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Application type

Social, DAO, Web3.0

Proposal overview

ShowMe is a NFT Social subscription platform built on Web3.0. The core function modules are subscription, NFT membership and NAAS (NFT-as-a-service). Subscription allows creators to flexibly set a variety of subscription methods to enter the Club, including free subscription, paid subscription and specific NFT or Token entry for holding positions. NFT membership is a membership system that can be automatically upgraded on the chain, and each fan is accurately measured through the level and number of NFTs. Naas is NFT-as-a-service, which supports NFT sales and the exchange of rights, content, goods, and services.

Milestone we are currently targeting

  • Circle function of club create, post, joined club and NFT membership mint;
  • Supported comments, likes, post with emoji and image
  • Personal profile, NFT display, membership management

Proposal ask

50K USD initial funding to launch and promotion

Metrics for success

10k+ users

External links

Demo - create club


Nice project for harmony, social NFT is the big thing.

Social NFT’s with a sense of exclusivity? Count me in. The idea of a subscription-based NFT is quite nice, especially for the artists, and I especially like the sound of this idea.

This is a neat concept and I really like the design. Can you please share some more insights on how you’re planning to reach the 10k+ user milestone? What strategies will you use to drum up support and create buzz?

Thanks for your reply. We will choose KOL and the community as the “cold start” of ShowMe. We have already contacted some partners, which shown on our website. We will pitch more KOLs and communities before launch. Meanwhile, our project will be deployed on multiple chains. Because users also come from different ecosystems. Our team are very optimistic and like Harmony. Whether it is team background or technology including Cross-Chain Interoperability and Protocol Strengths. Our founder is from Cobo. The previous cooperation was very pleasant in Cobo. Our team hope that we can have a good cooperation with Harmony in the future.

Thanks for the update. Your proposal has been approved for $50k under the Launches track:

$10K after launching a feature-complete product on our testnet
$10K after mainnet launch
$10K after forming a DAO with its community
$20K for after 10K users

Please review the FAQ for next steps.

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OK. Thanks. We will review the FAQ and prepare the next steps.

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