments and avoid corruption from centralized decision making within our own organization. This will also allow us to remotely coordinate more effectively and increase our positive impact over time. User ownership promotes financial inclusion by making people owners and democratic voters in the platforms they use, DAOs are the future of human and machine coordination. NFTs provide on-chain identity and reputation for DAO contributors; DeFi gives DAO members massive liquidity pools of capital to govern; and scaling solutions like Harmony will make on-chain governance economically feasible.

Why Blockchain Games

The gaming industry is being reinvented by the web3 tools and leveraging the power of NFTs to bring digital property and ownership to the players allowing them to actively participate in this economy earning cryptocurrencies as they progress within the game.

According to Exame, Brazil is the fifth country on the planet with the highest number of gamers and consumption of electronic games. It is also the biggest market of mobile gaming in Latin America. By knowing this potential we realized that blockchain games would be the gateway for people to join the web3 movement, learn about this new economy and participate in it.

Besides generating income and fun, blockchain games are also an excellent tool to introduce the cryptocurrencies universe to these young crowds from underserved communities that could potentially be the last one benefiting from it due to their current access to information and to the financial system. We validated that leveraging the simple language of games we would facilitate this process of onboarding people to download a digital wallet and enter the decentralized finance world naturally without prior advanced knowledge of finance or economics.

Blockchain games have been our main ally to generate financial inclusion, educational empowerment and social transformation in underserved communities in developing nations.


We believe blockchain can empower the population without access to banks to leapfrog the very costly and archaic banking system and have access to previously inaccessible financial services. Once they learn about bitcoin they change their mindset to a more low time preference one where we look more into our future selves and take important actions in the present. When our money is not being devalued with time we get out of survival mode and see a more abundant world. We want to show them that if they invest time learning about web3 and interacting with these new protocols they will also be able to provide value to the ecosystem and benefit from them.**

Although they have no access to the regular financial system, they do own smartphones which have one of the highest penetration rates in Brazil. With P4C we are actually already seeing this change, where people from the very deep places inside the favelas in Rio de Janeiro are using Metamask, Ronin and Binance to receive their tokens from the play to earn games and making decisions if they want to convert into FIAT money or reinvest in other blockchain related projects. A few months ago they were excluded from the financial system and part of the “non-accredited” investors bucket but now they are becoming more sophisticated investors than those considered “accredited”.

P4C pillars


Leverage blockchain and crypto to promote financial literacy, educational empowerment and social transformation in the community. Bring relevant subjects, people with knowledge/experience and engage the community to learn about these topics. We also are building a decentralized education network leveraging the power of NFTs and social currencies to engage people to learn and share.


Create opportunities for income generation within the community. Identify talents, train entrepreneurs and act as a bridge to the labor market. P4C ventures will also invest in projects coming from these communities as once opportunities arrive these talents will come up with great ideas and businesses on the web3.


The internet allows anyone no matter where they are born to have access to information and we want to guide them on this curation process so they can benefit from this new knowledge and value renaissance. With the internet, smartphones and blockchain they will develop skills to level the playing field and find opportunities without depending only on their geographical location.

Join us in the fight to bring financial inclusion, education and reduce social inequality around the world.

Proposal Ask

Play4Change Dao is asking for USD 270,000.00 to finance the growth and scalability of our operations in Brazilian communities by adding more scholars and games, structure of our DAO in the Harmony ecosystem and coordinate educational events around web3. The breakdown of these disbursements are detailed below:

USD 140k to invest in NFTs for 300 new Scholars and Digital assets in other games to expand to more states in Brazil and other countries. Axie is still our main tool for driving impact however we are actively exploring ways to diversify our presence in different games and ecosystems.

USD 65k to maintain core team and blockchain developers to support Play4Change scaling.

USD 30k for creation of the DAO, governance token issuance and P4C NFT marketplace in the Harmony ecosystem.

