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As a project leader, this is very concerning. Especially if this goes public. It will scare off more potential builders due to the potential view of core mismanagement and drive away current ones. We have been waiting on a grant for some time now as well. Which, the grant is appreciated, dont get me wrong and id hope in the risk of saying this im not punished for it by speaking a truth thay many share. But when i see decision making that can lead to the entire chain dying…ya…this starts to concerns me alot more. Especially with no clear timelines, no transparency, no community input taken in consideration and little communication. If this goes public, the decision to not pay commitments could backfire and cost alot more then it would have to just honor commitments. In crypto there’s a casacading effect thay can happen FAST when worry sets in with investors -look at luna,celsius etc… and as a large investor. Im worried! As time goes on, worries amplify. With lack of clear plans…its compounded. I have nothing but love and loyalty to harmony. But alot of people feel scared to speak up for fear of being punished. Which…isnt in theme of being at “harmony” with the community. Im not sure if the core team is aware…but there’s a growing undertone of worry and resentment right now in harmony. I see it daily, and it worries me being such a big investor into harmony, and how much harmony i have staked across numerous validators…lets be real…if worry n doubt sets in. Projects flee, or die out. Selling begins. Then factor in that 13k btc is likely…price drops more… commitments payouts delayed longer, causing more to leave,more projects die off, causing more negative sentiment,causing more public awareness, then real fud sets in…then panic selling continues compounded by general market sentiment. A loss of project’s confidence they migrate …and chain can die quick. Even i, at that point would be forced to unstake and sell large amounts of holdings that ive held sub 0.004cents. Its all risk mitigation and the risk of killing the chain over trying to save some money now at this point in the game doesn’t make sense, fostering loyal project growth does make sense to build a solid foundational eco. I pray this doesnt go public. Because it will create a big backlash based on the sentiment i litteraly see everyday. Im saying this as a BIG investor. If this isnt resolved soon, i forsee a big exudus from harmony. The leadership is making poor business decisions. Ive been a business owner my majority of my adult life n i see it. Theres a lack of foresight to human psychology here when it comes to potential future downfalls of choices being made at present. Being able to code and being able to run a business are two vastly different things. The tech here is awesome! Community,awesome. But there needs to be solid business leadership. Ppl are watching very closely…more closely then i think most think, and i can tell this move to pause commitments…wrong move imo. It was the right move for stopping new daos…or scam daos…but not the existing ones…that wasnt fair to the ones who can show real work done, and punishing those with pausing funding due to no fault of their own doesnt reflect well on core team decision making. Dont take any offense towards the core team directly, but business is business, and i say this from a place of real concern for harmony’s future well being. We want to be there to help bolster it n build on it. But sometimes…when your on the ship…and you see the captain mis-navigiting course into rocks, you have to speak up before its too late, and we are extremely close to the rocks rn.


I hope you guys find a decent path forward. Thank you for being straight up with us. Looking forward to hearing what the path forward is. I would probably count on btc going down more. Plan for the worst hope for the best. Hope that these grants that have been approved get some funding so that the building continues during the bear market so that we all can give people a couple more reasons (other than the insane tech) to come to harmony.


Thank you for your prompt reply Giv, appreciate it a lot. Acknowledging the problem doesn’t solve the issue at hand, unfortunately. Have any projects affected been made aware of this or are we still dragging the core team’s feet? From what I’ve heard, questions regarding the situation have been ignored for quite some time (particularly by @lij, thus I really respect you stepping up right now), so barely any project or DAO with approved funding has clear answers on what is to happen next. I can tell that people are indeed watching this thread, considering some engagement, but this isn’t enough to make everyone aware. What was the plan with all this anyway? Sink and take your builders with you as the final “thank you”? I hate to speculate like this is really hard to grasp for me. Why not give them a bit of what is still available, so they CAN maintain and build in the bear market while attracting more users to Harmony in these difficult times? Everyone was under the impression that the chain founders are here to support their developers but by the looks of it the developers and governors got abandoned by the founders as soon as things went a bit downhill. This is AN ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL TIME to support people who build and vouch for you - not abandon them!

