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This post is to clear up what #ONEmatchingDAO means and how it should be implemented.

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the #ONEmatchingDAO. Our fearless leader, Stephen Tse, has envisioned this as part of his plans for the future of Harmony. I personally believe it’s a DAO worth exploring. Particularly, the ability of the DAO to retroactively fund community members for the work they’ve done and grant peer-bonuses for the unsolicited work they’re doing. It’s an intelligent way to bring growth to the protocol.

I’ve been aware of the #ONEmatchingDAO for a couple of months now, and nothing has come from it or of it. I submitted a talk proposal for our goat @bigwhle to be retroactively funded using the #ONEmatchingDAO. The post was met with great reception and still nothing came of it. And if the reason ‘nothing came of it’ was a fault of mine, then all the more reason a DAO is needed to facilitate this type of funding and behavior.

If there are funds for this DAO (100K/week), then I would like to start nominating worthy candidates.

The “fail-safe” for this kind of work is that the candidate has to be nominated by someone other than themselves, and it’s the community who raises the money. So if Joe Scammer wanted to use an anon talk account to nominate themselves and if they happened to pass the vote for approval, the community would still be looking for proof/deliverables of what Joe Scammer has done and why they deserve #ONEmatchingDAO funds.


Humans: spotlight a builder, artist… or stranger

Stories: write editorials of appreciation, curate moments of retroactive significance

Bonds: layer 1-to-1 edges among billions, bring meanings to everyday endeavor toward a shared mission.


Myself @frwrdslosh and @Krypto_Kakashi have been speaking about this DAO for a while now. And I think based on community engagement and willingness to participate we’d be a great start to providing candidates for this DAO.


looking forward to see this !

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same, ser. if anything i just want a clear format on how we are supposed to get retroactive funding and peer-bonuses for community members doing some good. wether it’s a DAO or if this post garners some much needed attention on how to move forward with nominating and compensating.

cheers friend.


i guess that calls for a big community spaces debate :slight_smile:
ill try to jump on a call/spaces if it happens let me know

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this is just as good as a community spaces debate here on talk as well. please feel free to share this post on twitter (if you haven’t already)

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Thanks to you & @Krypto_Kakashi for bringing up this proposal to community. If we could get this rolling in our community we attract a lot more passionate people to our community. Showing them we appreciate their time

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Just to make this clear for people that aren’t sure what the Matching DAO is. I believe the matching DAO isn’t used as a form on income for participating members in the Harmony ecosystem, but more like a bonus towards funds raised by community members . The way I heard about this from a core team member was as follows (this may have changed and isn’t set in stone)

Someone would be nominated and selected by the community as a whole, a wallet would be created and the community would start to make donations, once the donation period had come to an end on a specific date, then Harmony would match that amount as a contribution towards this worthy person. (Hence - Matching DAO)

The matching DAO could be for someone who shows great commitment and is aligned with Harmony’s values and spirit, someone who has been up against great adversity who may be worthy of a helping hand. Or Essentially someone with a great story who the community believe deserves a nice reward.

The way I heard it, the Matching DAO was all about the story behind the candidate and a celebration of what Harmony and its community can achieve.

All of the above is based on my perception of what I heard. And I could be completely wrong, so none of this is gospel.


Yes. A community member can nominate another for outstanding work done and then it proceeds to a snapshot vote on wether or not the community would like to go through with it. once the vote is approved it moves to a 3 day period of funds being raised by the community. at the end of the period Harmony Foundation will match funds raised by the community.

And then more to it, it would be celebratory actions as well from the DAO.


If it’s to pay money to people like @bigwhle. I agree, good work has to be paid.


We have our deliverables and mandates as suggested by @stse

Immediately following organization of this DAO I have individuals in mind who have gone far and beyond as an exceptional community member, would love to run a few by the community.

The board can maintain approval of stories and final review of funding, the standard should be set as a limit for review ie; if a Twitter post hits 200 retweets take it in consideration, a Reddit post with 300 upvotes or within a guideline so that we do not exhaust resources.

We should set this up as so….


9 governors must fill position

Call for candidacy, open for 3 weeks, candidates can campaign, close candidacy and begin formation of candidates for AMA or interaction with community for 1 week.

Open polls for 5 days with high visibility of elections, telegram, discord, Twitter and Reddit.

Once complete 9 council members will have multi-sig wallet to allow for curatorial work and exposure of community members to be acknowledged as well as abide by the deliverables and mandates set forth

Produce instructional content on how to run a TGI.

Perform 6 Spotlight Campaigns.

Publish 3 Editorials of Appreciation.


@giv @lij @Sam we missing anything :arrow_up:

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Awesome, thanks for clearing it up for me @frwrdslosh and @Krypto_Kakashi

Hi guys,

I will be a the spoiler here (some of you already know me :see_no_evil: ) and will ask the following:

Is a DAO (with its 9 governors) needed to implement and sustain such a program? 9 people working around the idea of proposing someone, create a wallet and post it on social media for a collection is a but much IMO (I get that it will be ongoing periodically, but even so). But I could be wrong and this is the perfect use case to create a DAO.

Isn’t this something that could be managed under the umbrella of the Community DAO or maybe the Creative DAO?

However I like the idea of the whole matching thing, proposing members and collecting ONEs. I like that.


It depends. We won’t know how many govs are needed to implement certain deliverables until it gets going. Stephen Tse has envisioned this as a DAO. And multiple people have tried to implement this procedure for different community members and it has resulted in nothing.

Personally, I don’t think 9 govs are needed for this DAO. But there’s no set law that requires 9 govs in a DAO. it’s just a guideline that the Harmony foundation would like to implement.

Furthermore, even if it was 9 govs. What’s the harm in that? The MatchingDAO wouldn’t solely be responsible for just facilitating matching funds. If you read Stephens mandates and how he envisions this DAO then there is more this DAO should want to accomplish than just facilitating retroactive funding and peer bonuses.

If there is funding for this DAO, then we should take interest in it and implement it. Because nothing has been done for months now.

You brought up putting this under the community DAO or Creative DAO. I’d urge you to look at some recent spaces for either. The creative DAO will be very busy drafting the charter and the community DAO has entirely different mandates and shouldn’t worry about retroactive funding and peer-bonuses. That’s not in their mandates.


I am aware of the mandates of both DAOs and I know that retroactive funding and peer-bonuses isn’t specifically part of them.

However one of the mandates of the community DAO for instance is “engagement” and this could fall under that because it is both retributing past engagement and incentivizing future engagement.

I mentioned the Creative DAO because some of the contributions of community members could be of an artistic/creative nature, as you mentioned with bigwhle for example.

I just wanted to make clear that I am very well aware of what those DAOs are for and why I have mentioned them.

Now, if this has been invisionned as a DAO, then be it. I am just expressing my thoughts on the idea that the resources invested in creating a DAO, with its mandates, charter, voting structures, etc… is a way of burn resources to an extend that don’t match the purpose. IMHO.


I support this 100% and look forward to seeing this become a reality.

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