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#Name of Project#
Safu Wallet (

What is Safu Wallet
Safu Wallet is a multi-blockchain cryptocurrency wallet that enables secure and convenient crypto storage and management.

Safu Wallet’s product lines are all paired and managed through the Safu Wallet App, a mobile portal for users to manage, exchange, swap and stake.

##Why We exist
Safu Wallet Is Dedicated To Building The Best multichain decentralized crypto Wallet For Crypto users.

##Features of Safu Wallet

##Wallet as a service
Safu Wallet works as other decentralized crypto wallets. There is no cost involved in using the wallet on web or mobile app. When you perform transactions, the processing costs will go to the miners and validators authenticating the transactions.
You can use this wallet primarily manage, send and receive coins.

##Receive crypto
A wallet address is your gateway to receiving coins. To find your wallet address on Safu Wallet, go to the wallet tab and then hit the Receive button. This will pop up the wallet address on your screen.

##Send crypto
To send crypto to another user, you will need his or her wallet address. If the other party has provided this information to you already, go to the Wallet tab and then touch the Send button. Put in the other party’s wallet address and the agreed amount of coins in the relevant fields.

##Stake and earn
This is similar to putting money in a time deposit. It offers you the opportunity to stake some of your coins. When you do this, your coins will produce passive returns. You have to decide which coins and how much you want to stake. Then the app will set aside that amount until maturity, at which point you can un-stake your coin and earn rewards.

##Multiple Wallet in one
Safu Wallet supports a wide range of crypto assets. This way, you can buy, sell, stake, and trade different kinds of crypto coins.

This gives you flexibility in carrying out your trading activities and goals, allocate your crypto funds into different wallets in an organized way and separate daily used wallets from large amount storage wallets.

Safu Wallet comes in at least 5 different languages to encourage more adoption and usage all around the world.

##Earning daily rewards
To incentivize certain aspects of Safu Wallet and to encourage usage, a portion of $SAFUWTF token will be allocated for users to earn daily rewards. These events will be funded from the Safu Wallet Promotional Fund.

##Safu Wallet Monthly Hackathon
ONEDEFI HACKATHON is a monthly event that is organized by the Safu Wallet DAO to increase the interest of both aspiring and advanced developers in the Harmony ecosystem. This will also help them have a share of what the chain offers.

Safu Wallet is not just a defi wallet, we want to part of the projects contributing to the development of building top-notch solutions in Harmony blockchain and that is why we have come up with this monthly event.
This event will be funded from the Safu Wallet Promotional Fund.

##Proposal ask

##Metrics for success
Milestones/Current Status development.

##Harmony Deployment (Completed) :white_check_mark:
Safu Wallet is live on Harmony - Users can switch to Harmony to deposit/send tokens succesfully. Try it here

Safu Wallet’s Front-end website.

##Litepaper/Deck - (Live):white_check_mark:

##Tokenomics - (In progress):arrows_counterclockwise:

##Multi-Sig Wallets for funds (in progress):arrows_counterclockwise:

##Front End - (Completed):white_check_mark:

Wallet Connect

Improved UI to interact with Harmony chain (Live):white_check_mark:

Performance improvements
General UI and polish

##Tokenomics (in-progress):arrows_counterclockwise:

$SAFUWTF contract token deploy on Harmony

$SAFUWTF Pool contract

##Mobile app (Planned):triangular_flag_on_post:
Safu Wallet PWA
Safu Wallet (IOS)
Safu Wallet (Android)

##Staking and Earning (planned):triangular_flag_on_post:
Stake ONE and earn rewards

##DAPP Browser (for Harmony dapps) (Planned):triangular_flag_on_post:

NFT (Planned):triangular_flag_on_post:
Secure, manage and store NFTs
Make Harmony the default chain

##V2 Mainnet Launch - (Planned)

Make Harmony the default chain
Create Safu Wallet DAO

##Success Metrics
1k Daily users

Weekly Competitions and Giveaway

Monthly Hackathon

Mobile Apps signups

Safu DAO

10k Monthly users

Discord community


Safu Wallet Github: @safuwtf

Pitch Deck: SafuWallet - LitePaper (2).pdf - Google Drive

Twitter: @Safuwtf

Telegram: @safuwtf

Interesting project, I just have a doubt, don’t you think people could get confused regarding your wallets name? There already is a Harmony Project with a name similar to yours, SefWallet (and they have already received a grant) by @hashmesan


Interesting, but I am curious. Why do we need another wallet?


The name “Safu” in crypto has gone from being a slang to an actual use which signify safety and we believe our product bearing this name will not only increase usability but also drive awareness.

Furthermore, here are the reasons why Safu Wallet is the best.

Aside from making Harmony the default protocol and while it remains the backbone of the product, Safu Wallet also exists on other 9 blockchains which increases the number of users we’ll drive into Harmony every single day coupled with the 0 fees.

On-ramp transaction fees go back to the system as daily incentives for the users.

Unlike some of the Defi products we have seen according to our research, support is not the best as some of these platforms rely solely on decentralization which only covers the technical aspect but the customer/user support aspect is left out or they pay little or no attention to.

Safu Wallet customer and user support are going to be treated like a major “product” while other important activities will be controlled by the Safu DAO.


Hi @Genii100,

Thank you for your interest with Harmony. I would like to learn more about your project. Your website current shows “suspended”.

Also, how does your wallet differentiate from such services as:

Thank You

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Hello, Cheualx!
Thanks for your feedback.

  1. The webapp hosting error has been fixed.
    It’s now live here :point_right:

How does your wallet differentiate from such services as:

  1. Based on our research, we have seen that none of the listed competitors offers this same service.

Onto and Token Pocket doesn’t reward users for using the wallet while Ramp and Simplex only focus on On-ramp services, Safu Wallet is a combination of a decentralised wallet and an On-ramp function.

Our users do not only get to enjoy using the wallet with zero fees, they also get rewarded for making use of the on-ramp function.

Other future features that’ll be added including the Monthly Hackathon and the ONE Dapp browser which will allow smooth navigation of other Harmony based dapps in the Safu Wallet.

Thank You. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Hi @Genii100,

Unfortunately we will have to decline this proposal given higher watermarks for our renewed Grants Guideline.

We encourage you to reapply with the new guideline template.