Could you also shed some light on Q2 CDAO funding perhaps for the sake of transparency? Are they getting paid for all the hard work they’ve done? Were they actually promised and got forgotten? For all I know, Q3 candidates don’t even expect to be funded at this point - they just seem to be planning to salvage the community by their own means, just like Q2 governors had to do.

I really do apologize but I feel a moral obligation to bring this to a larger public awareness, since it seems that without a large public scrutiny towards those who are in charge of making these executive decisions, nothing will change, while these changes need to be made quickly because Bitcoin may not hold up much longer snd it will certainly drag us with it. Without a prompt action, the dealth of our chain can be very quick. Can’t be one of those chains that just dies off like this, you’ve got so many people who still want Harmony to succeed but they don’t really have much to work with at this point.


It really is a shame that Harmony promotes itself as radical and transparent. As well as inclusive!
The only thing inclusive at this point is Blu3 DAO.

Now it looks like Novell is a part of the Harmony team as well.

Here is what happened. Mid 2021, Harmony team had no idea what to do so they followed all the other L1 projects with a $100-500M ecosystem fund.

They had no idea how they were going to pull it off. They had no ‘real world’ metrics or guidelines for DAOs to follow. Hell, majority of the Harmony CORE team still don’t know what DAOs are much less like them.

The above runs you into the current situation. Bad managers being put in major positions to run a project into the ground. I see this all over the US while auditing multi billion dollar companies. (No that isn’t to brag)

No vision. Completely abandoned tech. No planning on DAOs mid-long term. No guidance on DAOs.

It’s June 20th 2022- Still no marketing hire. Still no communications manager hired. Still no CFO.

Who in the hell is running the show at Harmony? Whoever the person is, NEEDS TO BE FIRED ASAP!

Completely out of touch with reality (As Li tells his team to go read a book or thinks the community speak in conspiracy theories) Terrible management, ZERO communication.

Harmony core team LOVES the community so much they keep us all completely in the dark with no concern or feedback.

Cut off cold turkey! This is how an organization is ran by incompetent people.

I want to shout out @giv for WILLING to come answer the tough questions!

That takes balls and that takes leadership! That’s what the community will RESPECT!


Thanks, @amartay1986 it’s definitely not our intention to keep the community in the dark. These changes are all taking place quickly and we’re doing our best to adapt and keep the community in the loop.

I did want to clarify one thing here. The last Blu3 DAO funding did occur a couple of weeks ago - this was before our new policy changes. I can tell you that there won’t be any further payouts for any DAO or grants (including Blu3).

Your criticism is valid and justified. Thanks for your honesty.

Hi @giv thank you for your time and the effort you’re putting in the matter. I sincerely appreciate it.

I just want to ask if you and the team in general are aware of the topics that popped up in this thread regarding Blu3 DAO and the people running it (please read what was flagged by an amazing “entrepreneur” without an incorporated company) . It’s pretty clear that something isn’t right here and I (and many other) would appreciate some answers on it. Also this thread may deserve some attention from who can answer.

Thanks and let me just tell you that I love how you conduct the all-hands!

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Seems like you guys have been really eager to fund rugs, pointless DAOs, and projects that ended up abandoning Harmony, but when your loyal projects and governors, who keep building for you through hard times, need you the most, you end up doing them like that? My faith in Harmony is completely shattered. We need to make sure the community gets to have their say on this matter.


The least thing you can do is to pay for the completed milestones prior to your decision, people counted on your words.
And you just bail on devs just like that? GG $ONE

Btw im not targeting you giv, by “you” i mean those who decided to do this.


As someone who has been frustrated and very vocal about Harmony — chill. You are derailing the thread, which is not about grant funding for particular project, and also I believe, you are barking at the wrong tree. I have given Giv hard time in the past but he is not the individual to be bashed here. Just wanted to say it despite I have given up on Harmony as a whole.


100% Agreed. No need to be upset with Giv.


Not paying the grants for approved projects prior to the market crash is a mistake and it will ruin the chain.

