Portal: A New Social Media Platform For Crypto Users

Please disregard my previous topic. It kind of evolved after I posted it and I decided to start all over.

My latest idea:

Portal, a social media app for the crypto user.

Imagine this, all in $ONE place… communicate with your peers in groups and DM’s that are completely encrypted, gather news on the latest and greatest things in the crypto world and the world at large, a wallet for Bitcoin and all your alt coins where you hold the private keys, send and request money and have it converted into your recipients native currency(or HODL), stake your native Harmony tokens as well as Ethereum tokens using bridges, make token swap requests that get posted on a public bulletin for P2P token swaps, and join liquidity pools and participate in yield farming. All in a sleek design that effortlessly brings all the newest ideas together making sense of this new world we call crypto. A new social media that brings the esoteric to the common man. Connect your “Portal” account to your other social media accounts. Make it compatible with Ledger. You’ve suddenly stumbled upon the most important app on all your devices. Newcomers to this crazy world can put the pieces together effortlessly. Isn’t it all so scattered?

Anywhere you have an internet connection you can send messages to your coworkers, friends, and loved ones free of charge. As well as send money across borders and have it in your recipients native currency in seconds flat to minutes all for fractions of a penny. You say you’d like to swap out some coin? Post your request to the public bulletin, put your coin in escrow, and wait to see if someone grants your request. Have some tokens gathering dust in your wallet? How about joining a liquidity pool or stake them? You own the private keys. Just create an account and set up a profile. Add a picture and write a quick bio. For a crypto user, you’ve found a… well, a Portal. A portal to bring everything you’re doing right now that’s spread all over the place, to $ONE place. A convenient environment in which to do your work in as private a manner as humanly possible while also acting as a social hub connected to your other social media apps. A place to gather news and post new ideas. Thanks to zero knowledge proofs your financial activities are perfectly censored in the same place you connect with the world. Integrated with other social media, Portal will allow a seamless integration of your Crypto world and the rest of the world. Making a $ONE stop shop for your decentralized financial needs and beyond. Admittingly, an oxymoron if I’ve ever seen one, we would be bringing together decentralization to put this crazy world at the fingertips of anyone interested. This is what we need to bring Harmony to the masses. We can show them all what we mean when we say scalability. Why wait for others to adopt Harmony? Why not bring Harmony to them and create an amazing social media app that proves us worthy to them all, and puts all the important parts of the decentralized crypto universe in one place. Along side all our favorite social media apps.

Do you fathom the extent to which we could blow up this financial revolution? If we build it, they will come. A great artist is nothing but an excellent thief. We can take all the parts of the worlds of social media and crypto currencies and put them in $ONE place. A place to socialize, gather and post news, hold and trade coin in the latest trends… we can create the ultimate hub for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all other alt coins all on the Harmony network.

If Harmony truly has the potential to reach 10 billion people then we need a method of delivery. I need anyone who is willing and capable to come together with me and make this possible. All the tech savvy people who are interested, please respond. I am an idea person. I have no real technical skills with computers. I want to learn though. I think the right people coming together could make this idea happen and blow up the Harmony network. I believe this idea has great potential. We have the opportunity to fill a gap that is greatly needed in this fledgling industry. The world of crypto is so extremely esoteric. We have the opportunity to tell people what the financial revolution is all about. When I see the world of crypto I see a huge mess. I also see inspiration and a financial revolution at hand, but I see everything so broken up and apart. We can put everything in $ONE place using social media.

Imagine a new app that takes the front seat on your smart device on the first page of your home screen. An outlet to send and receive encrypted messages for free and make interest on your coin. With zero knowledge proof you can put up a picture of yourself and write a bio and still, your finances would be completely private. Hold your coin in an environment that is compatible with the Ledger devices, offering customers the safety of a hardware wallet if they wish. We could reconstruct the way we think of a newsfeed. The creative options are endless. We have the chance to build a place for crypto enthusiasts and the crypto curious to gather together to make the financial revolution understandable. Just don’t leave me out. I want to come along for the ride:D

If we can get enough people on board we can apply for $ONE of those $7M grants! What do ya say?