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:purple_heart: What is wellnessDAO?

WellnessDAO is a community with a shared interest in emphasizing the utmost importance of mental and physical health and wellness, starting with, but not limited to, the web3 community. Our mission is to prioritize the dialogue around spiritual growth and caring for our physical and psychological needs amidst the excitement and instantaneous pace of web3 and modern life. We combine modern holistic wellness practices, along with social accountability, to live and be well together, and gradually on-ramp the wellness-oriented, crypto-curious population into web3 interactions.

Infused into the fabric of our community is a culture of care, gratitude, and connection, through digital events such as social + guided meditations, immersive sound baths, yoga, group accountability in journaling, and in-person meetups. Per community feedback, we are also planning wellness retreats across the world with our network of coaches, instructors, and spiritual guides. Ultimately, our goal is to own and operate retreat centers (both IRL and in the meta-lands) and build a holistic, integrated, global wellness community. These retreats will be practice-agnostic, serving as a blank canvas for coaches, practitioners, and instructors to create unique experiences and boldly experiment with the existing paradigms of what it means to live well together.

:brain: Our Philosophy — Our “Why”

If you know the why, you can live any how.” — Friedrich Nietzsche

Imagine a world where web3 is built by the most self-compassionate, self-aware, empathetic technologists of our generation. We are at a unique crossroads in the future of modern human society — we have the chance to reinvent the web as we know it, to build technology for humans, to decentralize and democratize communities, to infuse values of inclusivity and care into the new world order, underpinned by decentralized computing systems. The gravity and urgency of this responsibility should not be lost on us.

Even beyond the importance of building mindfully in web3, the current mental health crisis has come to dominate the public narrative, after its inclusion in the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

In 2020 in the US alone, the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) reports that:

  • 1 in 5 adults experienced mental illness, while only 34% of those affected received mental health treatment (down from 43% in 2018)
  • 1 in 3 young adults (18-25) experienced mental illness
  • Suicide is the second leading cause of death among people aged 10-34 in the United States, and the overall suicide rate has increased 35% since 1999
  • 77% of respondents in Deloitte’s marketplace survey on burnout report employee burnout (source)

These outcomes are only exacerbated for the crypto demographic, with 24/7 market volatility and the ever-present fear of missing out (FOMO) — the crypto market never sleeps, but we as humans need to care for our bodies and minds if we hope to build for the next hundred years.

Methods and Measures: The Community Roadmap

WellnessDAO exists to amplify the focus on wellness amidst the chaos of our world today; our primary mandate is to build and sustain a healthy, open, and welcoming community of people who support one another in their wellness journeys. In order to achieve our mandates, the following are the methods and measures we believe that we need to focus on in the upcoming quarters. Our three mandates (with two submandates each) are as follows:

  1. Proactive:

    a. Practice proactive and preventative practices instead of reactive solutions, together :person_in_lotus_position:

    Host virtual sessions through things like breathwork, qigong, yoga, meditation. We will host weekly small events (social meditation, journaling) and biweekly big events (breathwork, yoga class)

    Smaller sessions: Current :family_man_woman_girl_boy:: 5-10 // Goal :chart_with_upwards_trend:: 15-20

    Larger events: Current :family_man_woman_girl_boy:: 28 (most recent sound bath) // Goal :chart_with_upwards_trend:: 50+

    b. Consciously integrate wellness practices into the fabric of web3 :thread:

    :speaking_head: Host external sessions for other DAOs and communities, what we call DAO-to-DAO services. This serves a twofold purpose: 1) distribution channel to propagate wellnessDAO’s mission and offerings and cross-pollinate mission-driven communities 2) cementing the importance of mental health and wellness resources into the “paradigm shift” that is decentralized, flexible, open employment with web3 orgs. To date, we have facilitated social meditation sessions for other DAOs and are in discussion with educational groups (Developer DAO, Gitcoin), impact groups (Toucan Protocol), underrepresented minority affinity groups (Surge, Boys Club, HerHouse) and social groups (Friends with Benefits)

    Feedback received: “I apparently needed your meditation session more than I was aware. About 8 minutes in I found myself welling up with emotion and crying a bit… feeling gratitude” - web3con x wellnessDAO social meditation participant

    Continue hosting 3-4 sessions a month for external groups

    :handshake: Ongoing partnerships with brands and celebrities adopting web3 to celebrate the importance of mental health/wellness. Harry Hudson is one of our current celebrity partners championing music NFTs and mental health.

