Rising DAO - Spiritual Retreats

Name of DAO: RisingDAO

Application Type: Community DAO


From Ancestors to Avatars.

We are choosing to RISE to the occasion of becoming embodied ancestors. Our community leads with the desire to live in balance with the analog and digital worlds.

In our lifetime we shall witness a world where the advancements and convergences of certain technologies will alter the very definition of a human being. Before long, we envisage a change in the default perception of what constitutes a human being in the affluent world. As we enter the age of Transhumanism and the integration into fully virtual worlds, we anticipate a deep yearning for our community to be merged with planetary consciousness and soul. At RISINGDAO, we are concerned about synergistic co-existence as we approach the technological singularity. We are seeking a back to the future approach to transhumanism and the transition to existing as digital avatars in the metaverse worlds. Our DAO seeks to immerse our community, and ourselves, in ancient spiritual practices, and tools, to gain a holistic and expansive framework around our metaphysical and spiritual sense of being Human. At RISINGDAO retreats and events we incorporate healing modalities that will give our community the inner resources to cultivate the rise of kundalini from within and flower the outward expression of our collective consciousness towards a renaissance in art and spirituality.

RISINGDAO is a community that has spiritual retreat events across the globe (starting in California.) Currently, we already have a fully functional retreat center which we will utilize as our first event center. We will also have events across the globe voted on by the DAO in places such as Costa Rica, Peru, Sedona, Crestone, Mt. Shasta, Tulum, Chichen-itza, etc.

How will this benefit the blockchain ecosystem? With Crypto and Spirituality being worldwide, RISINGDAO makes it our goal to have worldwide retreats for our members. Many in the conscious community already have a distrust in centralized government and banks, making the transition to the blockchain and decentralized organizations an easy option. Past conscious communities like communes have risen but many have fallen due to power struggles, jealousy, and distrust. RisingDAO aims to rid members of these downfalls by placing power into the communities hands, and by having governors switch out every 3 months after a year setup period.

When becoming a member of RisingDAO, members get lifetime access to spiritual retreats held by the DAO. Usually spiritual retreats can run anywhere from 500$ to over 5,000$ USD per person to attend, and that’s just one event.

When joining the DAO community, you get membership access of the retreat center events, access to voting for what spiritual events you would like to take place, event locations, and what modalities of healing that should take place including:

  • Digital Detox
  • Soundbaths
  • Full moon circles
  • Ecstatic dancing
  • Yoga
  • Tantra
  • Meditation
  • Breathwork
  • Shadowwork
  • Energy healing
  • Plant Medicine Ceremonies
  • and more

There is a hard cap of 2000 NFT’s to the public, an extra 1000 will be held by the treasury, that will provide members access to voting in the community, to attend any free events, and to be given the option to be active in the community. Voting will be held every three months to change governors. We will be using a one for one NFT vote with 80% passing votes.

Part of the money raised will be parked in stable coins earning interest in varying blue chip protocols such as aave or curve to help sustain the community’s operational costs. This will make it so the DAO can function as a self Sustaining entity.

We will have a starting retreat in Temecula California and after every 400 members we will hit a new milestone, and open up another retreat center that our members can go to. The eventual goal would be for the DAO to decide on the location of the home base (after our 2000 member) which would constitute a spiritual healing retreat as a permanent community center. The members will not own the land, but rather be stewards of the land, taking care to make sure we respect and care for Gaia.

What stage of idea are you at?

Currently, we are in the beginning of the execution stage. We have 9 governors, are on FB, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, Discord and have a website up and running in which we are currently in work with an active harmony associate to help with minting the membership on our website. We also have a business and ads manager set up on FB and Instagram ready to run ads to increase our following and message. The DAO’s multi-sig wallet is currently live on harmony. Currently we are on the Harmony multi-sig wallet, and we are live on Aragon on the harmony network. We currently have our main team, but plan on having a membership cap of 2000 and we plan on amassing a larger following however of at least 10K.

With Community being a huge part in retreats and spiritual circles, it Is imperative that the future of spiritual communities be represented by a DAO. RisingDAO emphasizes three divine pillars: community, healing and stewardship

3 Mandates, sub-mandates:

  1. Community

a. Creating a large community that helps uplift, teach, learn, connect, and ultimately building a safe space for vulnerability and healing.

b. Members will have access to our bounties, events, voting, and more to get RisingDAO members involved.

  1. Healing

a. Find practitioners that are respected and are well versed in their healing craft

b. Set up events that promote a conducive environment to help process traumas, heal energetically and find internal peace.

