ShowMe Grant

Thanks. We have received funds.

@ShowMe this is an amazing platform, curious to know what we can do to help promote this to 1K daily active users (DAUs)?

Hi there.
Would you please tell us in which step are you right now?
Can’t wait to read you, please.

Thank you!
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Hi, Jacksterdo,
Sorry for the late reply. Recently we are accelerating the build ShowMe. We have researched some good projects on harmony ecology, and we have also asked for help to establish contact in the TG group before. But no one replied to us, can you help us connect. We hope to cooperate with more good projects on harmony, so that more users can contribute to the ecology of harmony. Is there any possibility for you to intro some DAOs on Harmony so that we could collab together? Thank you very much.

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Hi, everyone,

Please see the below bi-weekly report from April1 to May 15.
1 ShowMe Bi-Weekly Report: April 1 – April 10 β€” ShowMe
2 ShowMe
3 ShowMe