Running for Developer DAO Governor: Dylan Kawalec - "Chaotic Beauty LLC"

Good Evening Harmony Family,

I’m happy to announce my 2nd term for the Developer DAO! :partying_face:

From Developer Captain to running on the 1st term, I would like to continue being in the Developer DAO. After working with this team for nearly a year, I aimed to help create the first 100 DAO’s with the same foundational strength as the Developer DAO.

What did I do this quarter?

  • I founded the Bridge builders DAO, which has organically grown to over 110 members :dizzy: as of December 9th 2021. I spent months helping developers and students join the Harmony Ecosystem. Looking back at it, I believe it is beginning to pay off! My goal was to onboard the first 10,000 developers. I had to start by advocating the start of new Networking group which is now the BBD.

I used the funds from the Developer DAO to help pay people for their time and energy building the BBD. Even though I have not asked or made much money from the Developer DAO itself, it is still an incredible resource of talent and information that helps me expand other networks in the Harmony Ecosystem. I’ll continue to do this and announce new charters / proposals from the DAO’s I’ve been working on with various talents across the network.

  • In light of the BBD, I found a handful of ambassadors who are now apart of the ambassador DAO and are thriving in their roles as advocates for our foundation. They will not be named, but to those of you who know who you are, thank you for trusting me and going all in on a project you knew nothing about. You’re awesome!
  • In order to deliver “advocacy” in the Developer DAO mandate, I decided to host “Crypto Cafe” Events. I hosted live solidity workshops for developers who later onboarded into the Bridge Builder DAO and are running for a spot in this DAO. Talented Engineers are out there and we put our heads together and came up with solutions to "educate the public while connecting developers with their communities. This was the soul purpose of the Bridge Builders DAO, and it totally worked. Each lesson plan I created was hand crafted for Harmony:

You can see our Lesson Plan template’s here → gitbook

And you can join the conversation here to be apart of the action → Bridge Builder DAO Telegram Channel . We’ll be hosting Lesson Plan bounties very very soon.

What is coming next?

I’ve been assembling a badass team of new programmers who are skilled engineers to develop a new Network Utility Tool made for forming new teams while completing bounties for Harmony. The thesis of this project aims to “Organize the Disorganized”; some have already compared the project to a better version of GitCoin. At first, we aim to deliver 10 lesson plans poised for launching new projects on Harmony (DAO templates, Smart Contract workshops, Validator narratives/start-up guides) to make the process of developing on Harmony much easier.

I believe anyone can be a creative innovator. This is the perfect ecosystem to build your weekend projects with friends or make passive income as a working class citizen. I want to spread that sense of creative freedom to our amazingly bright culture of community member’s and Developers. The next ~9,890 people onboarded will be a reality.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Link–> Twitter
Link–> LinkedIn
Link → gitHub


Got my vote buddy. :blue_heart:


Got my vote buddy.

Always helping people out and a great advocate for the Harmony ecosystem.

Keep doing your thing Dylan!

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Absolutely have my vote too! Impressive work :slight_smile:

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Thank you, ya’ll are the best!

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Doing an AMA for the DevGov candidates right now on Twitter: