Stephen Tse, Please Read

This is the most dysfunctional team and community I unfortunately am part of…guess all my hope and dream for Harmony is gone.

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Yeah, I haven’t even gotten into how rough this is for the validators, who are wrestling with their own profitability issues.

Really, it’s a sign of a problem long-ignored. Hang in there @james_p and if you wouldn’t mind, could you share your validator link (assuming that’s allowed)?


Leadership starts at the top and that’s Stephen. Stephen is a brilliant technologist and Harmony is a great blockchain. Unfortunately, it’s time for him to become a chief technologist (as in Bill Gates) and hand the CEO reign to someone more capable (as in Satya Nadella).


Ah I’m currently with OtekaOne who unfortunately got unelected recently, I’m usually in the Harmoforce chat so I totally understand the validator issues.
On the bright side hopefully the 200 million $one will pull through soon :crossed_fingers:

With regards to the 200 million $one promises, for a delegator on the edge (like me), I’d have to lower fees from 15% to 5% to apply. 15% is keeping us close to breaking even.

Given the recent history, should I trust that I’ll be “taken care of” if I lower fees?

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I think the real question on everyone’s mind is:

How’s the Vegan Africa DAO going?! Vegan Africa DAO - Project X Grant Proposal


I have taken a complete 180 on my position regarding the decision that needs to be made. As you can see from my above comments, I have tried to remain subjective and, on the fence in a neutral position so we could up with a sensible and realistic outcome for this.

I have since had conversations with people close to the epicentre of this topic, I do not take this lightly and it honestly hurts to say this-

Stephen Tse needs to step down with immediate action.

Mark my words, If Stephen doesn’t resign, we will no longer have a Harmony, we will no longer have talented core team. I no longer believe that we need to way up if this will be a bad move due to timing or a good decision based on true responsibility of bad decision making. I am now certain in my own mind that it’s completely necessary for immediate action.

The last thing I wanted to do today is to shoot down a hero, someone who I have looked up to and always wanted to think the best from. However I believe that Stephens presence is not only bad due to bad decision making, but more importantly damaging to efforts to sort out real issues and problems that should be our upmost priority as a blockchain. I now believe Stephens very presence within this core team is damaging to the absolute core of what Harmony is supposed to be, the people, the chain and the culture.

For anyone reading this, you do not have to trust my position, I would expect you to come to your own conclusions regarding this. My conclusion is based on my own opinion and based on the information I have come to learn.

For anyone that wants to understand why core team members would not want to stand up to what they believe is right, you have to understand some company cultures, you cannot stand alone and be the first to push for a revolution, especially if you know that your opinions will be brushed off as nonsense by the people in power or worst case, be immediately dismissed from your position for not understanding the masterplan of the gods. Much like a regime, sometimes leaders believe that everyone is on side when people are too scared to speak the truth, which further spirals the damaging self-belief that their decision making is impeccable, some people may seem this as spineless when people don’t speak up, however I see this as preservation, peoples rent depend on this, peoples careers and peoples families. You cannot always walk up to the emperor and tell him he needs to step down whether you have people around you or not. Some leaders will always, to the last dying breath fail to admit they are the problem, and whilst they are in power, you have to tread lightly.

If Stephen should happen to read this. I do apologize regardless of the opinions I now hold, and I’m sure this will be difficult to come to admit, but your actions and presence are damaging the very thing that you started to build for us, It can still serve as an amazing tool for many, to improve lives and the blockchain space as a whole, but it’s no longer in Harmony’s best interest to have you at the helm. Please take time to reflect on this with an open mind, on what will be best for Harmony, it’s core team members and its communities.

I truly believe that following Stephen Tse stepping down that even if a suitable replacement isn’t found, that we will see rapid action in the areas that are vital for survival, we will see an abundance of the right action, an improvement in communication and more importantly healing in areas of the blockchain which we so desperately need.

I believe I have said enough. I don’t particularly want to have long back and forwards on why I feel this way, what I have come to learn and from who. This forum was built for opinions and view points, and sadly these are now mine.


I hear you brother, and appreciate the honest feedback from you as well as many others.

This has not been fun, nor necessarily the best way to handle things in my opinion either.

Part of the reason I am not just presenting tons of facts, is that much of the information I got from team members whom I trust. In some cases there is no proof.

I won’t make accusations without proof.

The team has kinda disappointed me here. I never thought that I was going to end up being the patsy to force Stephen to listen, and hopefully change… but it’s appearing as though that may end up being the end result.

At this point, I’m going to stop until/ unless the team is able to stand up and speak their truth.

I’ve done enough damage to the chain I love, while operating with the best of intentions.

Bottom line though, because of the way a cryptocurrency is formed, there is no internal lever for the team to remove him. It has to be his choice. They do t think he will, so they won’t stand up… for fear of being fired.

I fully expect that we will begin to see an exodus of team members, followed by projects/devs, and then finally those loyal few who rode ONE to the bottom.

The team has very little money left. They cannot repeg without outside help. Those who choose to stay are likely in for a long wait, that may end up fruitless.

I wish I could say that I saw another likely outcome. I know it doesn’t look like it to those of you who don’t know me…

But I just burned OgreAbroad to the ground to try and save Harmony.

Unlike many, I stick to my Handle, and I’ve built OgreAbroad for longer than many of you have been alive (~ 22 years)

If I was willing to do that… it should tell you something. I wish you all the best of luck. This will be my last post on this Forum.

OgreOne Out. :cry:


I wouldn’t beat myself up about having to be “the one” to do it, but I do appreciate that you’ve seen a potentially better way through this. Reminds me of the Dark Knight ferry scene; nobody wants to turn that key here either.

So…in the interest of yielding fruit from bruised soil, what would you like to see from the community? Would be really helpful to know that, should people want to support this, they can contribute somehow. You probably know where I’m at on this one and can’t join you on the fight, mainly because I’m on a different path with the same goal of Harmony fluorishing in mind. Please proceed with the integrity and heart I know you possess.

One last thing…you know how many times I thought CJL had to be taken out back and shot as a name? It’s just a name. It’s not who you are.


To Harmony Talk admin team,

Since @OgreAbroad1 @OgreAbroad already signed out unilaterally, please consider locking this chat. Thank you :pray:


I disagree

There have been good opinions expressed on both sides, and one party in particular (@Bricktop_One) has actually changed his position, as explained quite eloquently (both initially, and in his follow up)

There is important context that may be lost if this thread cannot be followed to it’s natural conclusion - which would, I assume, be either Mr. Tse’s resignation, or rebuttal

As long as it doesn’t devolve into personal attacks but focuses (as much as possible) on facts as they become apparent, this is an incredibly important, potentially existential discussion.

And, right now, it’s the only publicly visible conversation that I am aware of that gets us (the Harmony community) any closer to understanding what’s actually happening on the ground.

All that being said, I will second the emotion that, if there are core team members that truly feel the way as has been described by Ogre, they NEED to step up, take the lead and and put some closure on this.

While I totally understand not wanting to put one’s career on the line, there are many times in life that you just have to do the next right thing.

Whether that’s Mr. Tse deciding to resign, core team members to step up, or Mr Tse offering a meaningful rebuttal (and viable go forward plan), it absolutely does have to happen - expeditiously.


I know OgreAbroad personally and I have been here since testnet also, I know he loves Harmony to its core and for him to go to Palo Alto and come out this way …makes me wonder what is really happening… I’m going to need more information , we do need better communication and hopefully we get it soon… Luckily I’m extremely diversified crypto wise, however I chose to love Harmony 2 years ago because of community members like Ogre and Dan (Wolf) , who helped build the community early. Hopefully we get team communication soon.


Disclaimer: this is my personal opinion based on my own experience with Harmony as a whole & it doesn’t necessarily represent views of any platforms I’m associated with.

First & foremost, community on Harmony is far from dysfunctional. This community is one of the few things that keeps Harmony alive right now, please don’t take it for granted.

Regarding the main thread discussion: While I know quite a bit about the behind-the-scenes situation on Harmony, I don’t see Stephen leaving as a number one solution here (I believe I don’t need to start listing reasons, since people have already done it above), however problems, such as lack of communication & commitment to agreements the core team makes with their contributors are absolutely imperative to address.