    Secure another A-list celebrity (>100K+ followers)

  2. Growth:

    a. Facilitate growth of the community but also of the individual :tanabata_tree:

    :chart: Top-line growth. Focused on quality > quantity but it is important for exposure. We aim to grow social media and following presence to:

    discord members from 250 ⇒ 2000+ members

    twitter from 400 ⇒ 5000+ members

    :world_map: The map is not the territory; wellness is more than the motions of self-care, meditation, exercise, yoga, etc. Rather, it is the holistic journey of self-compassion, best articulated by Dennis Tirch: “Self-compassion isn’t just about gentle yoga, taking baths or getting massages. It’s about consciously noticing long-term patterns of avoidance and building the skills to change those patterns. It’s about cultivating mindfulness, courage, and our sense of connection to the world.” (Source here). This is difficult to quantify but of utmost importance to measuring our impact.

    Encourage members to “DAO The Work” — the tough work of self-reflection, intrinsically-motivated change, self-acceptance and self-respect — and hold each other accountable for treating ourselves and each other with integrity

    Host open panels and discussions that encourage, but do not force, vulnerability and courage

    b. Onboard new users onto web3 through the universal need for wellness :earth_africa:

    :sparkles: Recruiting wellness wizards: Continue adding to the repertoire of teachers and experts across different wellness practices, who are looking to expand their businesses and audiences into web3. Already, the community includes therapists, sound meditation coaches, yoga instructors, sports psychologists, psychedelic spirituality guides. As we scale, we’ll be able to attract more targeted domain experts and curate a diverse offering of practices.

    Recruit 20 new wellness coaches (including yoga, qigong, martial arts, meditation, breathwork teachers) by Q2 2022

    Increase the quality of instruction and classes as we attract more seasoned teachers, potentially building native, community-owned applications or curated content libraries

    Establish a weekly schedule of recurring classes

    :chains: Establish proof of wellness on-chain to unlock further benefits: for our first sound bath, we airdropped participation NFTs (see “What about NFTs?” below) to attendees; for some, this is the first NFT they’ve ever interacted with. Humans across web1, web2, and web3, and all future paradigms of the web, need to live well; we are bullish on the wellness onramp as a way to intersect the next 100m users into wellness and/or web3.

    Distribute 500 participation NFTs to new wallets

    c. Connection:

    Foster meaningful digital connection that humanizes the avatars behind the screen :man_technologist:

    :notebook_with_decorative_cover: Promoting a humanizing discourse of kindness, acceptance and shared experiences: journaling, meditating together via discord channels or Zoom.

    Increase # of weekly active individuals in the #journaling channel

    Send a survey to people who attend social meditations.

     > ex: How likely are you to recommend this to a friend? (Goal: All Very Likely)
     > How did you feel before? How do you feel now? (1-10) (Goal: raise by an average of 4/5 points)

    :coin: Host a wellness space in Metaverse: Sandbox, Decentraland, or others

    Acquire a parcel of land in the metaverse

    Host metaverse meet and greet events and yoga sessions

  3. Bridge digital connections into physical experiences :beach_umbrella:

    :palm_tree: Host in-person retreats in Bali (late 2022) with secured funding. We are in discussions with hospitality partners. Participants will drive the content and agenda of these retreats and share their experiences with the larger community to both inform personal practices as well as advise activities for future wellnessDAO retreats

    Host one retreat in 2022, and 3 retreats in 2023

    :coffee: Provide early supporters and NFT holders with in-person meetups, branded luxury goods (leisurewear and attire), and exclusive coaching sessions

    Launch a line of wellnessDAO branded merchandise

    Launch meetups in major cities (already hosted in SF and NYC)

    sell $5,000 worth in AR by 2023

    Continue to grow capital and reinvest funds in high-quality merchandise, wellness retreats, experiences, etc.

NFT Roadmap

WellnessDAO curates good vibes and an all-inclusive community. We use NFTs to bootstrap funding, reward early contributors and prioritize ownership and self-sovereignty.

We are launching 3 types of NFTs with utility:

  • Participation NFTs: Essentially a POAP, we airdrop participants an NFT badge of wellness for each biweekly big event they attend. This serves as an onramp into web3 interactions and active community participation, and encourages positive behaviors in wellness and web3 familiarity
  • Contributor NFTs: To reward our contributors/participants (1-3 hrs/a week min, exception for guest teachers), we will airdrop them a contributor NFT. This NFT will grant access to contributor swag, priority access to other NFTs and exclusive sessions proportional to contributions.
  • Passport NFTs: We will be minting 500 Genesis Passport NFTs (Late April/May TBD), for 0.3-0.4 ETH each. This will provide access to the following:
    • :cactus: Lifelong access to wellnessDAO IRL retreats (max redemption once a year): use it or lose it, retreat access can also be gifted to another community member. Curated offerings across yoga, breathwork, ice baths, sound meditations and plant medicine. Holders collect passport stamps for retreats in different locations and methodologies.

    • :sparkles: Exclusive, priority, and complimentary access to wellnessDAO member meet-ups, and sessions across different cities. We are partnering with local studios to offer community yoga classes in NYC, LA and SF.

    • :microphone: NFT-gated members-only chat on Discord to ask questions to licensed wellness coaches/clinicians around mental health, 1:1 sessions, etc.

      • In-person meetups with celebrities and/or licensed coaches
    • :heartbeat: IRL swag and gifts, including a wellness starter kit, and branded gear like t-shirts, hoodies

    • :national_park: Presale, skip the line access to future project drops

    • :person_raising_hand: Governance voting rights on WellnessDAO’s community wallet funds, initiatives, and future topics for sessions and seminars


:one: Feb 2022 :white_check_mark:: Create discord, social media presence, and engage early community members who will guide and shape the direction of our community.

:two: Feb / March 2022 (Current): Host our first series of events for genesis members, tracked through non-transferrable contribution NFTs and participation NFTs:

  1. Guided sound meditations from one of our coaches, seminar on topics of the community’s choice, in-person meetups, town hall discussions
  2. Organize into a DAO and start identifying how to use funds, and obtaining access to world-class instructors across practices

:three: Q2 2022: Season 1 early supporter launch — passport NFTs which activate perpetual retreat access (one a year), token-gated community access, governance, perks, and physical wellness perks. More in “What About NFTs?”

  1. Continued digital experiences/sessions like yoga, breathwork, sound meditations
  2. Launch Merchandise Line promoted by celebrity partners

:four: Mid-Late 2022: broader community engagement, including

  1. Host physical in-person meetups in LA, SF, NYC by renting out yoga studios and hiring teachers
  2. Host wellness sessions in the metaverse, sandbox + Decentraland
  3. June 2022: NFT.NYC wellness space. Will provide IRL yoga classes, space with wellness product sponsors, as well as a chill lounge to hang + meditate

:five: Late 2022: Acquisition of community assets: acquiring parcels of land in the metaverse, and potentially a physical retreat space. Will allow DAO community to decide where!

August/September 2022: hosting a physical wellness retreat in Bali with @HighVibesNetwork

Season 2 broader community launch — NFT membership mints priced at .10 ETH (TBD), for single-use at location-specific or practice-specific events.

:six: Early 2023 and Beyond: Continue to grow and obtain partnerships in wellness and web3.

Jan 2023: Web3 x Wellness hackathon ⇒ Built a blockchain-based application focused on wellness! Give out prizes and seed fund winners with funding.

:seven: 2024 and Beyond: expand to additional assets and creation of a global membership community. Establish Wellness Centers IRL across the world!

