Sef - Harmony Defi Wallet (Mobile app)

I’m excited to announce the launch of Sef wallet mobile apps now available on both iOS, and Android. It is based on the past 5 months of work on Smartvault, which was built upon solid research, and independently audited. It is a mobile-first, fully decentralized , private on-chain/smart wallet dedicated for the Harmony ecosystem.

Why mobile-first? We are targeting the 10 Billion users who spend the majority of their time on their phone and/or their only means to access the blockchain.

Decentralized There is no central authority associated with your wallet (like a default guardian or default recovery). You’re always 100% in control.

Private We don’t collect any private information from the app or by any other means.

Sef Wallet is part of the $20M Grants & Bounties on Wallet & $300M+ on Bounties, grants, DAOs focusing on onchain with wallet security.

Fully Featured Defi Wallet

  • Send+Receive with ease! Supports HRC-20 & Custom tokens
  • Swap from hundreds of tokens on Harmony natively via Sushiswap.
  • Connect to any Dapp with WalletConnect
  • Farm on Sushi - Tutorial
  • Local currency support (over 45 currencies)

Sef is official listed as Harmony Mobile Wallets: Sef Wallet - Harmony

Developer Friendly

  • Custom token (HRC20) asset management & send/receive support
  • Full Sushiswap swap support with Custom Token.
  • Access to Sushiswap via WalletConnect for full farming functionalities
  • Sef is the first Harmony mobile wallet to offer dapps integration via WalletConnect. If you are a developer and interested in connecting with Sef and future wallets with WalletConnect, see integration guide.

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