This isn’t a joke. This is something that has been & will keep causing major issues until the root causes are addressed & followed up with accordingly once & for all.

Tech is indeed important but we all are people here in the end of the day.

Pardon my choice of words here but there has been a pattern of loyal to the network contributors, including projects, influencers, & community members, often being treated like garbage by the core team (as of simply being dismissed/disregarded, particularly while some problems are requiring solutions/feedback only the core team can provide) & it’s only up to the core team to fix this. Not mask it - FIX IT. I absolutely love Harmony community & have a ton of respect for all the work the core team has already done but I honestly think we all deserve better for the amount of work, money, love, & support we all have put into this chain. There are some really great folks standing behind Harmony too & I sincerely hope that common sense wins here before it’s simply too late.

My very personal 2 cents? I’m mentally drained & heartbroken from watching the network I love to pieces being ran immaturely for such a prolonged period of time, however instead of saying “do better, Harmony” I’d rather say YOU CAN do better, Harmony because you are certainly capable of it, folks. Thousands of other people have been financially/emotionally invested into this chain & we all want to see it flourish but without synergy between Harmony & its’ own community, this may not go very far.

If there is anything we all can do to make this easier on you’all - please, reach out. COMMUNICATE with those who are here to support you.




It takes the right leadership to solve the problem. Just saying you can do better is not going to do it. Leadership sets the tone, the vision, the clear direction, and the culture. Stephen doesn’t have to go. He can move to a Chief Technologist and Advisor role. Need someone more capable as CEO…even if we need to find that someone from the outside. In fact, someone from the outside may be best. That person can come in with no existing baggage. Google founders hired an outside CEO. Zuckerburg hired an outside COO. Gates gave up his CEO title and Nadella really took Microsoft to new heights. We need someone who can run an organization and set clear goals and execution plan. Harmony has been too distracted in all sort of things…and delivered nothing…at least anything that’s meaningful and value add.


I need to say something very real.

The way I see things with what I now know now. The fact that Ogre feels like he has burned his name and done himself an injustice is extremely saddening.

What Ogre has done, is stick his neck on the line for the absolute truth and reality. To me, this is honourable. He’s trying to stand up for you as a community. For the Core Team members that are not listened to and that are ignored but yet feel the burn when they can’t take the action necessary to satisfy you as investors.

In my eyes. Ogre doing this has solidified my belief that this man will do anything for our community. He’s a community hero, believe it or not. He would obviously tell you otherwise.

Don’t try and tell me he’s not, the guy literally spent his own money on flights across America to the Harmony HQ when he heard there was issues to see how he could help in the past few weeks. He wouldn’t need to do that if he wasn’t going to represent people for their true beliefs. He could have stayed at home of he wanted to serve his own rhetoric to you.

Quite frankly, firstly, I don’t care what people think about me anymore, I’m not in a position that’s built to represent the community as I was before.

Ogre is a legend in my eyes.

I fully respect the stance that people such as @M87 standing up for what they believe in. There’s so many people I respect for having strong opinions, for or against what I now firmly believe. We need to stand up for what we believe in a truly use our voices even if it’s going to piss people off. We’re trying to change the world right???

But know this, for some of the other comments I read. What you have seen in this thread is NOT a threat. It has been a window of insight, and a warning. I don’t like this word but a warning it is. You fail to act, and you will pay the price, the price of which we have already been paying but more severely.

People who have seen this as a threat knowing what I know, and seeing people trying to call out Ogre given the complicated circumstances that this situation presents, it’s terrible.

I never had respect for the core team before, because every decision seemed to screw me over is some way, as a governor, as an investor, and a community member trying to fight the good fight and as a person who convinced my family members, colleagues and everyone I knew that Harmony was the light (thankfully no one has complained because I explained the risks haha) I was all for the community and begged and pleaded to hear what would be good for them. But now, the fact that we invested a few grand, and feeling like we should own the chain and have a voice to me sounds so silly (at this very moment).

