Rising DAO - Spiritual Retreats

Yes! I agree. I can’t wait to see how we evolve :heart:


Hey, hey! :person_in_lotus_position:

Expect an update from the Harmony DAO Operations team tomorrow :slight_smile:


Thank you for your patience.


Awesome thanks! Cant wait.

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I Want To Be Your Governor !

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Hello, @Kennamykitty and the RisingDAO fam.

Still very excited about this proposal and wanted to provide a quick update from Harmony:

The Harmony DAO Ops team will resume approvals and funding on May, 1st. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we learn best practices and navigate the proposal process. In the meantime, please take a look at the updated DAO Funding Guidelines.

note: this comment is not an approval of the proposal

@Kennamykitty Very interesting project. I really like that you have a mathematician in the team. Maths provide knowledge and knowledge is freedom, freedom has healing powers.

I am proposing this event Harmony London International event
I am pencilling you in for invitation to talk onboard and even preform healing

Good lack with your project

Does Harmony really want to be involved with this anti-scientific stuff?

How can the Harmony ecosystem benefit from a bunch of guys “healing” with plant ceremonies? If Harmony could give me 15K just to create some NFT I would be dancing ecstatically too!


That would be great! Feel Free to message me anytime!

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Hi, it seems you don’t really know much about the spiritual community and I would love to invite you to attend an event. Fun fact: About a quarter of U.S. adults (27%) now say they think of themselves as spiritual but not religious, up 8 percentage points in five years, according to a Pew Research Center survey conducted between April 25 and June 4 of this year.

This means that there is plenty of people to get into the community to help the ecosystem.

Also, it’s not as “anti scientific” as you would think.

Yoga can help alleviate lower back pain, improve strength and flexibility, and reduce inflammation in the body — which, in turn, can help stave off chronic disease and death. Emerging research suggests yoga can increase body awareness.

Meditation - A meta-analysis including nearly 1,300 adults found that meditation may decrease anxiety. Notably, this effect was strongest in those with the highest levels of anxiety. Also, one study found that 8 weeks of mindfulness meditation helped reduce anxiety symptoms in people with [generalized anxiety disorder], along with increasing positive self-statements and improving stress reactivity and coping.

Plant Medicine - psilocybin is now being used to treat depression and other conditions. Yes this is being scientifically proven.

I could go on and on, but I just want to address your “anti scientific stuff” statement. Have a good day brother, much love.

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Nothing you stated above brings investors and holders to the Harmony ecosystem.
Why don’t you open up this spiritual healing in LA by yourself if it works so well?

Just another DAO that will unload money and never be heard from again.


Hey Rising DAO people :wave:, I consider myself a spiritual being, but I don’t see how this contributes to Harmony as a blockchain or to Harmony’s global community.


Each tier of NFT’s get more expensive. There are 10 tiers in the road map:

1 tier: 200 - $1750 = 350,000


10 tier: next 200 -$6250 = 1,250,000

Goal: 8,000,000

From what I got, in order to be a member of Rising DAO you need 1 NFT valued at a minimum of $1750. With these prices it seems to me that this DAO is aimed at the wealthiest segment of the population, which is contrary to the idea of spirituality being something necessary and accessible for the masses. Also, I don’t understand why you need “retreat centers” to heal and manifest your spirituality.

First 50% towards acquisition and improvement of real estate and facilitating events = $4 million

Again, I don’t see why you need to acquire real estate and how it’s related to healing and spirituality.

I think you are well-intentioned and if you truly believe in this project you should keep at it and try to get funding from the community itself, but not from Harmony’s treasury.


TLDR: I don’t see how this contributes to Harmony. The NFTs are overpriced, which I think makes your goals unrealistic. Because of this, I don’t think anyone would buy them, making the project unsustainable. Spirituality & healing have nothing to do with “acquiring” real estate. Harmony shouldn’t fund this.


