RPC DAO Council Q1 2022 Candidate: Austin from Hermes DeFi

Hello everyone!
My name is Austin Hovland, and I’m making my formal announcement to run to be a member of the RPC 2.0 DAO. I’m the CMO and Validator/RPC operator at Hermes DeFi, a platform dedicated to making decentralized finance easy. We have been providing our RPC to the public for a number of weeks now and we have worked hard to make it a reliable experience! You can find the details about it here.

I am currently wrapping up my PhD in Bioinformatics and have extensive experience with Linux system administration and coding in R, Python, Bash, and others. I also have lots of project management experience from managing a PhD project as well as the Hermes DeFi community.

I’ve already been working with a number of other RPC DAO Council Applicants, participating in Validator/RPC meetings, and brainstorming how to make this the easiest thing to implement for the end RPC runners. I think I have the right set of skills to help organize and execute the mission of taking the Harmony RPC to the next level!


Awesome to see you here! Hermes Defi has proven to be a user friendly platform that is enjoyed by many. The RPC Hermes currently offers is fantastic. Will see you in the votings!


I’d love to see HermesDeFi receive the recognition it deserves. Love the team, love the project… you have my full support.


Speaking as a community member on Hermes as well as a moderator for Hermes, I can’t speak highly enough of Austin. Austin always goes above and beyond to explain questions and provide thorough answers, as well as seems to genuinely appreciate feedback during discussions. This is the type of person I want as a council member, one who not only gives advice and input… but also is open to receiving it.


Hermesedfi community member that have been following the team since early December of 2021 and can categorically tell you how innovative and transparent the journey has been all the way from our telegram group till we migrated to discord for better security. Responsive, partnerships, user friendly interface, detailed tokenomics and transparency. Carrying every community member along as well as Defi education to guide you with the necessary decision. To the Hermes defi team, kudos.


A knowledgeable and respectful friend, whom I know through the Hermes Defi community.

In all our meetings with him, Hermes Defi is a solution-oriented person who always listens to all my criticisms and suggestions and takes immediate action.

I believe he will do an active and successful job in the development of the Harmony community/network at the RPC Dao Council.

I support his candidacy wholeheartedly.

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I would love to have you on the RPC DAO for sure! You know you have my support here, @Austin :100:


Well i simply have no complaints with Hermes. I’ve been quite impressed with everything they’ve done and have enjoyed my experience with their various products