This might be a shocker, but the people I’m thinking about most (right now) are the people that are having to put up with this on a daily basis. And furthermore paying the price for what they don’t believe. The very people that spend everyone one of their days working their asses off trying to improve what we all love. The ones that are not only invested like us, but have their careers on the line for Harmony.

These are the people with true insight, and these are the people with the real pain right now, and all I know, is that to support the people that build our chain at the most vital and critical time is the most important thing.

I have been so critical of them In the past, I tried my best not to push too hard and I hope they never seen me as the type of guy that would try to troll, my concerns were real. I feel sick to the stomach to think I was so passionately pissed off when decisions that affected the chain and everything that surrounds it wasn’t their fault.

I cannot apologize enough.

We can stay on the same path, stay on the exact same path with a rapid decline. Or we can call for action, and let these extremely talented people truly free with their creativity and power to change the game, the crypto space and the world.

I know where I stand. For this, you need to have faith in the negative for the moment to receive the positive which we need so much.



Is there absolutely no hope of reconciliation or compromise that a community vote showing signs of disapproval, or is this the irrationality of the community speaking?

A few questions @lij @Jacksteroo @giv @rongjian :

Is Stephen Tse really unwilling to participate in the community forum, or transition from the CEO role into a security researcher or blockchain advisor role? There are still ways to restore the community confidence & win back trust, which includes (but is not limited to):

  1. Senior leadership donate a portion of their vested token unlocks into restoring the bridge peg,
  2. delaying their token unlock schedule by two years,
  3. or changing their vesting schedule of senior leadership into a more performance-based structure.

A few direct questions to Stephen:

  • Is the burden & price of leadership so important & necessary, that requires suspending sentiment, reality of circumstances & associated pragmatism; only to be remembered as an impractical ideologue?
  • To dispatch years worth of blood & sweat, public & investor confidence, because of one act? While the criminal act of theft might be from an outside actor, it would still require a CEO to bestow level-headed thinking, a reinforced consumer-centric product thesis with a time sensitive roadmap, efficient team scaling & exceptional community transparency to win the consumer confidence back.

  • The hack could very likely dissuade any new qualified institutional investors from injecting fresh capital, and any additional capital could very likely come with strings attached, such as C- suite termination requests.

  • There is no shame in stepping up to fulfill what the need of the hour demands (whether it’s learning a skillset, revisiting your functional domain of expertise, or even engage and work with performance & leadership coaches to develop C-suite executive generalist skillset, have adversarial debates with C-suite business & product managers about outcomes.)

  • It’s my sincere hope that either Stephen Tse reconsiders his position & strikes the aforementioned compromise or steps down through an internal vote, OR the Harmony One core team & senior leadership interject immediately & clear the air around prevailing negative sentiment with a definite path forward.

It’s absolutely embarrassing to see the health, future & confidence about the chain’s C-suite leadership be put to a community vote. Whether this is a necessary evil or community’s misrepresentation & malintent, I’ll let history be judge of that.

On Q3 NFT Market Fit strategy :

Searching product-market fits or traction become only relevant, when any project is attempting to solve consumer pain points by interceding on their behalf & fix issues where Web 2 projects failed. It’s a niche market, still, there are potential ways of reaching hundreds of users some avenue of network profitability. Either the solution must possess novelty (eg: fractionalization & recombination) wr.t. reasonable development roadmap, or provide some comfort in terms of consistent protocol revenue, with reduced burn rate. The team must really reassess it’s development objectives, in this post-hack world.

I sincerely wish the team with best of luck going forward. Cheers! :slight_smile:

This is educational & not financial advice. Cryptocurrencies are risky financial investments, please exercise adequate caution & adjust exposure accordingly.


“I inform everyone that I’ll take legal action if they don’t resolve the issue today!” Cc: @stse can you explain that?


at harmony office year ago, i see stephen talk to people with disrespectful words. i see that Stephen physical with team. grabs people. moves people where he want by grabbing and pushing.

this isnt good leader.

this is acting like dictator.

no respect


Please Flag this dude. is not contributing in any sense to this convo.
Probably just another weird and distasteful internet figure who gets off at pushing out negativity