Pay out what was promised.

How much is approved in grants that’s yet to be paid?

Use some of that $30m you wanna dump to pay wages and expenses to also fund the exisiting approved grants or dump and extra $3-4m to pay the exisiting grants that are further ahead.


How do you see the future of developers on harmony protocol? It feels as if it’s being shut off and new development is not welcome.

Current actions are certainly discouraging any of us developers from engaging harmony, there are seriously well established alternatives - Zilliqa being a very valid option.

Can we get any detail on why funding is halted? (Current market conditions just doesn’t cut it, we need more than that) - when might it be likely you’ll reinstate grants and funding?

Do you intend to acquire further development? Information right now is crucial to how the future of harmony protocol turns out.

I understand you are actioning the long overdue work on the never-ending RPC issues, which is a step in the right direction, but to halt potential development could have catastrophic effects for the protocol.


Could you please tell me what roles do Novell, Amy and AI have for Harmony moving forward?
I see their names listed but the topics are not very defined.


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You can see a list of all contributors here. 1000 Contributors ($7.8M)

Amy and Novell are partners. Al is helping with investments and partnerships.

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Since this information was posted here. I just want to have a clear answer on that. When you say that “I can tell you that there won’t be any further payouts for any DAO or grants (including Blu3)” you are actually putting in this same “bowl” the core DAOs like VDAO, CDAO and DevDAO? That the terms started months ago and did not received or got funded partially? So you’re saying that those DAOs that were working until now, without ANY fair compensation will still wait in the line to receive it for “when the market gets better” ? FFS…don’t make it worse for harmony than it really was. CDAO just stated that they’re going to pause their activites until further commitment from the core team, and so the others I thinn would do the same. Who will coordinate efforts like the fork at epoch 999 to run smoothly? Who will spread the news and keep the community informed if not the CDAO? … don’t make the things worse, please.


I respect you @giv for being the front man and communicating this to the community. But the thing is, is that this decision is about to cost the chain alot more then it would have been to just honor commitments. As it stands now. We were guarranteed funding from jbeltran within one week of approval. It beens 3. Now i have a large order for import of servers and hardware that was in our proposal that was cancelled today, and a sourcing agent in the u.s that wants to drop us as a client and potentially follow suit with court proceedings. All because, as stated in our proposal, I would redirect my funds from team salaries and reallocate into hardware procurement to help build the chain. If they decide to go this route…then i would have no choice but to also follow suit with court proceedings to recover lost wages for the team, lost funds from the order cancellation, recovery of barrister & legal fees and failed commitments on the part of the core team and other damages incurred etc. Im not one to shy away from the court proceedings or stand up for those that shy away from confrontation, as i’ve taken and successfully won my case against the royal bank of canada before when they tried to alter commitments made, which ended up negatively affecting my business
so i filed against them. This was me alone representing myself without the help of lawyers, ( I’m familiar with legal systems and research law ) with lawyers, the process is just expedited in comfort. I do honest business and keep to my commitments, and this is something that could also find others waiting on funding commitments to follow suit as well. Leading to more legal fees acrued for the harmony team and less towards spending on the actual development and management. ITS GOING TO RUIN THE CHAIN if not through the fud created by these developments…but the legal battles that ensue due to the arrogance of a few. Whoever is calling the shots on the funding and controlled the financing should be the one held accountable. I meant nothing but well towards this ecosystem, but when i see it directly effecting people’s lives negatively due to poor management…and some of the messages I’ve seen now are heartbreaking. This is where i draw the line. I will protect sonic investors to no end. Migrate if needed and reimburse them to ensure they do not lose out. But i will not let whoever was in charge of this high level mismanagement to go unaccountable to the courts and there is much more then enough sufficient evidence and witnesses of the failed commitments, mismanagement, lack of communication, opaque accountability and possibly some underlying corruption/fraud/embezzlement ,tax issues or insider trading, and regulatory misalignments that after some research would reveal. Luckily for myself i keep very detailed records of all communications, transcripts, transactions, posts ,pictures, videos or anything relating to the matter of this entire chain we operate on, incase such a situation should ever arise. Like i said I’m a business owner. Ive been through this before. I know how to navigate these waters well and what it takes to prove in court to regain losses n lost income . @giv I have nothing but respect for you. Globey, pagan ,flu, jacksteroo, even rj has helped us and been there when we needed him, you all have been nothing but helpful all along and i see the genuine contributions you all made, and im sure theres more of the team that i havent interacted with yet that are good folks. But you guys need to take action to clean house, honor commitments and fast! Before its too late…this is in terms of hours not days…cuz we all know crypto moves at lightspeed and it wont take long for this to continue unraveling. Personally, as of today. Because of the failed funds that were guarranteed to us within a week of approval haven’t been received and the losses incurred to myself due to the lack of communication, i have already took it upon myself while writing this to inform my lawyer and forward the necessary documentation and evidences. I will be publishing this publicly and starting with legal proceedings if not rectified in a timely manner. We apologize for jacking the thread but it displays the level of frustration and betrayal felt here. Ill.make one final attempt to reach out in private to a core team member to rectify this,after which there will be no discussion unless through lawyers.

