Thread: Technical Feedback

hi harmony developers,

we’ll use this thread to post any feedback on anything related to the harmony development experience from an application developer’s point of view.

you may post about:

  1. tooling
  2. documentation
  3. any other support or improvements for the developer experience
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  1. Document that eth_ method prefixes also work. As I understand they essentially correspond to hmy and not hmyv2.
  2. Document transaction creation (fields + RLP). Since we have 2 new fields - it might be worth to describe how this is done rather than saying “same as in ETH but with two extra field” which basically refers people to read ETH docs.
  3. Document which methods are specific to Harmony - this one is quite important.

Python world:

  1. Current Python SDK is undocumented and requires full node running.
    • This might be ok for stake pools to use but regular developer that wants to play around or interact with blockchain would be better off using RPC - Suggestion would be to document usage of web3py with Harmony - AFAIK this is currently feasible for some methods.
    • Consider potential fork of web3py to accomodate Harmony specific things like staking and shards. This is big healthy project with 2k+ stars.

UI stuff:

  1. UI Fix on webiste, this doesnt look good:
  2. I think video on main website is a bit too much an is too big, I am personally not big fan of it.
  3. In my opinion Resources item on the bottom should be replace scroll links on the top. There is some very important stuff in there that some people may miss.

This is all I have for you guys, keep up good work. I love this project <3!