HarmonyNaijaDAO Enugu Meetup

This ogbonge event shele on the 22nd of April, 2022 for Castle Majestic Hotels,
Ogui, Enugu, Enugu State.

The DAO signatories wey show on the 21st of April come from Dubai, Lagos, Abuja, Ondo,
Anambra, and Edo states.
Them sidon tok on the 21st wey be Thursday after them show Enugu to reason how the hangout go go. Them still do some kain tok tok on top telegram group to make sure say the event go well.
The DAO provide moni give some DAO members wey dey Enugu wey tok say transport fare go
hard them to show for the event.
The event start by 11 for morning of Friday 22nd April, 2022 after members don show. People
wey show reach about 21 plus the 7signatories wey travel come.

The main the main tok for the hangout na:
a. Roundtable tok wey concern Ahead ahead plans for the DAO.
b. Tok on wetin go make the DAO sustainable.
c. Merch.
d. Jollification via chop chop.
e. Play play on top swimming.

A. Roundtable tok with every DAO community member wey show happen to discuss ahead
ahead plans for the DAO. BrodaGreen help us chook the event inside God hand con still do
proper intro to tell people why we gather come.

As BrodaGreen dey tok finish, Mr Cheta-Symphony.one con give us summary of how the DAO take start, wetin we suppose don do and the philosophy wey them take start the DAO.

Ms Irene join body with Mr Ebuka to give better tok ontop wetin the DAO don do so far since
November 2021 wey them fes bring proposal give Harmony reach April 22nd wey them gather

Other signatories like Brodagreen, Ebuka, Dominic, Michael, CrazyChicken wey gather dey con tok their mind on top the DAO strategy for development, DAO projects and Hackathon, DAO
social media engagements, DAO NFTs and technology and DAO tech and marketing respectively.

See wetin community members wey come Enugu gather talk on top this Strategy matter;

  • Mr Ebuka tok say e go good make the DAO create platform for Web3 training for members.
    (Something wey be like wetin Andela dey do). After them don train finish, we go show them
    platforms wey them go take use those skills wey them gather take work and the DAO go con
    collect small percentage wey go enter the DAO treasury make the treasury for get weight take
    dey stand well.
    To close en tok, en say ‘Make NaijaDAO create work force wey stand gidigba inside the web3
    field for we continent Africa’.

  • Mr Cheta-symphony.one con suggest say make NFT tokenization shele for the DAO and say
    make we invest wella ontop the Naija DAO Department of Investment and self-sufficiency
    (NDDISS). En still talk say the DAO need a system wey members go take dey register and vote.
    To end en own tok, en say we suppose be DAO wey be say community members sabi theirself
    and dey encourage ourself to chook mouth well ontop the DAOsuccess instead of make them
    just be participants.

Mr BrodaGreen con tok say make we chook eye on top Validators from Nigeria matter. En still
tok say the DAO go need create research arm wey go help create content wey human being fit
understand say them no be machines.
To close en tok, en say make we reason create platform wey wey fit do In-house peer to peer
crypto transaction wey be say community members fit gather shikini money wey one person go take buy ONE or other crypto con share the thing give the people wey gather the naira since exchanges dem dey get limit to the amount wey person fit buy.

  • Mr Izuu tok say e go make sense say we collaborate with OGs and influencers wey don teh
    wella inside crypto to take boost our visibility, marketing and value.

  • Mr Dominic tok say that R&D team dey very important because we need to drop back to backcontent and again we go need to teach people other aspects of crypto like staking and yield farming. En las las talk say “The DAO go need to use wetin people dey like to take bring them inside the DAO”

  • Mr Kene suggest say make we try to dey breakdown content wey we dey create sake of say e get people wey full our DAO wey never understand wetin dey sup for blockchain and crypto.

  • Ms Toyosi con reason say we go need find way wey blockchain take relate with wetin people dey do con explain am to them make them for fit get interest because plenty people never still sabi how them fit add blockchain inside wetin them dey do go.

  • Mr Fortunate reason us say HarmonyNaijaDAO suppose get PDF or bulletin wey go give
    people better breakdown ontop blockchain matter, crypto and wetin them fit benefit if them begin dey active for Harmony Naija DAO.

B. Sustainability strategy of the DAO wey people reason be say;

Cheta tok say en dey reason say for future, NaijaDAO go dey tokenized wey be say we go dey
use the token take dey to vote con still get other benefits from the DAO. En con still tok about
the NDDISS and how na them go dey really see say we dey on point wen e enter investment matter and na them dey handle the Mars colony land wey them dash us say we don spend
$1,100 take upgrade the land make we for dey get 8 $CLNY/day.

Brodagreen follow put mouth say people wey get skills for trading fit still join the NDDISS so
that them go help the DAO treasury to stand gidigba.

Another thing we we reason na say we go need to begin share work give community pipo to
make participation boku so that the DAO go fit reward them through Bounties. This one go help
to so that active members wey get skills go fit benefit from Harmony Naija DAO.

C. Merch: Community pipo say the DAO go need to make sure say we do merch wey people fit
wear to raise awareness. Keneolisa wey be community member na en dem tell make en bring quotation from pipo wey dey do merch for Enugu make we for fit check prices from Lagos and

D. Enough Jollification dey for community pipo wey come. We kuku con snap foto join.

E. The DAO con buy suit wey dem dey take swim give every community member wey say en wan swim and them swim till them kuku belleful.

Total funds wey we been feel say we fit spend: $3,042
Final amount wey we con spend: $2,435.18.

See how we take spend am:
❖ Transport: $2,055.87 (80% of 7 Signatories’ flight moni and full transport moni for
community pipo wey say them need am)
❖ Hotel moni for 2 nights: $206.90
❖ Jollification moni for everybodi: $172.41
Total: $2,435.18

Community pipo and signatories wey no go back house on 22nd kuku go house on the 23rd of
April, 2022.