I assume this is the same harmony based on registration,

Harmony one

Registered under: simple rules company
Made applications for trademarks under application #88056427
Address (redacted)
Entity: 03-corporation
Citizenship: delaware

Basically all the information needed even if out of date will still lead the trail where it needs to go.

Domain whois registration basically all redacted. But not really an issue.

I hope somebody on the team has the sense to avoid where this is going to lead.
Im only going to reach out once and once only. Should you guys choose to delay response or ignore, this will be answer enough for me to continue on to the next steps.

Sometimes you have to humble yourself and make sacrifices too, just like we all did for you. But regardless you should honor your commitments. Full stop.


Look hardly no one has gone after Harmony core team like i have the past 6-7 months.

However, as a CPA, fast food franchise business owner in the state of FL. I sadly must inform you, no lawyer is going to take your case.

This is crypto! Thats like me saying ‘I’ will personally send you 500K ONE to setup a DAO.

What binding contract do you have? Do you have a witness to this contract?

I understand your frustration but you would only be wasting more of your own money in this specific case.

If you think I am BSing you. Go pull up my post history on this forum. I call it like i see it.

A lot of people have gone unpaid and will continue to go unpaid as i will assist CDAO as much as i can for free.

Does your orders not have 30-90 days returns? You are from the US right? That is part of consumer protection ACT.

The core team has burned all bridges with community.

I would seriously assist you with a referral but i know they wouldn’t take the case.

Good luck. Cheers!

Well we’ll see. You havent gone through legal proceeding then like i have, and are only focusing on the crypto aspect. Also i have lawyers already. I own 2 businesses soon to be 3 when my litteral gold mining land claim goes through and i have mineral rights to the land, so if needed i can fund the battle. There’s so many angles one can achieve a successful court case, if you have been in as many as i have. I’ve won cases with much less, and i have cited cases that caused unnecessary mental or emotional distress or mismanagement of funds, for recovery of damages. Oppression and mismanagement class action. This is a law that applies to instances where a person(s) or entity fails to observe laws or guidelines when handling finances, which crypto is now in that grey area of regulation, and considering the grey area they operate under. The evidence i can demonstrate, and the thirst for blood right now to set examples with regulatory commissions. My bets on my lawyers find whats needed to persue this, not to mention its bringing to light all the other stuff behind the scenes they may have misaligned with general corporate regulations or wrong doing if it takes opening up the books. If you look, since the crash there is a ton of big lawsuits taking hold right now. I mean, you can be pessimistic if you want, it’s your right. But i choose to fight.

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I passed my bar exam in 2004, you are talking to a former lawyer that got out and became a CPA.

It seems like you know the law better than lawyers. So why get one?

Take it easy!

What started out as a constructive piece of advice to the chain regarding the possible repercussions of abandoning promises and developers altogether in the middle of a bear market now degrades with each additional remark. Please at least do the OP the favor of moving this to the Sonic thread or a place that is associated with matter friends