Running for Developer DAO Governor: Isaac Schwab - "DevSchwab"

Hi everyone - I’m Isaac Schwab, I have been a full-stack developer for the past 6 years and graduated with a degree in computer science. I started working on the Harmony ecosystem in August for the hackathon and since then have been building on Harmony. I have been involved on various community discord channels, twitter spaces, weekly DAO calls, and met some of the Harmony core team in NFT NYC. The Harmony community is one of the best and I want to do what I can to help the community!

In running for Governor, I hope to help other developers in the ecosystem, raise awareness for all the benefits of developing on Harmony, and work with the other governors to meet the deliverable goals of the DAO. My technical background and hands on experience developing on the Harmony ecosystem put me in a good position to help the community as a governor.

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