Budget Usage (Q1 ⇒ Q4)

Itemization Cost Estimate ~
Contributors $20,000
Instructors $20,000
IRL events (yoga classes, etc) $10,000
Sponsorships for travel/conferences $10,000
IRL retreats $20,000
NFT Events/Partnership $3,000
Engineering Infrastructure + Tooling $2,000
Legal and Inc. $5,000
Swag, Marketing, etc $5,000
Total = $100,000

Gnosis Safe: matic:0xAA9Ca7EB4883A9a111aA1E124404D33C6D94430A

:two_hearts: Meet the Team

  • ZiZi Zhang, zeez#9952, is a venture capital investor and web3 entrepreneur. She has previously co-founded and launched NFTs at the intersection of sports and entertainment, including partnerships with athletes, sports teams, metaverse startups and more. Her professional career spans investing, financial advisory (tradfi :disappointed:), and data science. She is passionate about helping individuals discover their optimal balance between mental wellness and achievement/ambition defined in intrinsic terms, onboarding the crypto-curious and underrepresented onto today’s web3, and navigating mental health and wellness for a sustainable future web3.

  • Eric Chen, the_web3_yogi#8077, is a serial technologist and yogi. He was previously a software engineer at Salesforce and is 200 YYT certified. He has worked in partnerships, ecosystem development, integrations, and currently B2B sales. He is extremely passionate about wellness and spirituality, having done many retreats, and identifies with practices like yoga and meditation. He lovingly shares his yoga, and breathwork practices, and hopes to cultivate a community of like-minded people where to help and learn from others, and eventually be in the same room to connect.

  • Eric Deng, kfine#5470, is a product manager and angel investor with experience in deep tech, consumer, and robotics. He is passionate about communities and growing together as his own personal (ongoing) wellness journey has been heavily influenced by those around him and while his growth is still very much a work in progress, building wellnessDAO and providing a safe community for others to be a part of to grow together is something that he believes is critical to ~everyone’s long-term growth.

  • Kajal Dayal, kajal#8147, is a portfolio analyst (in tradfi for now) and fitness bootcamp instructor. She is passionate about mental health, fitness, and daily wellness habits that she can share and develop with a community of like-minded people. WellnessDAO serves as the perfect intersection of those passions, and is a community she is very excited to help build.

  • Kayla Cho, @kycc96, is an operations lead and community developer at DAO LA, an emerging IRL meetup space for web3 natives. She is a certified data scientist/analyst with an academic background in business and is currently leveraging her expertise to become a product manager. As an advocate of web3 and holistic health, Kayla is passionate about connecting people with ideas while creating value along the way.

  • Tiffany Trinh @tiff#8436 is a UX designer working in the intersection of art and technology. She cares about creating meaningful experiences together while navigating her own wellness journey. She’s excited to visualize innovative concepts in the web3 space.

  • Bryan Yan, @bryanyan.eth is a software engineer at a mental health startup. He’s passionate about wellness and is excited about the potential of web3 and DAOs, and building wellnessDAO is the perfect intersection of the two.

  • Brian Nguyen, @ham choi boi #8687, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, He has worked with thousands of clients from all walks of life and has helped many on their path to wellness. His passions lies in helping others and allowing them to form meaningful and compassionate relationships. WellnessDAO is something he truly believes in that will allow others to grow and become healthy.

  • Neil Mehta, Drøgøn#4713, is a healthcare tech strategy consultant and data scientist. He is passionate about the science behind wellness practices and the gap present currently in traditional medicine in understanding how wellness practices can help people be healthier and happier. He is excited to help build wellnessDAO into a strong community where people can learn from one another to find the specific wellness practices that can help each person live a healthier and happier life.

  • Brian Sheng, @bassjackbear, is a climate tech entrepreneur who cares deeply about making a positive impact on the environment and society. Having personally been through the tremendous roller coaster of mental and physical health, running a company, and as a former athlete training for the NFL, wellnessDAO is bringing awareness to the practices and methods he wishes he knew more about in his past wellness journey.

  • Sandeep Peddada, @deepsandd, is a co-founder of a venture-backed startup in the Entertainment space. Outside of sports & entertainment, he is passionate about mental health and wellness, and has been on a journey for the past 10+ years to find balance and fulfillment in his own life. He’s excited about helping others along their own wellness journeys through thoughtful conversations.

Next election date: 6/1/2022

Relevant Links

Landing Page: http://wellnessdao.life

Discord: wellnessDAO

Whitepaper: [wellnessDAO: the whitepaper — wellnessDAO]

Twitter: http://twitter.com/wellnessDAO

Instagram: http://instagram.com/wellnessDAO


mental health and wellness should be more than an afterthought, post-burnout - instead, we as a community should be held accountable to best practices, proactive initiatives and social accountability measures to care for ourselves and our fellow web citizens. excited to watch wellnessDAO grow as the future of wellness in web3 :handshake:


Wow roadmap seems promising. Love the idea of social meditation.

Looking forward to seeing where this goes!


Ohhhh excited to see wellnessDAO here – been to a few of the Twitter Spaces (s/o to getting big stars like Harry Hudson!) and also the social wellness events put on by the group such as social meditation! Excited to see where this goes, can definitely see this being the go-to community for online wellness practices and products!


Love this guys, I actually have a good friend who is a Yoga teacher who has taught over the world and now develops their own Holistic Therapy programs and PT focusing on mental and physical well-being. I would love to know how I can introduce them to your community? Twitter Spaces? Excited to see this come to fruition.


wow, amazing!!

Would love to connect. Join us on discord, or dm on Twitter! Can set some time up to chat from there!


This is my personal one too :slight_smile: https://twitter.com/the_web3_yogi


Sounds really exciting, so many mental health channels in every NFT projects and I’m surprised theres no wellness DAO already. Tons of potential.


Amazing road map and direction. I can see WellnessDAO having a firm representation in the web3 community at scale—based on current engagement/team activity, establishing its roots through partnerships and collaborations is only a matter of time.

Web3 natives need to think more about their IRL mind and body. Bravo!


Love this! WellnessDAO is one solution to bringing psychological freedom in an attention economy


This is an incredibly important topic that doesn’t get addressed nearly enough in our lives today. Excited to see where it goes!!


Love the mission and “DAOing the work” should be your slogan because it’s awesome! Great team and I’ve enjoyed attending Wellness DAO events like the sound bath and journaling calls. Such a cozy space and haven in the often hectic and constantly overstimulated world we live in today. Looking forward to seeing ur growth in the future :slight_smile:


Prevention through daily active practice in wellness is so important! The incredible and well rounded team has clearly thought about this in great detail, and I can’t wait to see the impactful and meaningful work that will continue via WellnessDAO!!


Very excited to see this growth! The disconnect between the importance of wellness and the opportunities for support in society is too great, so I’m looking forward to seeing the progress this year. Love to see the roadmap so fleshed out


I’ll reach out today! Be exciting to see how far along your DAO is and how I could introduce you to someone that could potentially accelerate the growth


Thank you for submitting a proposal to Harmony’s $300M Ecosystem Fund. Allow me to be your representative on behalf of the Grants committee. We are in the process of reviewing your proposal.

If you have more details to add, please do so by replying to this thread. We would also love :blue_heart: to have the Harmony community participate to ask questions and provide feedbacks.

cc: @Sam @frwrdslosh


Thank you @Jacksteroo and always available to answer any questions!


Hello, @the-web3-yogi :person_in_lotus_position:

Extremely grateful to have had the chance to dive in to this proposal. Wen Sound Bath for Harmony DAO Ops team @Sam

I would like to encourage you to visit our DAO Funding Guidelines page and review how we evaluate and fund DAOs.

We break our DAO funding into - at minimum - three “tranches”; Bootstrap, Operational, Expansion. You can read more about it on the guidelines.

For the Bootstrap Grant, The minimal requirements for are:

  1. Mandates: 3 mandates. Specific. Precise. Each mandate to have two sub-clauses to provide further clarification on these mandates. All three mandates and their sub-clauses should fit within a tweet.

    1. EXAMPLES:

      Developer DAO:
      Support -
      Resolve daily issues on forums & channels, drive weekly meeting agenda
      Bounties - Prioritize bugs & features with task management & contributor retention
      Advocacy - Hold workshops & events, content marketing with talks & blogs

      Basic DAO:
      Timesheets -
      Help contributors track work hours & deliverables in public
      Payroll - Setup paid challenges, wallets, streaming payments & taxes
      Reviews - Follow up performance feedback for bonus or penalty, rage quits, or kicks.

  2. Deliverables: Looking forward for the next 3 months only, identify key deliverables directly tied to the mandates of your DAO that you will be focused on accomplishing. Be specific. Chart, in steps, how you will get from where you start to delivering your goal.

  3. Metrics: Quantifiable and verifiable. List the “stretch goal” metrics that you and your DAO will be using to measure your impact in furthering your mandate. Low bars of success indicate a certain level of disengagement, while high bars and stretch goals indicate confidence in yourself and your community to accomplish that about which you are passionate.

  4. Signers: List the 9 signers of the multisig that will start your DAO. NOTE: As we have said in the DAO Funding Guidelines (Guidelines for Harmony Grants) being a governor is not about having a part-time job. Think about your three mandates and try to find passionate individuals that have the skillset and expertise to help you accomplish those goals.

  5. Gnosis Safe Multisig Wallet: Establish a multisig wallet that requires 5 out of the 9 governors to approve the disbursement of funds.

  6. Schedule the Next Election: DAOs are not kingdoms. The initial signers of the multisig do not rule by divine right, nor are they supposed to be “Signers-for-Life”. DAOism is about community. About passionate participation in projects. It is vital that we have a regular rotation of community members experiencing the responsibility of managing the DAOs treasury.

I believe the Wellness DAO’s “methods and measures” can be considered “mandates”. Would love your feedback on that regard, I was able to pick out several lovely deliverables out of the roadmap and metrics for those deliverables as well. I noticed your multisig wallet was matic. If approved, you will need to create a Harmony multisig as well to receive the bootstrap grant.

Please note that we are currently revising the Harmony DAO Bootstrap program. We believe that a “Minimally Viable DAO” is one that has accomplished, at least, the following three items:

  1. Established a multisig wall with a 5 out of 9 signature requirement.
  2. Held an election for those 9 signatories that includes at least 12 candidates and over 100 voters.
  3. Has issued an “Membership Token” of some sort (a DAO NFT, for example)

For the initial bootstrap grant an approved DAO will receive $15K for accomplishing the multisig milestone, $15K for accomplishing the election, and $20K for accomplishing the NFT (which the Wellness DAO has some FABULOUS ideas about).

Please clarify the mandates for me, and form a Harmony multisig wallet, in order to be considered for approval. Really looking forward to the updates. And, of course, let me know if you have any questions or comments.


Hi @frwrdslosh @Sam!

So honored and grateful that you guys reviewed our proposal and really appreciate the feedback. Would love to host some meditation sessions for yall in your server too!

I believe the Wellness DAO’s “methods and measures” can be considered “mandates”. Would love your feedback on that regard, I was able to pick out several lovely deliverables out of the roadmap and metrics for those deliverables as well.

Totally, we designed this with the 3 mandates in mind! Each method == mandate, with the measures encompassing the short-term to long-term visions that we have in mind. Let me know if that makes sense!

To recap, the mandates would be as follows:

  1. Proactivity: Shift the narrative of wellness from being an afterthought to a proactive lifestyle and priority.
  2. Growth: Grow the community and the individuals in it!
  3. IRL: Bridge the gap between wellness x web3, and provide IRL utility!

We have established a gnosis safe on the harmony protocol with the 5 of 9 signer requirement and this is our address:

We’ve updated the landing page to reflect this new roadmap as well, here: http://wellnessdao.life

In addition, we will be hosting our governor election on 5/1/22. Any tools that you recommend for doing this? We will airdrop community members an NFT shortly after that to commemorate.

Would it be possible to reach out via Telegram or Discord for any direct questions we may have?

P.S I know you guys were in NFT LA partying it up with @kyc96 :slight_smile:, but we will be at a booth in NFT Miami if anyone is local!!


Hi WellnessDAO, we have liked the idea in your proposal, and I think it will make a good contribution to the Harmony ecosystem.

In regards to the question about any tool for election voting, we can recommend Snapshot.


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please feel free to add me on TG @frwrdslosh, or ask me anything here on talk!

Thanks! Expect an update :soon:

And as @PetoriDAO said, snapshot.org is a great governance tool. Check out Aragon as well.