Reptilian World 🐊 - NFT & P2E "Adventures & Reptilian Bank"

Is this game going to be idle?

Hello @jbeltran, our dev team will share you the video tomorrow, explaining all the minting process :white_check_mark:
The P2E “Adventures” will be launch in few days, as mentioned above.

The Reptilian World team is working hard and our community is strong and growing everyday.


Hello @jbeltran, our devs took a video screen of all the minting process, you can see the video on the link below: Reptilian World - Minting process - YouTube

We are waiting for your feedback on this! :palm_tree:

Thank you
Reptilian World team


We have edited a short video to show the P2E “Adventures” gameplay and explain its mechanics: Reptilian World - Adventures - YouTube

@jbeltran @frwrdslosh


Thank you for the video. I love the music.
The community will greatly appreciate these types of videos.
:mechanical_arm: :blue_heart:
Moving forward and will pass the poll to the team.
Wish you good luck.


Thanks for your feedback, we’re producing more “How to” videos for the P2E “Adventures” and its features!
We will published it here when it’ll be ready :white_check_mark:
Hope to have a feedback soon for our grant proposal.
:blue_heart: :crocodile:


Is that the actual game. Clicking a button to claim tokens? (Mars colony approach to gaming). Unless I’ve missed something, P2E needs to step it up on harmony.

@pioneer @Niam

The P2E “Adventures” has been created to focus on NFT staking and $SCALE earning: the first goal for the Reptilian World holder and gamer is to stake his NFT(s) to passively earn $SCALE tokens each day. The more you stake your reptiles, the more you earn $SCALE.

At the same time, the more you level up your reptile by training him (spending $SCALE tokens to level up your reptile), the more you earn $SCALE when he’s on adventures.

In the same time, we are developing a 2D game version of this game, which will complete the Adventures. We have posted the first sneak peek of the Swamps map, the second one will be posted soon :blush:

The grant will definitely be a booster for the future of this project!



Gm @jbeltran, there’s the 2nd “How to” video to show “How to train your reptile” on our P2E “Adventures”: Reptilian World - Training - YouTube :white_check_mark:

When will we have a feedback from the poll of Harmony team, please?
Thank you! :crocodile:


Does a NFT project really need funding?

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Thanks for your response. I’m personally getting tired of these “games” that are becoming accepted as the norm on harmony. I totally understand why you’d propose it, traditionally harmony has thrown 50k at everything similar but there needs to be a change now. My response isn’t solely targeting your project it’s more of a general comment. Glad to hear there is a 2d game mode.

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The day has finally arrived, P2E “Adventures” just has started!
Every Reptilian World holder can send his reptile(s) on Aventures, earn $SCALE and level up them.

Here is the token contract: 0x249Aab18d630585D9C5341d938278261f877dD15
Mint your reptile here:

Hope you’ll join our family :blue_heart: :crocodile:


Hi @jbeltran, it’s been a week since our last talk, do you have some news for our project?

Tonight, we will launch “The Reptilian Bank”: a whole investment place where you will be able to invest your $SCALE to earn passive incomes and interests! :bank:

Here’s a short tuto: Reptilian World - The Reptilian Bank - YouTube

Join the Reptilian family :blue_heart: :crocodile:


Hello @Reptilian-World
Sorry for the late reply

We’re unable to move forward with this Launch grant request based on the poll above shown.
Sorry and Thank you for choosing Harmony.


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an explanation would help , you showed them a 67% in favour but decline. Does it need to be unanimous? Is there something the project can do to help convince the soft no? I personally don’t like this project but think they deserve a bit of effort on your part to give some feedback


sorry for asking but where is the poll on forum ? Projects like Reptilian World launched on bear market but continue building, they need support to survive


Hello @jbeltran why 67% yes and grant not accepted ?
Like @tnm0113 @Reptilian-World launched on bear market but continue building, they need support to survive.

It will not be a good image gives harmony when we see the number of grants and the amounts given to several projects which then left the harmony blockchain when they hadn’t done half their work…


I may have missed this vote and certainly didn’t realize this was how projects were being assessed. As a substantial investor in more than two dozen Harmony P2E/GameFi projects, I would give a strong yes vote to this project. The team is working hard to build strong gaming dynamics, the SCALE tokenomics are surprisingly fun and the 2D previews look very promising. Most importantly, they are actively building the community and marketing the project, consistently ranking in the top 10-15 projects in terms of social engagement. I strongly urge a deeper reconsideration of this application and hope for its approval.



They need a grant to “pay salaries” ? Strong No!

Where is the poll for us to vote? I am a strong yes on this project. The devs are engaged in the discord and community is fun. The game has promise to it especially with the 2D in development.

I am invested in multiple projects and am all in on this project as well. Please reconsider your position for the grant on this one.