Calling Angelenos (folks in the LA area)

next monday (Oct 4) i (@hakwanlau) will speak at

on A Multi-Chain Future: Why We Need Ecosystems Other Than Ethereum

i’ll talk about how our $300M ecosystem fund will be relevant to all of you: investors, developers, enthusiasts, artists, writers, entrepreneurs, those who just want to learn more, those who don’t want to get stuck in a 9-to-5 office job, and also retirees & grandmas. i’ll discuss how a minimal-risk, 20% annual savings interest (not investment) will be possible with our no-seed-phrase 1wallet, what does it really mean to be a platform for 10B people, and also - the geeky Stephen Tse i know from nearly 3 decades ago…

there’ll be free food & drinks, of coz. please RSVP with the link above so we can do a headcount correctly for budget. this will kick start a series of other events for the ONE family in the LA area. come connect!

for more updates, join our local telegram group: Telegram: Join Group Chat


This event / meetup was a great success! I’m looking forward to many more Harmony meetups in the Los Angeles area! Looking forward to contributing in any way.

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hey Angelenos - here is another potential meetup coming up, hosted by our friends at Chainlink this time -

yours truly will be speaking again