USD 15K - 11 Community (Favela) workshop and hackathon events. We will make 10 presentations about Harmony, Blockchain and P2E games inside 5 different communities in Brazil, in partnership with NGOs that are already working inside those Favelas. Community members from Harmony will be always invited to the meetings.

USD 20K - WEB 3 Developer Training. We will select 20 people from the NGO Plataforma Impact, which works inside the Favela Rocinha in Rio de Janeiro teaching teenagers to code for Web2 and sponsor courses on how to code in Blockchain, SmartContract, Metaverse and Defi.

Total: USD 270k

P4C Core Team

List of 9 governors:

Victor Caribe / P4C Co-founder - Innovation, Partnerships & Strategy
12+ years of experience at PwC Brazil and US in consulting and auditing focusing on operational, technology and financial risks across multiple industries. Led digital transformation efforts leveraging emerging technologies such as blockchain, AI and automation to improve business processes. In blockchain since 2017, supporting the PwC Global Crypto practice, investing in web3 protocols and advising crypto startups. Based in Miami - United States.

Jeff Beltrão / P4C Co-founder - Operations & Non-Profit Relationship
15+ years in the marketing and entertainment industry, accumulating projects from different segments in different countries (Australia, New Zealand, USA and Brazil), has been an entrepreneur in varied industries for 8 years and has been interacting with web3 protocols for the past 2 years. “I always had video games as my favorite hobby and blockchain games made my mind blow up when I realized that we could offer people the opportunity to transform their lives by having fun, learning and earning a living with games!”. Based in Bahia - Brazil.

Henrique Aragon / P4C Co-founder - Finance & Investors Relationship
10+ years of experience working as a financial manager in the energy industry, started investing and studying blockchain in 2018. With experience in different businesses as an entrepreneur in different countries (Brazil, USA and France). “I co-founded P4C in June 2021 to combine 2 things that I always loved: games and social impact.” Based in Paris - France.

Luiz Hadad / Impact entrepreneur & community builder.
10+ years of experience working with startups and finance. Started working with blockchain in 2017, focused on education. Led global community building efforts for EOS Rio Brazil in 2018-2019, organizing meetups, hackathons and global conferences. Co-founded Manifesta Capital, an impact driven VC fund. Currently supports the community building of and Blockchain advisor for Sherlock Communications and Leads community building at In 2021 Cambiatus won the Shapers Award at the Blockchain 4 Humanity Awards and was a finalist at the Top Tier Impact Awards. Based in Espirito Santo - Brazil.

German Fondevila / Growth Lead
11+ years of experience in B2B software companies. Former startup operator and founder, he has spent most of his career working with technology companies in Product, Sales and Operational roles. German spent the last three years in Venture Capital as a Principal, leading the investment team and overseeing the portfolio. He firmly believes less is more. Based in Miami - United States.

Tiago Andrade / Game Opportunities Lead
16+ years producing corporate events around the world, helping build and deliver experiences to clients in the USA, Brazil, France, Spain and Dominican Republic. “In 2021, when I discovered NFT Games, I made the decision to work with something that I always loved and that I’ve been doing for my entire life: games. At P4C I am responsible for researching new opportunities for crypto games and implementing them into our operations.” Based in Lyon - France.

Nelson Nectoux / Global Expansion Lead
Has been part of several amazing teams for the past 10+ years helping build and sell great products and businesses across multiple industries in the US and Brazil. At P4C I’m responsible for designing , and implementing the future-state architecture for our GTM strategy to support scaling our community and structure globally. Based in San Diego - United States.

Mathias Studart / Decentralized Education platform lead
E-Commerce Entrepreneur with expertise in social media and product content, process management, and cross-border solutions. Mathias also has extensive experience in multinational companies such as PwC and OAS within finance, management and operations divisions. Mathias is leading the Based in Los Angeles - United States.

