Reflectaverse - Dungeon Crawler. An upcoming rogue-like 2d isometric dungeon crawler game with NFT integration

By way of update, we have completed the milestone of creating our DAO, Gnosis Multisig and submitting KYC documentation to

Our Multisig address is: 0x94dEf751428fFdE1CAC9782B8cFBA23829fd6d8C / one1jn00w52z3l77rjkf0q4ce7az8q5l6mvvfpqftp

Please see the attached for the members.

We are looking forward to working full speed ahead to get our full feature games up on the Harmony testnet for your review. Stay up to date at our Twitter or discord (link in Twitter bio)!

When ready for us to verify milestones, just tag me here and submit request here

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@papi form submitted, thank you.

Good day to @papi and all, here is an update:

Recent AMA discussing everything happening:

We expect to officially be on testnet with a public beta of our games within 2 weeks with our mainnet beta launch shortly thereafter (likely a week after that absent any major issues discovered in testing).

Excited for you all to play!

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funded dao setup: 0xb602167a5e1f5e9a328a318767d3c4d246723c5ad70f8c2f891e83b9935afad0

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Hello @papi and @lij. We are happy to say we are on schedule for our limited beta testnet launch of Relic Quest on the Harmony testnet this weekend! Excited for you to have early access to play and provide some feedback to work into our mainnet launch. We will setup an account for your access when you’re available to play.

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Hello @papi and @lij, we have successfully completed the second milestone of launching a full feature test build to the Harmony testnet. The form relative to this was submitted. You can connect with metamask and mint a testnet NFT from right in the game with Testnet ONE!

Please check your inbox for logon details to access the testnet at We look forward to your feedback and finishing the remaining features for the mainnet launch in a few weeks. We will have multiple patches released in the coming days and weeks with combat, the isometric dungeon (now in 3d AND built into the same game) with boss fights and general code refactoring as we receive final animations from a significant amount of contracted artwork and incorporate feedback to the mainnet launch.

Hey team - thank you for submitting you distribution request and for launching on testnet. I tested what you had submitted. I know you’re just getting started, but I think you’ve made decent progress. We are all looking forward to great game play that’s fun and entertaining.

I’ll authorize distro now.

Please keep on working on the game - let’s make it really user friendly, fun, and entertaining.

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Thanks @papi, we should have some fun combat in a patch in the next few days with Skeletons and some of the other assets we had commissioned. Then crystal farming and the 3d isometric boss hopefully this week as well. We also have started discussions with a partner project to build a level for them with their Harmony NFTs. The support is much appreciated and we will keep grinding out features into the Mainnet launch. Our goal is building user growth measuring engagement time and repeat daily users as well as launching a few new NFT utilities to be announced soon.

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One more thing before I forget - as you get closer to mainnet, please be sure to submit your dapp to DappRadar. We have the ability to run campaigns with DappRadar to their audience of players and developers, which can benefit your dapp.

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testnet milestone funded: 0x140dc77e293c8ebddc554b4924e843bdb34d01018dc20918ec48ba9d58f4593b


This looks like the next bethesda title launch! amazing AAA graphics ! Totally a great investment from the Harmony team! Once again! @lij I’m glad you funded this , greatly appreciated to have games with graphics that look like a 3 yr old made them get $20k worth of ONE just to add to the increasing selling pressure in the market <3 , I love Harmony! Sooooo great!!!

@juanonewuan Our game intentionally uses low poly and low detailed textures to save on bandwidth and navigate within limited memory requirements of Web GL browser games. We’ll be the fastest to market and most accessible game. This means users will not have to download a massive game to play and our games are more accessible to the mass market because they don’t require advanced graphic cards to play. It also means we have low overhead to deliver the game since its less than 30 MB. The fact that you want to attack Harmony for funding developers like our team who have been here for almost a year is sad. Not every game has to have 10 GB download sizes. The community attacking Harmony for funding developers who have built more than almost any other team here is disgusting and the fact you think you’re helping anything during this process is a joke. Our grant was well earned and we won’t stop despite your toxicity. If a 3 year old could build it how come no one has? If you’re so unhappy with Harmony, try leaving!

By the way, here’s an updated video with our new 3d Isometric Dungeon expansion! This should be live on testnet this weekend. Despite the funding pause, we’re still working as hard as possible to deploy on mainnet.

New Video:

Mate , I get where you might be coming from but like , who would want to play a game that looks that bad … I obviously have to critize the team for funding these type of things , I’m not saying in a year or two you might be able to have a decent thing but like this isn’t it . If you expect me to be like oh yeah sorry , you’re wrong , I’m being objective here , the game looks bad . Could it be a good game in a couple years ? Sure … But it is miles away from what I would consider a fundable project .

Good luck.

@juanonewuan if you don’t like it, don’t play! Pretty simple. The toxic people like you are the problem with Harmony. Your only posts here on this forum are insulting developers and the Harmony team. Go find a game you enjoy instead of trying to bring everyone else down and throwing insults around hiding behind a keyboard.

Alright , see you in a year , time will prove me right . Arrivederci.

Prove you right about? That we’re not Bethesda? We’re not trying to be Bethesda. I know you have absolutely no development ability whatsoever and want to attack those who do but all our games will always use low poly assets and textures because browser Web GL can only store a maximum of 100 MB. So if you’re expecting Bethesda, you won’t see it here my friend. You seem confused about the concept of a lightweight low bandwidth game leveraging Metamask accessible to computers from as early as 2010. How would you do that with advanced graphics? Obviously you have no technical knowledge whatsoever. You can wait a year though for triple AAA graphics, make sure users have an advanced graphics card, require they download 20 GB games, pay huge costs for cloud servers and risk user assets on a custom wallet on all these other games you think are so much better. I see you strongly backed Speedstar though lol! Not even a game? Why don’t you go threaten Li more that he should be removed? Imagine being as self important as @juanonewuan thinking he’s a decision maker here and has built nothing nor contributed anything at all.

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Right about this my friend.

Conversation ends now , reading your arguments is seriously hurting my eyes.

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Yes, @juanonewuan please go lob more threats at the Harmony team and insults at Harmony developers. That’s really helping out. If you don’t like our games, don’t play them!

You complaint about me insulting people when I haven’t … Just stated that your game looks bad , yet you come to my dm’s to insult me , you are officially an absolute hypocrite , congrats :slight_smile:

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