Web 3 merch creation

My name is Dabbie, I have been around the harmony protocol for a while now, learning and understanding the mode of operations. And surely it has been a great adventure. Here’s my first proposal.

This proposal is aimed at the creation of merch for the sole purpose of creating 30 pieces of shirt with web 3 inscriptions on them. These inscriptions would serve as a subliminal means of passing messages of decentralization and blockhain tokenized economy. While passing these messages across, the audience is also going to be sensitized about the HARMONY Blockchain through the logo and wallet creation address acting as souvenirs below or at angular positioning on the merch and quote.

The world is seeing a transition from the conventional web 2 technologies into web 3. The web3 entropy consists of blockchains, NFTs and whole new mindset of approaching content appropriation and management. Its the age of the creators. The HARMONY Blockhain in its grandeuristic exploits needs more subtle avenues of evangelism and unconventional reach. This premise is one of which this proposal berths, to create subliminal nuggets of web 3 psyche on shirts while also subtly bringing to fore consciousness the awareness of HARMONY PROTOCOL

This avenue is an opportunity since its not something that has been obviously witnessed or done before: The bold inscription of web 3 awareness quote on Tshirts while promoting a blockchain platform on the side. We all dream of decentralization and the full adoption of web 3 and from what we know about the HARMONY Blockchain, Mass adoption is its major mantra. Mass adoption of web 3 consciousness and technology.

These printed shirts would be minted as NFTs in the HARMONY style and Merchandise store and would be made available for sale for which a sale of the NFT affords the buyer the shipment of the merch down to their physical address and grant them automatic membership of the HARMONY style and Merchandise DAO which puts them in a position to access discounts on future acquired HARMONY Merch. Also, these merch would be available at a very affordable price for ecosystem personell who show interest and for possible supply to global crypto events which HARMONY personell would be attending.

The goal is to curate 20 quotes with subliminal web 3 inclinations and then mint 5 copies each of these 20 quotes.
This would bring to total a 100 shirts to be designed.
We are making use of cotton fabric within the colour spectrum of White and Black
We choose cotton for the reason of ventilation and approximate suitability for weather conditions globally regardless of region
The choise of medium (M) to Large (L) size shirts is justified for this print for the sole reasons of the average body size orientation globally.

This project would be executed in the following sequence of steps as stated below

A fashion designer is contracted.
Fashion designer is supplied with the designs and dimensions.
The shirts are created as anticipated in structure and design
NFTs of the designs get minted in the Mintbase store of the HARMONY style merchandise DAO
60 of these NFTs are made available for sale upon which physical delivery is made to the address of buyer of NFT.
20 of these shirts are reserved for ecosystem personell at discounted NFT price
20 shirts are reserved for future supply to personell involved in regional or international HARMONY onboarding events

We would be synchronously showing updates of every achieved step in the execution phase of this project.

The HARMONY Style and Merchandise community comprise of designers and individuals well versed in fabric technology to agree the best choice of fabric most suitable for this prints.

This project is a sure way of spreading the crypto message of web3 and Blockchain awareness to the mass public. Adorned by individuals or personells of the ecosystem, these shirts would pass subtle messages accross and would aid the mass adoption of the Harmony Blockchain. This is what we want to see, this is the awareness we crave, the awareness of crypto, NFT and web3 technologies. It also aids in the NFT mechanism of marketplaces supporting the Harmony Blockchain.

We would be using major crypto platforms like twitter and tiktok for dissemination of the avilability of the shirts for sale. it would be potent and common sense to target off chain audience more as a way of endearing them to HARMONY, this is possible because there would be HARMONY montage and wallet creation website inscribed stylishly at strategic positions on the shirts. Enticed audience would need to acquire near tokens and use an NFT Marketplace on HARMONY for acquisition of the shirts.

Making 100 cotton fabric (M) size shirts: $12 x100 = $1200

printing quotes and HARMONY Protocol montage/website: $10 x 100= $1000

Packaging for each shirt to be shipment ready: $3 x100 = $300

Opening of Harmony style and Merchandise DAO store: $50

Shipment of each shirt packaged to recipient: $6 x 100= $600

Quote curation and Effort in actualizing project = $200

SubTotal: 3,350.

I’m available to answer any questions that will follow.


Hello @dabbie3229 I love this ideology, do you intend to create a guild with this proposal to onboard tailors or a DAO for tailors? Good idea though

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It will be a guild sir,

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