  1. Stewardship

a. Increase community engagement and love for the DAO through bounties that allow members to get more involved in the community

b. To help new members get more active in the community and foster more votes.

Metrics For Success: 3 month deliverable and timeline


Increase Community:

  • Increase twitter followers to 500 followers at the end of the first month. Work on getting 2000 twitter followers by the end of the third month.
  • Reach 300 instagram followers at the end of the first month. Work on getting 1500 instagram followers by the end of the third month.
  • Funnel 10% of twitter and instagram community into discord

Pre-Mint NFT’s to join membership:

  • Initiate pre-minting for first community members that came in and give the first 50 NFT’s at a 70% discount.


Find Vetted Practitioners for Retreats:

  • Make a list of 30 vetted practitioners and healing modalities that the community can vote on participating in.

Work on setting up events:

  • We have our first retreat center. We will have our first event in California on the Temecula retreat center.


Increase Community Engagement:

  • set up bounties for participants of the DAO to help engage the community, each month will have different bounties.

Increase Voting Engagement:

  • make 1 poap a month where members can use the poaps for more voting power

First 3 months Timeline (start when grant given): PRELAUNCH


Each tier of NFT’s get more expensive. There are 10 tiers in the road map:

1 tier: 200 - $1750 = 350,000

2 tier: next 200 -$2250 = 450,000

3 tier: next 200 -$2750 = 550,000

4 tier: next 200 - $3250 = 650,000

5 tier: next 200 - $3750 = 750,000

6 tier: next 200 - $4250 = 850,000

7 tier: next 200 - $4750 = 950,000

8 tier: next 200 -$5250 = 1,050,000

9 tier: next 200- $5750 = 1,150,000

10 tier: next 200 -$6250 = 1,250,000

Goal: 8,000,000

First 50% towards acquisition and improvement of real estate and facilitating events = $4 million

Second 50% into investor pot = $4 million

How much funding do you need?

As of now, we are requesting a Harmony DAO bootstrap grant for 75K.

We will work on trying for Phase II when the time comes: $100K


Kenna Johnson

Kenna is a digital marketing freelancer currently in the web2 space but gaining knowledge in web3 marketing. She has a deep knowledge in web design, social media, online ads, and overall marketing strategy. She is an outgoing, people person who helped unite the Rising DAO team.

Sanaz Abravani

Sanaz Abravani is a passionate advocate for global citizenship, digital wellness and holistic, ethical implementation of AI technologies. This passion is embodied in her role as the Executive Producer of the upcoming documentary Detox, which compellingly conveys her concern over the commoditization of digital data by Big Tech and the debilitating effects of tech addiction on individuals and on society as a whole. Sanaz has been an a serial investor in projects and ventures that inspire the convergence of Social Artistry | Community| Impact | Technology.

Alejandro Glatt

Alejandro Glatt is a Tulum based multidisciplinary artist, passionate about the aesthetic and energetic interactions between fruits, colors and humans with a visual arts and permaculture background specializing in fruits, he understands the fruit growing process and how to manifest an abundance cycle he finds and shares the essence of fruit, represented through an artistic and sensual lens, through altars, ceremonies and big scale art installations. Glatt has been featured in a variety of hotels, festivals and retreats in miami, tulum, mykonos, melbourne, los ángeles, santa teresa, mexico city, xilitla and tel aviv.

Jayden Sage

Jayden Sage is a Wall Street Mathematician who has been in the Blockchain space since 2011. He serves as a Speaker and Advisor to startups, universities, government entities, and industry in the upcoming transformation to digital currencies. He is an Angel Investor and Strategist in various metaverse ecosystems. Jayden is also the founder of Celestial Ventures, an investment fund in deep space ventures.

Nelson Merchan

CEO of Light Node Media. Advisory, Marketing & Events firm in the crypto space. Supporting the growth of SpiritDAO by bringing the right partners, building community and properly communicating the vision.

Mel Vera

Mel Vera is a social entrepreneur and reputable leader in the blockchain space. Currently, Mel is the Director of Community at DoinGud an NFT platform empowering creators and social impact organizations. Mel is also the founder and executive director of NFT Classroom a non-profit focused on empowering inner-city youth through NFT education. Mel is also an advisor in Blockchain Education Network (BEN) and RealItems. In the past, Mel was part of the business development team at Injective Protocol and was the Executive Vice President for the Blockchain Education Network (BEN). In 2019 Mel founded Altus, a nonprofit in Medellin focused on reducing youth violence and unemployment by educating low-income youth around Blockchain, ai, robotics, and ecology.


Waylon is a computer scientist working part-time at Hedera. His research interests lay at the intersection of mathematics, computer science, and philosophy. He is currently working on documenting Hedera’s support for the EThereum Virtual Machine(EVM) and educating EVM developers on how to deploy their Smart Contracts to Hedera. Fun fact: Waylon grew up off-the-grid in a Tibetan Budhist community for the first 13 years of his life. The lineage was the Nyingma school of thought.


Josia Elliott is originally from a small town in Wyoming. Her love of film and TV called her to Los Angeles where she works as a TV Producer in LA. She has worked for NBCUniversal, CNBC, Steve Harvey, Jay Leno, Buzzfeed, and has made several True-Crime shows for Oxygen and ID Network. In her free time, she used to run and host multiple comedy shows that focused on an inclusive line-up. Additionally, she runs a group of 700 people in the film and television industry called “Goal Crushers” where she helps people reach clear, specific, measurable career goals every month.

What help do you need or what gaps are there in your team?


As of now we have everyone we need minus 1 more person to make our 9 governors (were currently working on that). We have a developer consultant, finance specialist, marketing, events manager, NFT creator, and community manager. The only thing that we are missing is someone from Harmony to help with guiding us on how we can stay within Harmony DAO guidelines.

Extenal Links


Facebook: Redirecting...

Instagram: Login • Instagram

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @RisingDAO

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RisingDAO

Discord: SpiritDAO

Website: http://risingdao.xyz

Harmony Multi-Sig wallet: 0xc49368e86F777DA18BCdd75fdCb1eE3c96f44f93

Retreat Photos: https://bit.ly/3tQ1dhi


This looks amazing! Can’t wait to be apart of it.

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What a powerhouse team!


I like it , we could work with AURADOGS DAO for sure !


Looks great! Looking forward to the launch.

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Awesome seeing this DAO come together during ETHDenver! :slight_smile: great work on your proposal!!
They should be be on your radar @Sam


So exciting!
This is such a well thought out and kindhearted project.
I am delighted to be here at the early stages.
Blessings to the team and everyone else involved.


Interesting idea​:bulb: good work :clap:

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This is amazing ! I always was thinking about attending a special retreat like this. It is really good for body and mental health also new friendships. I am excited to hear more

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This is so well thought-out. It brings a sense of calm and peace to the stress of keeping up with the future of crypto, web3, meta, etc.
I can’t wait to be a part of it!!

This project solves three problems that I see. First, to renew the spirit and get the reminder of ‘who I am,’ in the midst of a society that seems to just be going faster and faster. It provides IRL community which is important in the increasing digital society. It takes the hierarchy out of healing, and this is badly needed, as I have seen too many healers defeated by their ego as they gain more popularity and power.

Additionally anyone involved in the DAO is exposed to the ideas behind NFTs/POAPs and DAOs.

Go Kenna and team, so cool to see how your vision materialized,


We know some healers that would love to be the 9th governor!

I’m really excited to see this project come together. I think the team composition is great and that you’re going to do some beautiful things. While very widespread, spirituality in crypto and web3 is fragmented. I’m looking forward to seeing this be both a bridge to the spiritual world outside of crypto, and a uniting of the many people who are on their spiritual journeys within the space.

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Very cool. Let me know when it’s live!

I like the model of access to the retreat by way of limited supply NFT. I think it’ll be important to keep the holding group tight in order to ensure frequent participation in retreats and ensure it remains an intimate and meaningful experience , seems pretty aligned with Harmony’s cultural approach as well, super exciting~


Exciting work! I look forward to seeing where this takes us all!

Hello, @Kennamykitty!

I believe I met some of the RisingDAO members and spoke with them in Denver! Thank you so much for this elegant proposal. I am incredibly inspired.

Your proposal appears to be perfect, aside from scheduling a date for the second election. Harmony recommends 3 month terms for the multisig signers. Also, we have had to restructure our funding guidelines since we last spoke. As of March 9th we have adjusted the initial bootstrap grant to $50K.

  1. Established a multisig wall with a 5 out of 9 signature requirement.
  • $15K
  1. Held an election for those 9 signatories that includes at least 12 candidates and over 100 voters.
  • 15K
  1. Has issued an “Membership Token” of some sort (a DAO NFT, for example)
  • $20K
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Hi @frwrdslosh !

We currently have our wallet set up.

We are working on our NFTs as we speak

And we have our first election scheduled for the end of June. :heart:

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I love this DAO and project!! This is SO NEEDED. The best of luck to you on getting this funded :rocket:

Yes! I agree. I can’t wait to see how we evolve :heart: