Reptilian World 🐊 - NFT & P2E "Adventures & Reptilian Bank"

Name of Project

Reptilian World

Application type

Product Launch

Key Highlights

  • 10,000 Gen0 NFT collection
  • SCALE Token Launching
  • Play To Earn - « Reptilian Adventures »
  • Staking Funds & Investments - « The Reptilian Bank »
  • Future Play To Earn Expansions

Proposal overview

Reptilian World is a 10,000 Gen0 2D reptilian NFT art collection, created by 5 active Harmonauts and crypto/NFT passionate.

A Play2Earn called « Reptilian Adventures » is a new challenge for Reptilian World holders where they will be able to send their reptiles on adventures: players will earned daily amounts of SCALE, based on their reptile level and the complexity of the chosen adventure.

Designed by a famous architect of Reptilian Island, « The Reptilian Bank » will also be opened soon: it’s the new place for reptiles to invest their SCALE.

Launch stages

  1. 10,000 Gen0 NFT Collection , minting is live!
    Each NFT is unique, with its own accessories, colors, expressions, background and statistics. NFTs will have their own utility when the P2E will be launched.

  2. SCALE token launching , Reptilian World team will introduce their new currency: SCALE. Token holders can trade and swap SCALE on a DEX, and it will also be used on the future P2E to upgrade their NFTs and on the Reptilian Bank to invest and daily/monthly/yearly gain SCALE interests.

  3. Play To Earn « Reptilian Adventures », stake your NFTs on adventures around the world, train and evolve your reptiles to make them the ultimate lifeforms!

  4. Staking Funds & Investments - « The Reptilian Bank », players will invest their SCALE on this new institution to stake their tokens and gain % interests based on their initial amount of investments.

  5. Future Play To Earn Expansions, more P2E extensions will be available and created within community feedbacks: it’ll be an evolutive game where the community will vote and drive what they want to be added to the game.

You can read the full roadmap here:

Gameplay Mechanics


Players will send their reptiles on thematic adventures : each reptile sent on quests will earn a certain amount of SCALE tokens during their travels and investigations.

Each Adventure has a level, a ratio reward and an adjustment reward.

To be able to access the adventures, the Reptile should have an ELevel equal or superior to the Adventure’s level. This will allow rarer and/or well equipped Reptiles to enter adventure earlier.

With time, Reptiles will hold the SCALE they earned during their Adventures. The amount of SCALE held is updated each time a whole SCALE is earned.


Each NFT will have 5 statistics : Stamina, Attack, Strength, Defense and Agility.
These statistics will be used in the different parts of the P2E game.


Reptilian World NFT holders will be able to train their reptile to make them evolve and gain stats: they will use SCALE tokens.


Staking Funds on « The Reptilian Bank »

The Staking Funds provide Players with safe funds where they can stake their SCALE. Each fund has a staking duration and interests.

The staking duration represents the frequency at which the interests are given.

The interests, expressed in percentage, is the amount the fund will net you based on your investment (staking) in SCALE.

The funds work with compound interests, meaning that as long as the player doesn’t claim the earned interests, they will be used in the calculation of the following SCALE interest gains.

Players can claim their earned interests, or choose to not claim them (no action on their part) and let them be added to the amount of SCALE invested and be used to take advantage of the compound interests!

Players can also withdraw anytime their investment. Doing so, they will claim any interests they earned.

Project Status

  • Minting is live: investors can buy their reptile NFTs.
  • Marketing, giveaways and contests to continue growing our reptilian community.
  • Launching the new currency in few weeks: SCALE token
  • A DEX listing is planned for Q2 of 2022: we are currently in negotiations with DEXs.
  • Our devs are working on the last stages of the Play To Earn before the official launch in few weeks.
  • Creation of « The Reptilian Bank »: it will be developed and launched the following weeks after the Adventures.

Proposal Ask

Reptilian World team is seeking $50,000 in funding. We would use the funds for the following activities:

  • Adding liquidity funds for our new token launch: SCALE.
  • Salaries for our current team
  • Develop new features for the P2E.
  • Expanding our Marketing plan by adding content creators and marketing experts

Metrics for success

Development Milestones

  • $10K after launching a feature-complete product on Harmony testnet
  • $10K after launching on Harmony mainnet
  • $10K after 2K+ followers on Twitter & Social Networks (with launch video, full PR promotion)
  • $10K after launching of the Adventures (with launch video, full PR promotion)
  • $10K after launching of the Reptilian Bank (with launch video, full PR promotion)

Success Metrics

:white_check_mark: Launching on Harmony Testnet
:white_check_mark: Launching on Harmony Mainnet
:white_check_mark: 2K+ followers on Twitter & Social Networks
:o: Launching of the Adventures
:o: Launching of the Reptilian Bank


Our main team is composed by 5 persons:

  • DLKS - Project Lead/Motion designer
  • RAPTOR_12 - Marketing & Community manager
  • JOKHO - Graphic designer & Frontend Dev
  • VOX - Frontend Dev
  • EKO - API designer & Game Dev

We’ll hiring more people in the future, to develop new features regarding to the P2E.

External links

Website -
Twitter -
Discord - Reptilian World 🦎
Instagram - Login • Instagram



Great project with good community and roadmap :fire:


Great Graphic, Nice Utility and consistent team to engage with the community member.

Suggestion, more details on how you will engage more user to buy the Reptilian NFT in the future, target NFT sale and milestone when it suppose to sold out maybe.

