The Manumix Node Validator - Unelected

Validator Name

The Manumix Node

Staking Profile

Staking Profile

Commission %

0% for 100 Epochs starting at first election

Infrastructure Setup

2 VPS: 16Gb Ram / 6 vCPU Cores / Germany

About Us

Manumix is a crypto enthusiast in the market since 2018 attracted by the investment opportunities and the possible impact the technology could have at a social, economical and political level.

The past 4 years have been rollercoaster of white-papers, ICOs, IEOs, DEXes, Pools, NFTs and more. Harmony appears as a solid rock with a clear tech and vision, bringing projects and communities together to grow forward as a whole. There is where this project shines and I wanted to be a part of that.

Our goal is to help to onboard as many validators as possible delegating on non elected validators. As soon as those validators secure the election we scale out towards the next unelected validator. the idea is that the more validators there are, the more secure, resilient and censorship resistent the network becomes. Personally, I am concerned about the reputational loss a lack of validators could carry. Help the network, help yourself.

Validator Pledge

Harmony’s Effective Proof-of-Stake Validators are the backbones of the Harmony infrastructure. I/We shall pledge to constantly run an up-to-date validator, promote a decentralized validator community, and use best practices of running a validator service.

I/We have read the Terms and Concepts in detail and fully understood its purpose, possess the know-how of running this service, and know the risk-rewards to run this service. I/We fully understand Harmony’s Definitive Guide to Harmony Open Staking