How many of those 27% U.S adults would be willing to pay 1750$ for a lifetime membership to an organisation that doesn’t exist yet, plans to change leadership every 3 months and doesn’t own any facility where you folks meet to “heal”?

It’s funny that you guys are asking 15k to create NFTs when Harmony is one of the cheapest blockchains around (I didn’t notice it the first time I read the proposals).

Please, go on explaining how “energy healing” isn’t some anti-scientific crap? What energy are you talking about? How can I measure it? How can I store it?

Are you aware that psilocybin isn’t legal in the USA, yes? (Legal status of psilocybin mushrooms - Wikipedia)


The longer I hang around DAO funding proposals the more outrageous it becomes. I must admit I have cursed A LOT reading this thread.

Are you ALL people out of your damn mind? Is this serious? Never mind the people who ask for free money ride but Harmony team, please tell me this is a joke. Without even delving into details, the very first, the reader is greeted by a sunset photo of luxury hotel, scroll down: “we want 75k at first” and reply from Harmony “I am incredibly inspired”… Ridiculous.

Spiritual retreats funded by blockchain organisation. This CANNOT be real. What did I get myself into, I am genuinely asking myself how come I have become part of blockchain community that does this shit?


Rising DAO has seven (7) followers on twitter and fourteen (14) members on discord, including myself. The website is empty.

I am TRULY inspired. Let’s fund this.


Heard about this DAO on the reddit AMA thread today and some helpful soul linked me this site imploring me to take a look for myself at how absurd the state of affairs is.

I am just mindblown at what I’m seeing here. If I didn’t know this was a serious site with people seriously asking for grants for these “projects” and these were seriously being granted absurd amounts of money for it, I’d have assumed this was satire


I agree, this whole thing has been a complete joke with giving 50k bucks worth ONE to this shit that does nothing for the ecosystem that the dumps on investors.


What are the financial and technical implications of this DAO ? If this doesn’t have any please cease the funding. As a community member, I don’t agree with this proposal.


Hi all

Let’s not flatten everything. I was really furious when I saw some FlapMyWings dot com DAO and I politely advised them to reconsider their approach despite my gut feeling that they were Greenwashing.

However, this project despite I do not agree with some of their points, overall it gives at least to me good vibes.
Asking any ROI on monitory value alone is not an ecosystem and to an extent neither a viable business.

I don’t have to gain anything from writing something here but my efforts to help and at the same time protect the Harmony community as long as they are appreciated in my brain at least this is a tokenisation of appreciation. To an extent, it helps me pay ok not bills but my time I am using right now.

I picked up a random Healing that I thought what is this sounds Hippy Trippy- Shadow Works
I read
It’s typically done with a “Socratic approach” of questioning and exploration. This entails asking objective questions that elicit critical thinking and a re-examination of old stories and beliefs we hold about ourselves.

Boom yeah it now rings a bell. :innocent:

I read anything even things I don’t agree with I got once a book called Quantum consciousness. The guy that wrote it is a proper charlatan. However, in that book, he had a set of practising exercises to observe your thoughts while you are making decisions or functioning every day. Something like the Shadow Works decided above.
WOW I mean WOW. Did it work yeah very well it was hard work but the results were just amazing! I didn’t pay anything I just bought that book.

This Guy as I said is just a charlatan if you read anything else from him it’s just pure nonsense. However, he did not even realise what he found.

So, we are building a new economy and ecosystem that offer a better life to all. if we go 100% pure tech Harmony will suffer. If we go 100% all non tech DAO that will damage Harmony.
Even if Harmony is a pure economic ecosystem still it will require more than just Monetised ROI to be successful.

So we don’t know we experiment and rework things and we do it in a way that Harmony grows.

I say yes to this project and what i personally want to see is and value to the ecosystem even it it is not monetary

Note: Time spent 1h 4 mins


Tl;dr: you like the project personally
That’s all

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Yeah, theres a scary amount of buzzwords used, feels worse than politics

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