Metaprints - Metaverse Development For Harmony

Name of Project


Proposal overview

Incubated by Bondly and Animoca Brands, Metaprints develops metaverse land experiences at scale. Metaprints works with brands to create a blueprint for metaverses, and through its network of creators will enable brands to create bespoke assets across multiple metaverse platforms at once.

What stage of the product or idea are you (and your team) at?

  • Metaprints is chain agnostic for open metaverses, currently active in Decentraland, Sandbox, Minecraft.
  • Over 13 experiences in development, partnering with Coingecko,, Ankr.
  • Looking to build HQ, avatar, assets for Harmony in different metaverses to drive new users and developer to Harmony

Proposal ask

Funding amount is In discussion with Harmony X team.

Metrics for success

  • Develop HQ for Harmony in available open metaverses
  • Develop universal Metadata blueprint to create and develop branded IP assets which may include buildings, avatars/characters, billboards, vehicles, games (the “Games”), fashion and other 3-D digital assets (the “Assets”) for insertion in several different metaverses.

External links

[Project link, demo, whitepaper, video]

Revenue Model

When work is engaged between creatives and metaverse developers, facilitated by a party (such as the Creative DAO), with respect to any consideration received in connection with the sale of branded 3-D Assets in a metaverse, Bondly shall pay to such party a royalty in the amount of 10% of the primary sales revenues generated by the sales of the digital assets in the subject metaverse.

Example of Engagements

An example set of potential engagements:

  • Facilitate creation of spec theme assets with ongoing projects such as Mars Colony and Tranquility City to enrich their content. When content specs are agreed upon between Bondly and the project teams, Creative DAO acts as a project manager between them to creative new 3D metaverse content. When the contents are sold, 10% goes to the Creative DAO
  • Develop together with the Harmony Brand team to create 3D branded assets – from HQ, avatar, fashion in different metaverses within Animoca ecosystem to speed up brand adoption and drive devs to Harmony. Content is minted out and offered at NFT marketplaces as merchandise. When the merchandise is sold, 10% royalty goes to the Creative DAO


This is an opportunity for Harmony builders to collaborate with Metaprints creative guild for the Harmony ecosystem, to facilitating developing metaverses to form a subDAO. While doing so, the sub DAO of Harmony can become self sustainable, thanks to the royalties in content revenue via royalties . The Harmony core team is aiming to scale the ability to help our ecosystem of builders and creatives, and will assist at the beginning to get the wheelhouse to start turning. Depending on how quickly the the sub DAO’s is able to bridge between Bondly and Harmony initiatives, this could accelerate the sub DAO to becoming a truly independent DAO.


Metaprints is an organization run by Bondly, which has Animoca Brands as an investor

Proposal ask

Requested funding amount is $200,000 USD.

The Metaverse is coming to Harmony! Approved for 200K by Adrian & Danny as part of Project X.

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Progress we have made over the weeks
1/ Harmony HQ draft

Inside this HQ, you can see we have Harmony’s building, sports stadium, playground, park, and conference centre.

2/ Creative agreement request

We have submitted creative agreement to Harmony Creative DAO for sign-off. Upon signing, we can start working on the asset design, HQ development within Sandbox.

3/ Ecosystem projects involvement
This is the starting draft. We will have Harmony ecosystem projects be in our development roadmap in the coming months to make this a gathering place for family projects.

Look forward to hearing your feedback and sharing the next update :blue_heart::point_up: