Proposed Video Concepts



Keep things simple and less technical. We need to be more accessible to the average person.


  • Crypto for noobs… We can explore explaining what Harmony does in the easiest way possible so that even someone who doesn’t understand crypto can get it. Even videos that are more broad about cryptocurrency in general, to help rope more users in without seeming like a “shill”

  • Besides the tech, what are the benefits of Harmony? What value does it bring the everyday user? WHY HARMONY?

  • Explain DeFi and how speed vs transaction costs play a huge factor… perhaps send some ETH and compare it to ONE to see how fast and how cheap it can be. Explain what DeFi swapping protocols are and why ONE is better to swap with than other platforms.

  • Who is Harmony? Let’s put some faces behind the tech… showcase some of the brilliant minds developing this next generation protocol

  • Harmony is your open platform for assets, collectibles, identity, governance.

  • Explain what DAOs are and why they are important for the future of Harmony


  • Show the tech: Send $10,000 in 2 seconds with a cost of only $0.000002

  • Explain sharding and how Harmony was the first to implement this into it’s blockchain

  • Compare and contrast protocols… Ethereum vs Harmony, etc… what are the differences

  • Explain that Harmony is at 2s finality and aiming to hit 1s finality… also, what is finality? How does this make it easy to scale?

  • Harmony is secure… it has not been compromised yet. Other chains, even most recently PolyNetwork, have been hacked… Explain the importance of this. Also touch on the TRILEMMA regarding crypto and how Harmony is tackling this issue

  • Explain what an oracle is and why it is important to have good ones


  • BTC Bridge… what does it do?

  • Harmony as a bridge to other chains… how we are the leader in bridging chains? (Currently working on a big concept for this)


  • Porting ETH dapps into Harmony… why is this important? Why it’s so easy to do and why every ETH developer should be incentivized to do it.

  • Write the ONE code ONE time, it works on ALL bridges and wallets (this is a no brainer for developers)


  • How will the 1wallet change the game?

  • Why are stable coins important? What stable coins are currently in use on the Harmony Protocol?

  • Circle back on another UBI video, perhaps include how 3rd world countries can be the first to benefit


  • Monthly recaps… what has the team accomplished and what is it working on?

  • Future Roadmap “Hype” videos… what’s around the corner? What can the community expect moving forward?

  • Cover the MCON event and make some great content out of that.

  • Cover the importance of the TradFI to DeFi hackathon… show the bridge from TradFi to DeFi


  • Promote Davinci (Needs bug fixes first and a working mobile option)

  • Influencer partnerships or cross promotion (I am working on making these connections happen)


  • Making a bigger vision video featuring “Creating Wealth In Harmony”… Treatment and mood board coming shortly… This is a high priority for me.


  • Need to schedule time to film members of Harmony and perhaps even members of the community, DAO community, etc

  • Need a location to film in. We do have the office on Wednesdays, but I’d like to film in one giant block if possible over 2-3 days.

  • Love the old light up Harmony logo in past videos… Perhaps some set design would be nice. Small touches can go a long ways…

  • Asset generation and collection… It would be nice if the Harmony community could create a community GDrive link that we can all put photos, vector files, videos (yes even cell phone videos), animations, etc… One thing I noticed stepping into this content role is that there is a big lack of assets that can be used to make videos. I’m hopefully going to change that over time.



Three words; Universal Basic Income (<<< target; people from 3th world countries)

great list and looking very much forward to ur work Adrian!



Thanks for putting together and sharing these ideas!

There is no doubt in my mind that these are all great ideas. Every single idea here serves a great purpose. However, the most important thing to keep in mind is “Who is my target audience?”

If your target audience is ‘crypto noobs,’ paint them a picture which demonstrates the value Harmony can bring to them. This value can be served in a variety of forms: financially, through data integrity, gaming, etc. Let me know that this isn’t just theoretical ideas; this is here and now. As long as the content is catered to the specific audience, it will be a huge success.

I have access to a beautiful event space about an hour away from MCON Denver if you’re in need of a filming location. Unfortunately it’s quite a distance for your team but if Harmony has enough team members out here for MCON Denver, that might be a good opportunity to use the space. I’ll need to check on the availability of the space around the MCON Denver dates. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll send you the details via LinkedIn.



So glad you are on the team and many are super excited to have you here. I’m pretty new to crypto, I’ve learn over the last 6 months that the industry have two types. The retail WSB investors and the crypto industry investors. I’ve seen tokens with no use cases and tokens with all promises have crazy growth. Much of it seems to great exposure and branding. We also see tokens with extreme gas fee that the average person can’t afford to move around. That one I look at as a brand name. Others have high profile people behind it and others have big personalities. With that said I believe they have a strong branding! A Well known YouTuber once said he rarely takes technical because no one wants to hear that, he joked and said all they want to her is moon. I think we can find a good balance with the tech and average meme investors.

One of the issues in the past in pushing the material out into all media outlets. Just my opinion… In many of the groups I am in a rarely see Harmonys content being pushed out. I’m no professional anything so please take what I’m saying with a grain of salt, just some observations and thoughts. Glad you are here and excited to see you in action. :hugs:


Sir, please add more emphasis on “why harmony” part, than how and what harmony. Sell the idea, not the product. FYI :
MATIC wasn’t hacked. It was a different project ( polynetwork)

Nice catch, yes sorry for that error, I corrected it! Also I agree with the “Why Harmony Part” and I’m adding it to the list.


I just made a video on that but a lot of the community wants more of that so I might double down on that concept and include 3rd world countries that can benefit…


I agree with this and hopefully we can up our branding to include our protocol in the conversation more.


Do you have photos? I’m not sure many will want to drive an hour out to film but if the space is one of a kind it might be worth it! Cheers


yes… and ONE tokens work for the stakeholders even holders are sleeping… and it is sustainable

Messaged you on LinkedIn with a link to some photos. Let me know what you think.