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Name of Event/Project

Hack For Inclusion

Proposal overview

Hack For Inclusion is India’s biggest all-woman and Non-Binary Tech event organized by IIIT-Allahabad . This event is a celebration of diversity and aims to provide a safe and inclusive environment for developers to come together, learn, ideate, and build.

Over the course of three days, we here at IIIT Allahabad will be organizing a Developer conference , Bootcamps/Workshops , and a thrilling, edge-of-your-seat 36-hour Hackathon .
We invite top industry experts to mentor and help empower the participants to be ready for the challenges that lie ahead giving them a much-needed headstart.

Scheduled to be held from 13-15th May 2022 , Hack for Inclusion is preparing to engage a large and wide audience with leading experts. This idea of unity in the face of social and geographical barriers has made it an exemplary event.

You can help us make an even larger impact on the world of technology! Having your support as a sponsor will help us in better organizing the event and delivering an even more satisfying and inspiring technological experience to all potential female and Non-binary developers and coders across the country. We can, in turn, help you connect with a young, smart, and vibrant demographic that is rapidly taking the world by storm!

Proposal ask

Funding between 3000 - 5000 USD

Metrics for success

We are expecting a participation of over 800 female and non-binary developers from all across the world.

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Hey @pratham29! First, I love the meaning behind this hackathon - very much needed in this space! Can you elaborate on what the sponsorship package includes for Harmony?

The ask is very modest, and your values align with ours. Once we have that information, we can decide how to best proceed.

Thank you!


Hi @Mattyontop

The Sponsorships packages and past edition’s statistics can be found here - H4I_brochure.pdf - Google Drive

The sponsorships packages starts at Silver level (250 USD) and goes up till Title Level (3000 USD), with the Title level sponsors having their logo being placed everywhere along with the hackathon logo, including certificates, newsletters, posters, etc.
Apart from these sponsorship packages, this year we are also accepting sponsorship for providing T-shirts and Swag Bags to all the participants of the hackathon, the total cost of which is 1000 USD.

Other benefits of each sponsorship level are mentioned in the brochure.

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Is your event entirely virtual?

@Mattyontap Yes, the event is completely virtual, but a blockchain workshop is being organized pre-event in offline mode, with limited participation (around 150 people).

Can you share the social media accounts (Twitter, LinkedIn) for the Indian Hacking League, yourself, and another person from your team?

Indian Hacking League is our local event partner which helps us in organizing workshops and securing local Sponsors. It does not have any social media presence as of now.
For this edition of Hack For Inclusion, we are also partnering with Major League Hacking (MLH) as our event partner.
My Social Media Accounts - LinkedIn, Twitter
Social Media account of Lead Organizer - LinkedIn, Twitter

Really cool proposal!

I think everything looks great, and I would like to move forward with approving this proposal as a Title Sponsor for $3,000 USD.

Can you and Animesh connect with me on Telegram? I would like a group chat for ongoing coordination.


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funded: 0xb99bb2586fb26cf96538377bf34b955d16dc36accbc9359dca9020215ee1bae5

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Please post updates in this thread!