Hope :point_down::point_down::point_down: can help to review this grant proposal as well
@Jacksteroo @frwrdslosh


Great looking roadmap. This team continues to deliver and hit target dates. Their community continues to grow and they have added some community members like myself and others that have marketing experience and discord knowledge. They have the support of multiple other NFT communities both on and off Harmony. Our goal is to help and support projects that have passionate people behind the project. We want to be a part of building the metaverse. So far this team is the real deal. Thank you for your consideration.


Looking forward to this project and the support from community. Reptilian World has been sticking true to their roadmap, demonstrating reliabilty and trust and hance my confidence in the project.


Reptilian World project is a nice and ambitious project: beautiful art, great tea, transparent and communicative with their community! Roadmap is stunning, and they follow their guidelines :gem:
Full support for the future!


Looking forward for the new $cale launch! Good team, great project, I love the artwork!


An absolutely great P2E project with a strong & committed team to guide the way for the ever growing community that follow. Looking forward to what the future brings and this funding grant would help that along nicely!


:blue_heart::coin: bluechip nft from Harmony


Thank you for your support and your trust, dear Harmonauts and members of the Reptilian World community :crocodile:!
Some news of our application? @lij @Jacksteroo @frwrdslosh


Hello, taking a look at your application. Give me 24-48 h, please. And I’ll get back to you with more info.
1st I’ll take a look and usually, we ask for more info.

Thank you for posting the proposal in Harmony!

:blue_heart: :mechanical_arm: :rocket: :one:


Good morning team:

I’ve reviewed the project and would love to see more advances on it.
I see that minting is already in Mainnet.
Are you between P3 & P4 of the roadmap?
Would you share the dates of the next steps?

I’m pushing this project for approval and will be back with the result of the poll. You have my soft yes (it’s not strong as I’m seeing minting but next progress). If you could share the beta or next steps in this fantastic design and roadmap I’d appreciate it. I think it has a really good potential for the network. Congratulations on the milestones already concluded.
I wish you good luck in the poll.

:mechanical_arm: :blue_heart:


Good afternoon @jbeltran,

First, thank you for your support regarding to our project!

We’ve launched the minting in Harmony Mainnet and we’re actually between P3 & P4 of the roadmap: P4 will start in few days with the official release of the P2E “Reptilian Adventures” :crocodile:

There is our schedules for next releases:

:spiral_calendar: 16th May to 22th May

  • Announcement: release date of the Adventures
  • Launch of the Adventures :palm_tree:
  • Announcement: release date of the Reptilian Bank

:spiral_calendar: 23th May to 29th May

  • Launch of the Reptilian Bank :bank:

We’re close to launch the official P2E! :eyes:

Also, we’ve some screenshots about the Adventures and the Reptilian Bank, but as we’ve already scheduled the next features, we’ll directly launch the P2E “Reptilian Adventures” and the Reptilian Bank in few days.

Despite of the fall of the crypto market / bear market, we’re still communicating with our community on our official Discord, with Harmonauts on Twitter and the Reptilian World team is still working a lot too: we’re proud to be part of Harmony family, this community is really supportive and never give up, we really need this!

$SCALE token will be launched with the official release of the P2E, but we are counting on obtaining the grant to add liquidity.

We’ve launched our project on Harmony, and now we need you to continue this beautiful adventure :blue_heart:


Hello dear community!

We’re proud to announce that we’re working on a 2D Reptilian game which will complete our official P2E “Adventures” & The Reptilian Bank :crocodile:

The P2E “Adventures” will begin in the end of this week: to play, you’ll need to hold a Reptilian NFT - you can mint yours here:

Concerning the future 2D game, you will be able to travel with your reptile (NFT) on multiple designed maps and interact with the environment :palm_tree:

Our dev team are working on the concept of this new future feature and we’re excited to show you more soon!
There is a first sneak peek of the future 2D game below.


:crocodile: :blue_heart:


Hello again.
I’ll be minting a new crocodile to check all the process.
Would you please if you have, share a video with the process of minting (I know it’s easy but I’d love to see it working) and some demo video of how the game is going to be?
As I said, as soon as we have the final result I’ll get back. As I didn’t have enough votes yet.
Talk to you soon



What is the interest of a video for mint @jbeltran ?

It is the same as for any NFT project. You just have to do like every project go here like i have do :

Connect your wallet like you do for every transaction on Harmony.
And press mint. It’s really simple
And you can see that the mint working in real and not only in video.

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Yeap, of course, it’s easy :slight_smile:
I’m just trying to have all the projects under my radar to have some videos for the milestones and steps so the community sees them.

Thank you


I think you can use link and text that the reptilian team wrote here. I still don’t see the interest of a video to mint a nft sorry because everyone now how to mint NFT i think.
What kind of video do you want to make? Is it useful for the grant application as I don’t see this kind of application for similar projects on harmony yet. Thank you @jbeltran

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The goal of the video isn’t a tutorial (although not everyone knows how to).
The main goal is to prove that everything is working on testnet or mainnet and show it to the community.



The mint has already started and the collection is on marketplaces such as Metatrone, NFTkey and TofuNFT. I think the mint on the mainet is already functional by this case.

Nftkey: Reptilian World - NFTKEY



Website for mint:

I don’t understand the utility to make video about how to mint on ReptilianWLD while this one has already started :thinking:
If you need to show the project i see that ReptilianWLD team had write all their social network and website in the proposal. Maybe it’s enough to have the website link so you can show the member where minted and give links to the marketplaces where ReptilianWLD is listed.