Camila Soares / Founder & CEO Impacto
With 14 years of experience in impact driven business and social entrepreneurship Camila is the founder and CEO of IMPACTO, a social impact network that promotes connection between people who wish to offer knowledge, time, resources and skills to impact projects in order to strengthen and boost them, promoting a social match. IMPACTO focuses on deep eye to eye on the ground approach that guarantees transparent, measurable, replicable and scalable impacts. Camila is also a founding member of Endless Computers and headed the Ground Impact team for almost 5 years, supporting the startup’s growth from 5 to 100 employees globally. Based in Rio De Janeiro - Brazil.

Metrics for success

Current metrics:

Current Players: 82

From zero to crypto: 30

Games: Axie Infinity and Thetan Arena

Education sessions held: 10+

Non-profits partners: 4

Countries involved: Brazil, Spain, France and US

Core team: 10 people

Discord: 80+

DAO monthly revenue: 5-10k

Future Metrics (12 months):

Players: Reach 500 players in the next 6 months and 2k in the next 12 months

From zero to crypto: 200 people

Players graduated from the program into web3 careers: 50

Education sessions held: 100+

Harmony hackathons: 10

Future Games: Defi Kingdoms

Future Countries: Venezuela, Costa Rica and Angola

Discord: 1k+

DAO monthly revenue: 50-100k


Q1 2022:

  • Automate payment process and revenue distribution
  • Onboard 300 new scholars
  • Structure Discord P4C community
  • DAO governance (cambiatus)
  • Initiate Thetan Arena scholarship program
  • Launch P4C NFT membership
  • Create onboard playbooks including gameplay manual
  • Create Play4Change streaming and content channels

Q2 2022

  • Finalize tokenomics (token distribution)
  • Issue P4C Governance Token
  • Launch P4C Foundation
  • Implement staking platform
  • Identify 5 other games opportunities for scholarship model
  • Build NFT marketplace
  • Introduce education platform

Q3 2022

  • Build metaverse headquarters
  • Introduce P4C pro-players team
  • Build Play4change center through P4C foundation

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é muito legal! Great team! :brazil:


Só felicidades com a Play4Change S2.


Obrigado! Estamos trabalhando forte para levar a Play4Change para mais comunidades.

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Beautiful project!

Im proud to be part of it!

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It has been amazing to watch the blockchain power changing people lifes and I am so proud to be part of it.

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I am glad to be part of this wonderful project that is changing the life of many people in Brazil.

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Thank you for submitting a proposal to $300M Ecosystem Fund :blue_heart:

:hourglass_flowing_sand: Your proposal is under review :slight_smile: Meanwhile, head over to our DAO Funding Guidelines

:heavy_check_mark: Please ensure that your proposal meets the criteria necessary to be considered for a Harmony DAO bootstrap grant.

Note, that even if your proposal meets certain criteria, it does not necessarily guarantee approval or funding :see_no_evil:

Thank you for your time and interest! :rocket:

And my most sincere apologies for this delayed response.

I am one of the writers of the Environmental Harmony proposal, would be great to collaborate. We are modifying our proposal in the coming days into heavy gamification. Environmental Harmony

Hello @victorcaribe
Thank you for this grant request and my apologies for the time it has taken to get back to you regarding it.

I am reviewing this project and, while I believe you have a very important mission and it looks like you are doing good things - I am unsure why you requested a DAO Grant.

Your $270K grant request is beyond the current scope of the DAO Grant Guidelines.

You may be better suited reviewing the other grant categories located here.

I am going to deny this DAO grant without out any sort of prejudice at this time (meaning, you are free to restructure your grant request to better fit within the guidelines.) The reasoning for this is fairly simple: The only item in your request that falls within the DAO grant guidelines is the $30K for the creation of the DAO – all of the rest would fall under other grant categories such as events, investments, and launch.

I do believe you are doing important work, so please do not be discouraged.

Sam Harrison

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This is an exciting application of blockchain in Brazil! Looking forward to seeing how this goes - we can probably collaborate via the youth-driven SDG metaverse we’re building, looking forward to connecting!

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